Is the GrooveFunnels free account worth all the fuss?

When you have been online researching software that you can use to run an online business, then you would have come across GrooveFunnels, just because of how popular it has become over the past year. 

As a new entrepreneur, I am sure that most of you out there don’t have a lot of capital to spend when you are just starting out. Therefore, you would be looking into the most cost-effective but efficient ways to get your online efforts done. 

There are countless numbers of software and tools out there that are meant to be used for online businesses. However, most of them are not up to the standard you would need to run a successful business, and the rest of them are paid software which can really put a dent in your capital budget.

The free account given by GrooveFunnels has been a talking point amongst the online digital community because of how insane the value you get out of it is. However, along with this comes fake news and other altered information that is not true and is only written to bring traffic to those websites. I am writing this article to put all of those rumors to rest. I will go over everything that you will get with the free account as well as how GrooveFunnels will be useful to you as an entrepreneur. 

Is the whole software free or do you only get a free account?

First of all, let’s get this out of the way. I have seen that many people are confused about whether or not the whole software is free and in short, no, it isn’t. To get their full software you will have to purchase the software which is available at different price points which I will detail below.

However, before you purchase the software, they are offering you a free account that you can use to try the system out for yourself. 

What is GrooveFunnels?

Let’s talk a bit about GrooveFunnels. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that is designed to help businesses with the online website and marketing efforts. It has all the tools that you will need combined into one package so that you can control your whole marketing campaign from the same software rather than having to switch between them.

It was initially launched as a stand-alone tool called GroovePages, which is a website builder and landing page creation tool. After the launch, this tool gained massive popularity and so the team decided to create more tools that would supplement this one. The creator of this tool is the same person who was the previous founder of another successful software called Kartra. Therefore, we know that there is a lot of experience and knowledge behind the creation of the GrooveFunnels platform.

Due to its popularity, this software is set to be one of the leading software used by digital marketers in the year 2023. Considering that GroovePages was launched in late 2019, this is an amazing feat and is a testament to how good the customers think the software is.

If you think about it, considering how quickly they have had to grow over the past year, it seems almost impossible that they can manage running a business without having a paid subscription model running. 

What do you get with the free account?

If you have used other software online, you would have noticed the trend where software like this will usually offer you a trial period to test out the platform before you purchase it. Some of them don’t even give you full access to the software with the free trial either. On top of that, most of them will ask you to enter your credit card details, through which they will make an automatic payment after the trial period ends. This means that you might get charged accidentally if you forget to cancel your trial account.

Then there are others that will give you a free account, but it basically is not useable or sustainable to run a business unless you pay for it. In the end, all these accounts lead to you having to pay for the software in the end. 

It is because of experiences like these that most people tend not to use free accounts or just overlook any free trials that they get. They will not try out any software because in the end there will be no reason for using it other than to play around with it. 

This is where the GrooveFunnels free account is completely different from the others out there. I have not come across another software that offers the same amount of value for free and will let you keep the account for as long as you please.

GrooveFunnels has been lauded for how differently they run their platform. This is definitely something you will notice with the company as well. They put a lot of effort into providing value and showing you what you can do with the software before they talk about pricing and the like.

To get your free account, you will need to enter your name and email address. They will ask you for your most basic information and that is enough to get the account. You don’t need to enter your card details or any other information. So, what do you get with the account? They will give you some access to a few of their tools which you can use for free, and which can be used to run a business. They will even throw in a couple of other features that will help you with the website side of things.

  • They will give you a free SSL certificate for your website. This is something that every website needs because people will be able to trust your website more and you would usually have to purchase it every year.
  • Custom domain integration to their amazon servers for 3 websites – This basically means that you will get free hosting on premium servers. Otherwise, you would have to pay for a service like Bluehost which will charge you yearly for the hosting service. 
  • GroovePages Lite – This is the website creation tool that you can use to design your website and landing pages for your visitors and marketing campaigns. However, this version comes without their premium award-winning templates. But, you still get access to the software to create your own website, which is awesome. These pages will come out looking great, they will load very fast due to their coding and the hosting, and they will also be mobile-indexed to help you optimize well for SEO.
  • GrooveSell – You will be given full access to this tool. This is the one that you can use to create a funnel for your visitors. The above tool will help you display your content and services, but this is the tool that ties it together and takes them through the sales pipeline to make conversions. With this tool, you can customize your checkout pages, create upsells, add a recurring payment option, and more.
  • GrooveAffiliate – This tool is great for when you want to create an affiliate marketing program for your business. You will be able to manage everything about your program by checking on all your affiliate stats, setting commission rates, looking into conversions, and so on. Also, if you don’t have a business you can still use this tool as a freelance affiliate marketer. You can become an affiliate for other businesses or even for GrooveFunnels, for free.

On the surface, these tools may not look all that powerful to you. But, if you are going the free route then you have to understand that would mean you would have to do more yourself. You can use these tools to create and manage a website and even optimize for sales. This is not something other software will allow you to do without making a payment in some way. 

The best part about the free account though has to be the free hosting that you receive. This is something that I have never seen any other company do. Most other software, when you use a free account, they won’t allow you to create a website with your own domain. They will always have it as a subdomain with their own names such as ‘.clickfunnels’ or ‘.squarespace’. 

GrooveFunnels will allow you to do this with no issue and even offer to host your website for free. You would be saving a few dollars right off the start just by using their free account. 

How do they price their packages?

So, with the free account, you will get access to those 3 tools. However, GrooveFunnels has another 10 – 15 tools that are already available or will be coming out in the near future. Each of their packages come with a few more of these tools unlocked for each category. 

Here is how their pricing goes:

  • Silver – $99 per month – You will get access to the full GroovePages version, GrooveMail (an email autoresponder tool), GrooveMember (make your website a gated members-only site), GrooveVideo (a tool to help you host and manage your videos).
  • Gold – $199 per month – You will get all of the above plus GrooveBlog (a tool similar to WordPress to manage your blog content), GrooveDesk (create a helpdesk feature on your site), GrooveCalendar (schedule all your events/meetings and even send out notifications to lists), GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey (create quizzes and surveys you can use to increase engagement on your site).
  • Platinum – $299 per month – This is their most premium package and will include all the tools in their arsenal. The additional tools you will get with this are GrooveWebinar (manage your webinars, both live and automated), GroovePages for Shopify (a plugin for Shopify which allows you to use GroovePages inside the Shopify platform).

These tools are meant for businesses that focus on selling digital products or other websites that only operate online. If you are planning on running an e-commerce store or sell physical products, you will need to pay separately for a standalone tool of theirs called GrooveKart. 

You should also note that not all of these tools are currently available but are still in production as of the time of writing this article:

  • GrooveWebinar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveBlog

Is the free account worth it?

So, now that you know more about the system, I think you can get a fairly good idea about how useful this tool can be useful for your business. I have reviewed a lot of software in my time, and I can say that I have seldom come across software that allows you to run a business online and keep it sustainable for the short term with a free account.

By signing up for a free account you will be eliminating all risk to yourself and you can try the system out for yourself. It is most definitely worth your time.