Ipage Hosting Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

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Ipage Hosting Review

Web hosting is critical to every website owner because it is what helps you ensure your website’s survival. For many years, iPage has been catering to the business and personal website owners all around the world. It is among the first few hosts to come up and offer cheap hosting plans to their customers. The main reason behind the success of this web host is their high-quality services. Plus, since it has been around for a long time, many customers have had their fair share of experience with the company and have come out with some genuine reviews.

What is iPage?

Ipage web hosts started its operations in September 1996. During those days, the company was known as ParaWare and was owned by PowerOne. ParaWare was later bought up by a US-based internet conglomerate iMall in 1998. In 2001, iMall was itself acquired by VeriSign, a company known for its certificate authority services. With its merger with VeriSign, iPage was established as the next big name in the business.

In 2003, iPage was successfully listed at NASDAQ, making it the first privately held web host to be listed there. As of 2015, iPage is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).

Before its acquisition by EIG, iPage used to have very humble beginnings. Its servers were located in the attic of founder Chris Caputo’s house. In fact, Caputo used to run a bed and breakfast service in his house before he started with the web hosting business!

iPage offers a wide array of web hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, e-commerce hosting etc.

iPage Hosting Plans

iPage offers three shared hosting plans, namely Basic, Enhanced, and Elite. Plus, with every hosting plan, you get an array of free features such as generous disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, free site transfer, free site builder, free website templates, unlimited site builders, free website builder, free SEO tools, free 24/7 support, 99.95% uptime guarantee etc. There are some key differences between these three shared hosting plans such as the use of CPanel, number of website builder tools, number of site builder tools, number of data centers etc.

Basic Plan

iPage Basic plan costs just $3.95/month. It offers 2 GB of disk space, 500 GB of data transfer, unlimited domains, unlimited hosting, and unlimited sites. There is also a free domain with the plan and you get to enjoy cost-free site builder and site drag and drop tools. It also comes with lots of marketing tools, including free SEO tools, AdSense, Bing, Google Analytics, Adwords, and Webmaster tools. The plan uses cPanel and it comes with 30 free website templates. The plan can be self-managed or managed by iPage.

Enhanced Plans

iPage Enhanced plans cost $5.99/month. There are three plans in total and they each come with 4 GB, 10 GB, and 20 GB of disk space. The 4 GB plan offers 10 GB data transfer, 100 domains, unlimited hosting, and unlimited sites. The 10 GB plan offers 100 GB data transfer, 500 domains, and unlimited hosting. The 20 GB plan offers 200 domains, unlimited hosting, and unlimited sites. With each of these three plans, you get a free domain, unlimited disk space, free site builder tool, free website templates, free site drag and drop tools, and cost-free SEO tools. In addition to that, the 20 GB plan offers cost-free disk space for emails, iPageCare, and SiteLock services.

Elite Plans

iPage Elite plans cost just $6.99/month. It has three plans and each of them offers 10 GB, 20 GB, and 30 GB disk space. The 10 GB plan offers 200 GB data transfer, 1000 domains, and unlimited sites. The 20 GB plan offers 400 GB data transfer, unlimited domains, and unlimited sites. The 30 GB plan offers 800 GB data transfer, unlimited domains, and unlimited sites. With every plan under the Elite tariff, you get a free domain, unlimited disk space, free site builder tool, free website templates, free site drag and drop tools, and cost-free SEO tools. There are some additional features such as SiteLock and iPageCare.

Ipage WordPress Hosting Review

iPage offers WordPress hosting for both beginners and advanced users. In the beginner plan, you get 10 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB disk space. You get unlimited data transfer, 2000 domains and unlimited sites. With every plan, you get a free domain, free site builder tool, free site drag and drop tools, free SEO tools, and websites especially designed for WordPress users. The beginner plan is best suited for bloggers looking to host their first blog.

iPage VPS Hosting Review

iPage offers VPS hosting that is both affordable and efficient. The four plans under VPS Hosting are i1, i2, i3, and i4. The i1 VPS starts at $4.95/month and it offers 5 GB of RAM. It also offers 20 GB of disk space, 375 GB data transfer, and 4 IP addresses. The i2 VPS starts at $8.95/month and it has 5 GB RAM along with 30 GB disk space, 750 GB data transfer, and 8 IP addresses. Additional features offered with the plan include cPanel control, unmetered email hosting, and free SiteLock. The i3 VPS host works at $16.95/month. It also comes with 5 GB RAM and you get 60 GB disk space, 1600 GB data transfer, and 20 IP addresses. In addition to that, you also get unlimited email accounts as well as SiteLock service. The i4 VPS host comes with unlimited RAM, 20 GB disk space, 25 GB disk space, and 60 GB disk space. However, the only difference is the amount of data transfer that each of them offers. With the i4 VPS, you get 1000 GB bandwidth and 3 IP addresses.

Dedicated Servers Review

iPage offers dedicated servers to cater to power users. You get to choose from the three plans namely Rack, Homestead, and HyperV. The Rack plan comes with 4 GB RAM and 100 GB disk space. With an additional 59 thread CPU, you get 1 TB bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, and 4 TB backup. The Homestead plan starts at $49.95/month with 6 GB RAM and 80 GB disk space. It offers unlimited bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, and 8 TB backup. The HyperV plan is the most expensive plan among the three and it starts at $115.99/month. It offers 8 GB of RAM and 150 GB of disk space. With an additional 2400 thread CPU and 256 GB RAM, you get unlimited bandwidth, 8 IP addresses, and 10 TB backup.

Things You Ought to Know Before You Take The Plunge

iPage began its operations with the development of a little web maintenance tool called WebSite Director. WebSite Director was sold to PMG in 1998 and by the end of that year, PMG shut down and iPage was left to struggle on its own. After the acquisition of ParaWare by iMall, iPage started to gain some ground when it came to web hosting business. During the web hosting boom of 1999, iPage partnered with Yahoo and VeriSign to promote itself as an affordable hosting service. By 2001, iPage had over 1 million domains under its name and went on to become the second largest hosting service by the next year.

However, for a web hosting provider to succeed, it is not just the services that matter but the rates at which you provide them to your customers. In particular, one of iPage’s biggest hiccups was its pricing. During its earlier years, it had some of the most competitive rates and even offered a free domain with every purchase. However, with the rising competition, iPage too felt the pinch and started hiking its prices.

While you get to enjoy limitless storage, bandwidth, and domains with the Basic plan, iPage makes up for it with the fact that it does not offer free domain transfer or free domain privacy service. Also, the Basic plan offers a 30-day money back guarantee. What is the point of such service if you cannot transfer the domain name to your own? This is one of the reasons why iPage got fewer customer reviews.

Another big setback to the iPage service is its lack of managed cPanel accounts. While its site builder tool is very easy to use, this is primarily because it offers you little control over your own site. For instance, you cannot tweak the htaccess directory. But, if you do not have a high budget to splurge on a managed server, iPage will suite your needs.


  1. Pricing of the plans is quite low. Some of the shared hosting plans cost lower than the cheapest plans from other web hosts.
  2. Apart from shared hosting, iPage also offers a wide range of other hosting services such as dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.


  1. iPage has a negative reputation for its support and uptime.
  2. Payment options are limited. You can only use PayPal and credit cards.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the services provided, you cannot cancel the plan within the 14-day free trial period.
  4. There are no free domain names.
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