Income Magnet Review: Scam or Legit? (2021)

Find out if Income Magnet is worth it or not Below!

Income Magnet Review

Income Magnet lives up to its name because it lures people who want to earn a living into its traps. However, it’s not a platform that delivers on its promises. Income Magnet claims that it can help you make money from home just by using your voice. Although that might be possible in some cases, Income Magnet doesn’t share much else about HOW they help you to achieve this. That is just the first clue of why I think Income Magnet is a scam site. In this review, we will talk about Income Magnet and the hallmark signs that make it an excellent scam site and why you should not sign up.

What is Income Magnet?

Income Magnet claims to have a system that can help people to earn $1,000 a day without doing much work. You’ll be making by providing voiceover services. Voiceover jobs are legitimate and very common, but can you get actual jobs from Income Magnet? You will find out along this review. Dan Redding is supposedly the founder of Income Magnet. He appears in most of the main videos claiming that the system is trustworthy and that it works.

How does Income Magnet work?

Allegedly, you make money with Income Magnet by getting access to voiceover gigs. Voiceover gigs are legitimate as people hire voiceover artists to narrate YouTube or advertisement scripts so this sounds legitimate so far. Nevertheless, they don’t share much and instead keep promising a lot of bold claims.

Income Magnet Exposed

  1. Lets first go through the promises that ‘Dan Redding’ claims you can make doing voiceover gigs via Income Magnet. He claims the system can help you make $1k to $2k per day without any experience. This isn’t true, of course, unless you do an unrealistic amount of gigs per day, this isn’t possible. Unfortunately, beginners or people who are unaware of how much actual voiceover job pays would think this is possible and sign up immediately!
  2. Secondly, Dan Redding isn’t even a real person. Upon closer inspection, Dan Redding is just a hired actor reading a script and hiding behind a fake name. When I first heard the video I knew I recognized the script from somewhere which means the same people behind those sites are behind this one.
  3. Upsells are a legendary feature of scam sites. This is because of the use of the low subscription fee of $37 to bait people into ‘upgrading’ to the more fancy features that they claim you might ‘need. People who fall for this will eventually lose more than $37. According to my calculations, if you fall for the upsells, you will be down on at least $500! And all for nothing!


Congratulations to you if you were skeptical about Income Magnet, and you’re here to do further research before signing up. However, if you’re someone who’s only hereafter, it’s too late. Don’t worry, as everything is a steppingstone. You can learn from this experience and never to the same mistake in the future. Income Magnet indeed is a scam in the sense that you won’t get what they promised you. Instead, you will be lead onto spending more money on fake products that don’t exist. At the end of the day, you will be short of $500 and gain nothing. If you’re serious about doing voiceover as a freelance gig, you can try sites like VoiceBunny or SnapRecordings.

Income Magnet Alternative

Now, I have personally tried many businesses online and honestly, a lot of the businesses just suck for a complete beginner. This is because either they are blatant scams or they require a ton of experience and money.

Guys I have literally reviewed over 150+ courses on my blog which claim to make you millions of dollars overnight or just contain poor information for a large fee.

Believe it or not, there are actually good programs out there which have value-packed information, are super affordable and transparent.

If you want an honest long term sustainable online business which can make you earn a full-time income at home without any bosses you can check out Savage Affiliates Program. (This does require work on your part, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can read my review on it here!)

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