How to Use PLR Articles and Vidnami to Make Videos for Affiliate Marketing

How to Use PLR Articles and Vidnami to Make Videos for Affiliate Marketing

How do you engage your audience? While creating blogs and having pictures to share with your audience can be great ideas, that don’t help increase engagement as videos too. However, how do you create the right videos?

One of the problems that most entrepreneurs face is creating video content. While you can always look to outsource the content, you may not be able to afford it.

The Guide to Turning PLR Content into Videos

Here, in this tutorial, we will be showing the newbies how to convert content from PLR articles to videos.

If you have been wondering, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is a license that allows you, as a content creator or distributor, to use the articles as you need.

Just using them as articles isn’t going to help much. If you put them up on your website, Google’s probably going to penalize you. You need to think differently.

Most bloggers, for instance, use these to create content videos and backlinks for their articles. You can use PLR articles as and when required. You can edit, rebrand and use them as leads.

Offering PLR as bonuses at the end of the article can improve the conversion rate of your affiliate marketing business and boost the commissions. So, how do you go about it? Here is a look.

Firstly, choose the PLR.

There are many sites that provide us with PLR articles. Here are some of them that you can check out.

Select an article that covers your interest; that you wish to convert into a video. Purchase it from the site that you think is good for you. Better check the terms and conditions before making any changes and then download them.

Secondly, choose your Template

Here in this tutorial, we will use Vidnami for generating video. They provide a free trial but, you can check out the pricing here. Log in or sign up and click on create a New Video. A variety of templates are available. You can choose that which pleases you.

Thirdly, make up the Script

Copy and paste the PLR article in the Script section. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while doing so:

  • Each sentence must be put in a new line. Samurai reads it as a new Scene.
  • Don’t feed too much in a single slide. It will lead to overloading.
  • Check all the options on the left side of your screen

Now click Create Scenes for Your Video.

Fourthly, design the Scenes

Study each scene and check if the text blends with the video or image in the background. If you aren’t satisfied, type in a keyword or select among the ones suggested. You can customize the font style, font size, layout, highlights and more according to your taste.

Fifthly, add a voice track

Click on Add Voice Track to Your Video. In this section, you can add an automated voice or your own voice recording or just leave it as Music only. Further, you can adjust the timings of the music on the slide or upload your own music.

Sixthly, Preview

We almost reach the end here. Make final adjustments such as

  • Music volume
  • Upload watermark etc. and others.

Edit by clicking on scenes and not script. Once you are done, click on Looks Good, Continue.

Lastly, Download

Click Generate your Video. Depending on the length of the video, the time of generation varies. Finally, click on Download Your Video and all is done! Easy content!

Now you can upload this fresh video content on YouTube or Vimeo etc and promote.

I’m attaching the link for the Vidnami website here for your ready reference.

You can sign up for the free trial today!

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