Is GetResponse worth your money?

Is GetResponse worth your money?

There are many popular email marketing services available in the market such as AWeber, ConvertKit, and Drip but one that is quite underrated is GetResponse. Despite offering great services and carving its niche over the years, people haven’t really looked past the popular tools.

GetResponse is one of the most thorough email marketing services that offer the best features at quite an affordable rate than the competition. It includes marketing automation as well to boost your email services.

If you plan to invest in GetResponse for an email marketing tool, here is a detailed review to help you make your final decision.

What is GetResponse?

A list-based email marketing service, GetResponse will send specific emails you create to all the people in your contact list. You can add the name of your subscribers to the list and create as many lists as you want. However, most businesses create only one list for every website that they have.

GetResponse allows you to create newsletters and send them to all your listed subscribers. Newsletters are emails that are sent every once in a while about a certain set of events that have happened at a company. Apart from that, you can also create autoresponders with GetResponse which are the welcomes emails that every new subscriber receives. These emails are sent right after a new person subscribes to your network or a day after that.

Apart from different sorts of mailing services, you can also benefit from the several automation services that GetResponse offers. You can create visually appealing email branding campaigns with the help of sleek and modern editors, and design campaigns that are made for a specific kind of audience. It operates with a customer management tool that helps you build better relationships with every member of the audience who might be interested in signing up for the product. GetResponse also allows you to create landing pages, design surveys as well as to conduct webinars over the platform. These services set GetResponse apart from everyone.

How does GetResponse work?

  • Layout: When you log on to GetResponse, you will first see a preset dashboard for you. The layout is simple and easy to navigate for a new user. You can also customize this dashboard and add your widgets to make things like stat reports, calendars, autoresponders, etc. more accessible to you.
  • Forms: A user can add themselves to your list of subscribers by filling up an opt-in form. GetResponse offers a variety of forms to help you add users from different parts. These forms are customizable and their template can be embedded directly onto the editor through ‘drag and drop’. You can either create a popup box, a signup box or any other. You can also install a list builder feature where you can simply capture the email address of the subscriber.
  • Email Marketing: Under the email marketing section, you can create newsletters and autoresponders for your business. Newsletters are emails that are sent only once in a while autoresponders are sent over a period of time. You can pick from the templates available on GetResponse and drag and drop them onto the email editor to create your own design. You can also create plain text emails if you wish. Apart from that, you can adjust the timing of sending these emails to get maximum response from your subscribers. For example, the ‘Perfect Timing’ option sends the email to your user when they will most likely read it. The ‘Time Travel’ option allows you to send the email to your subscribers based on their local time.
  • Automation: Automations allow you to customize various workflows that cater to an individual subscriber and personalize the experience for them. This way you will be able to target your most engaged customers with ease and get more returns. You can create automation based on conditions, actions, and filters. For example, you can put in automation for a condition when a new subscriber joins and tie it with an action like sending an email after 4 hours. You can also add a filter to further target your audience like sending the designed communication to only the first 100 subscribers of a service.

What’s great about GetResponse?

GetResponse has several features that make it stand out in the crowd and put it in fair competition with Drip and ActiveCampaign. Here are some of its best features.

  • Automation Editor: The best part about GetResponse is its automation editor that helps you build the simplest and most complex automation with ease. Automation editors are a common sight if you have previously worked with platforms like Drip and ActiveCampaign. GetResponse offers good enough services but is unable to match the level of other major competitors. However, the marketing automation features can help you improve the performance of your email campaigns on a great scale.
  • Great for Webinars: With GetResponse, you can create multiple autoresponders and set a specific date and time to send those emails to your subscribers, old or new. This is one feature that has been missing from one of its biggest competitors, Drip. However, these advanced autoresponders especially come in handy for businesses that attract people through webinars. In fact, GetResponse allows you to conduct your own webinars through its service, GoToWebinar. This way you will be able to integrate your webinars on the same platform and not involve a third party at an extra cost.
  • Different opt-in forms: Similar to most email marketing services, GetResponse also allows you to integrate opt-in forms directly into your website. However, unlike other sites, it gives you several options to play with. The opt-in forms that GetResponse offers include Fixed bar opt-in, download box, exit popup opt-in, lightbox popup, and scroll form opt-in. Hence, you won’t have to go to a third-party site like ThriveLeads or OptinMonster to retrieve these forms and put them up on your website.
  • Great customer support: For an email service provider that costs much less than AWeber, GetResponse’s customer support services are incredible and at par with the former. The service executives respond quickly, are helpful and available through a 24/7 live chat or emails. You can also give a call to their phone support team between 9 am and 5 pm EST.
  • Free trial: Unlike other services, GetResponse gives you a free trial without filling in your credit card details. This way you can leave your worries of security fraud or incorrect charges at bay and try all the features in peace.

What’s bad about GetResponse?

  • Limited customization: Though GetResponse offers a ton of templates to design your newsletters and forms, the design on most of them is dated. They haven’t updated their graphics with the changing times and thus, these templates may end up looking bulky and old style. The forms that they offer too, do not have much scope for customizability and therefore, you might not be able to create the exact look that you had in your mind. However, GetResponse can be used for sending plain text emails.
  • List-based service: One of the problems of GetResponse is that it still works on the old list-based model for sending mails. Therefore, you need to create a certain list of subscribers for every other website or product and then, send the particular mail to those. On the other hand, a competitor like ConvertKit makes use of a single database of contacts that are segregated via tags. This way, one contact can have multiple tags but in GetResponse, if a subscriber signs themselves up for two services, they need to be included in those two lists separately. You also end up paying extra for all the duplicate subscribers.
  • Average add-ons: Though GetResponse offers a lot of extra features like landing page builder, flexible form options, and Webinar support as compared to other sites, they aren’t necessarily great. These features are average at best and can’t be compared to the sites that individually offer them. Thus, it may have it all, but it isn’t essentially the best.

What plans does GetResponse offer?

GetResponse’s pricing plans are divided into two tiers based on the number of subscribers you need to send the emails to and the number of features you want. The two tiers are as follows:

  • Email: The email plan is best for people who have just started out their email marketing campaigns and do not need upgraded features like web event tracking, webinars and more yet. With the Email plan, you can send emails to 1000 subscribers for $15 per month, 5000 subscribers for $45 and 10000 subscribers for $65.
  • Pro: The Pro plan includes all the advanced features of GetREsponse like webinars, automated segmentation, lead scoring, etc. and is great for bigger business ventures. A monthly plan for 1000 subscribers will cost you $49. Similarly, it will cost you $49 for 5000 subscribers and $75 for 10000 subscribers.

Other things you need to know

  • If you have the same subscriber on multiple lists, they will be taken as separate subscribers by GetResponse. However, the email service provider doesn’t charge you if a subscriber unsubscribes from your list.
  • GetResponse doesn’t have an active online community to help you with your queries.
  • The tool is great to create simple landing pages if you are just starting your business. However, the number of elements that you are allowed to put on one is quite limited.


GetResponse is a great way to get into email marketing business for a truly affordable price. The service provider is reliable and has some great features. From tags to automation, it offers everything available with other premium email service providers. If you want advanced features like webinars and lead scoring, the pro plan will work wonders for your business. Though the services it offers aren’t at par with other major game players, it does a great job at the fee it asks for. Therefore, the advanced features and editors may be average but it also eliminates the need for connecting with a third party site for essential things like building a landing page, conducting a webinar and more with a little extra cash.

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