Is GroovePages worth all the fuss in 2021?

GroovePages came to light in 2019 as an all-in-one system that small-time businesses and freelancers can use. However, since that time there have been reports of bugs and issues on the site which is interfering with work. 

I have been using GroovePages for a long time now and I have used it to create multiple landing pages until now. It has worked well for me and below I am going to run you through everything I know about using GroovePages and what my experience has been using it. 

GroovePages – A summary

Because you’re on this article already, I am going to assume that you already know what the website is and what it does. But just in case, it is a whole system geared towards helping people launch websites and landing pages quite easily. It comes with a funnel creator and a landing page builder.

The aim is to help anybody create multiple pages that are easily optimized for SEO, has a fast load time, and looks good. They even have templates in-built already which you can then customize any way you want until you like it. 

If you are someone who sells products, services, does affiliate marketing, or any other profession that requires a landing page, then GroovePages maybe something you want to look into.

How well does it live up to its name? 

Based on my experience and the multiple other people out there who have used the software and reviewed it, it has been working fine and is actually much better now than it did before. They have come a long way from when they started out and have brought many new changes and updates to the software that made it better than when they started out. 

In the initial stages, there definitely were a lot of bugs and errors in the software, which is where it earned a bit of bad rep with these issues. However, since then they have ironed out these problems and made the software better than ever. 

Also, for newbies, using the software was difficult and time-consuming because they have very little experience building landing pages, and the software itself didn’t help by making it a little too complicated to learn quickly. People were taking almost 5 hours to complete one single landing page, which is quite a bit of time for such a small amount of work. 

The reason for it taking this amount of time was the bugs that popped up such as not being able to select and move boxes, adding new images in was difficult, and even moving images from place to place was challenging.

However, the creators behind GrooveDigital, which is the parent brand that makes up the digital marketing platform, were ahead of the game and dove right into fixing the issues. They have big plans for where they want to take this software, so being knocked out before they could even start properly was not part of the plan.

A lot of their other tools were also in beta testing at the time so it is understandable that there were bugs at the inception. After taking into account all the user complaints, they got to work ironing out these problems one by one. People were also understandably mad at the time because the GrooveDigital package prices lie between $500 – $3500.

How does it work right now?

After making all these changes and implementing some new features, I am happy to report that the new software works so much better and there have been fewer and fewer complaints as of late.

Whenever I go to build a landing page on it, I am always happy with the way the page turned out. When it comes to editing the pages as well, they have fixed all the minor issues so you don’t have to worry about bugs messing up your hard work. 

The pages themselves are top-notch, of really good quality and you have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do on the editor. This is much better than some of the landing pages you get out there, especially since this comes with the other tools intact such as GrooveFunnels which is a funnel builder when you get the full package. 

Here are some of the things you can now do with GroovePages:

  • Before, for individual pieces of content, you have to go to the ‘element’ section in options to modify the text or to add any new links. Now, this can be done inside the box itself, without having to go there.
  • The boxes don’t resize to weird sizes when you are trying to increase or decrease them like they used to do before. Clicking something I didn’t want to click was something that happened quite often when editing these boxes and that doesn’t happen anymore. 
  • With the update came multiple new templates for you to choose from as well. This will allow you to choose a base design that you can then customize any way you want. It will give you way more variety and you don’t have to waste too much time doing your own website design. 

Here’s one thing you should note. These templates that they have on their site have been professionally designed by people who know a lot about website design. Therefore, they will look great and will be perfect for whatever you want to use the websites for. 

You shouldn’t try to put too much time into editing the page too much to match what you like. Sometimes, doing too much to the page can make it seem all over the place and not be as conversion-ready. 

Use a template that is there, make small adjustments to suit your site and it will work much better for you in terms of conversions. It will also save you a lot of time because you’re not fiddling around with the software trying to get things to work. Trust me, when you get lost in website design, it can cost you multiple hours. 

Conclusion – Is it worth the fuss?

In my humble opinion, I really think that GroovePages can be a game-changer for a lot of people. There is a lot of functionality that you get with it, and it can be beneficial for newcomers who are just getting into selling online. 

If you want to try out the system first, they will give you a base account with no credit card needed when you are signing up. All you need is to provide your basic details and create a username, and you can get access to their free account. There is a ton of functionality you will get even with the free version. You will get access to:

GroovePages – This is not the full version as it does not come with all templates and options. However, it will give you a good idea about how easy it is to use the software.

GrooveSell – This is a platform where you will be able to sell any of your digital goods or products. Great for those who have these types of products.

GrooveAffiliate – You can create an affiliate program relating to your business and then market it to people using this platform.