Is Clickfunnels Easy To Use?

Is Clickfunnels Easy to Use

Clickfunnels is among the most famous marketing tools available, and it’s the most popular funnel builder today focused solely on conversions; you can use it to sell, advertise, and deliver your products.

It’s said it’s an effortless platform, but with all the features it offers, is that true? I’ve been using the platform for quite a while now, so I’ll answer that today.

Summarized, yes, ClickFunnels makes everything much easier for everyone. Its design focuses on being intuitive and beginner-friendly. It’s especially simple thanks to the editor which lets you simply drag the elements and drop them wherever you want, and the interface is overall really easy to understand.

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With that out of the way, let’s find out what exactly makes each feature so simple for its users.

The interface

Not much to say regarding esthetics, but the interface is really clear and doesn’t clutter with hundreds of widgets and tabs. It’s also an easy way to all the tools available in ClickFunnels, so you won’t get lost looking for anything.

Building your funnels

Your account keeps track and lists all the funnels you’ve created using the platform, but since you’re just starting out, it’ll appear empty since you haven’t created anything, so click on “Create Funnel”.

Once you do that, you’ll have two choices: using the cookbook builder or building from scratch. The second one lets you create exactly what you imagine, but it’ll take some time before you can use this efficiently. The cookbook is a list of pre-built pages that you can adapt to your needs.

Then, you have to select your funnel’s goal. You have 3 basic options: collecting emails (leads), selling a product, or hosting a live webinar on your site. Once you do that, you choose one type of funnel that you’ll use.

Make sure to name your funnel so that you can come back to it in the future quickly if you need. You can also keep working on it now and then and optimize it.

You can click on “build funnel” once you’re finished, which will create a funnel for you based on what you wanted to do.

If you chose “collect emails” as your aim, then you’ll get a 2-page funnel ready for you to set a template and edit it. You’ll have to work on the opt-in page first, where visitors type their emails; the second page is the “Thank You” page for when someone leaves their email for you.

You get dozens of different templates, each with its own style. Make sure you evaluate each to find the one that gets closer to your idea. Once you do that, you just need to click on it and then on “edit page” below.

You’ll be taken to a screen where you’re able to change the text and all other elements of the template. The process is very responsive, and you can simply choose, drag, or delete the elements at your leisure.

You have some buttons at the top for you to make your edits, and you can use all of them to change how your template looks and make it your own. You can even change the formatting and style.

Once you’re finished with the opt-in, you have to do the same for the next page. Choose a template and edit it to your liking; all the functions and buttons will remain the same each time you edit a template.

The last step is just to save your template.

Is it really easy?

ClickFunnels was envisioned to be the easiest way to making funnels, and that’s what you’re getting with the program.

You may know nothing about building funnels, but you’ll still have the chance to obtain excellent results that look professionally. The process is the same for everything: choose a type, a template, adapt, save. It’s seamless.

You have the cookbook option if you’ve never designed a funnel, and once you become better at it, you can start working on your own pages from scratch. They’re all saved after you’re done, so you can keep working on them as you improve so that they improve alongside you.

There are countless options for customizing your pages, but the drag-and-drop editor and the few buttons you have at your disposal keep it from becoming overwhelming. You can edit the colors, fonts, images, and even add forms to your pages in mere minutes.

Add to that how you can optimize all pages to fit different devices and their screens, and you have a formidable tool that will make any newbie feel and get the results of a professional.


ClickFunnels is the easiest tool I’ve used for building funnels, and you’ll have a hard time finding a second place.

While the $97 price tag can be expensive for beginners, it’s definitely something you should get if you can afford it.

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