Jumpstart Shopify Theme Review

Jumpstart Theme Review

Jumpstart Shopify Theme Review: The Best Theme for Startups (2021)

Find out if the Jumpstart Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


What is the Jumpstart Shopify Theme?

The Shopify Jumpstart Theme is simple and straightforward to help you get your store up and running in no time. Just have all your high-quality content ready such as texts, images, or any video content that you want to upload on hand. This ensures a faster process. It does all of this without compromising the look, feel, and quality of your store. It comes in only one theme style, so you won’t have to worry about choosing a theme.

Unlike most themes, the Jumpstart theme starts off the homepage with a bang! Unlike an annoying banner, you can include a YouTube or Vimeo video to showcase your brand or products. Make sure the video is engaging and high quality, then you’re maximizing the space. Videos capture the audience’s attention immediately as they enter your page. Trust me, and they won’t be scrolling past it. The way the video plays is also very premium, as it appears with opacity in the background. They can also view the video in full screen and adjust the volume without leaving the original site.

Jumpstart Landing Page Features

The Jumpstart theme is used in quite a few 6-figure one product stores, which already tells you that it works. It’s usually for no-nonsense business owners who want to get the job done quickly, but not sacrifice the premium look. Here are some other features:

  1. If you have any campaigns where you’re working towards a goal, you can display a goal-tracking tool. For example, if you’re raising money for a charity, you can show how far you are towards reaching your goal. Not only will this create trust and credibility for your brand, but you are also helping out a charity to earn money.
  2. Under the goal tracker is a custom content sections where you can add anything you want to highlight certain features and benefits of your brand or products. Here, you can add engaging content and high-quality images.
  3. Then, there is a newsletter signup column on the home page. Visitors can easily pop their email address to sign up for updates on your store.
  4. The Jumpstart theme also comes with icons that will appear on your page. This makes the page seem less cluttered as it has fewer texts, and customers can just look at the symbols and select what they want. Under the icons, you can also choose to include brief explanation texts.
  5. Next comes the slideshow feature where you can showcase your brand or the products that you are offering. The slideshow fits perfectly with images that are 1200 px wide. Add high quality and engaging product pictures or lifestyle pictures to drive sales.
  6. You can also include an FAQ section. This usually builds trust with your customers. Advertising FAQs can also persuade people to invest in your business. And it also lessens customer service as most of the questions that your customers might want to ask can already be answered by visiting your page. The way it displays the questions is so smart as only the questions appear, and you have to click on each question to reveal the answers.
  7. In the next section, you can showcase your blog content. Blog contents are also fun and engaging, while it builds trust and authority for your brand and business. Customers can also stay up to date with all the happenings or seasonal changes in your products. You can create engaging content such as “how-to” videos, or lifestyle pictures that are always fun and aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Scrolling further, there is an “About Us” section where you can share your brand’s vision and mission. If you have a background story about your brand, you should include it in this section. Having a background story will make you seem more “human” and relatable to your customers. People relate more to brands that they can feel a personal touch. This is also a great way to optimize your page with more web traffic in search engines.
  9. Then, you have a chance to display one product. This could be a product that is on offer or the most popular product in your store. It also works if you have a particular product that you just want to move the stock quickly. If you’re only a one product store, this is where your product will shine. If a customer clicks on this product, it will bring them to the product page. Here, they can have more information on the products. They can also have the choice to post this on their social media by interacting with the icons.
  10. At last, we reach the Footer, where you should display important information such as Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, Returns and Refunds, and all the legal stuff. You might not think this is important, but if a customer is looking for this information and can’t locate them quickly on your page, you can expect an unsatisfied review on your page. You should do whatever it takes to avoid that. You can also display payment options such as PayPal, Credit, or Debit cards. If a customer reaches the end of their purchase only to find out that they can’t pay with your payment types, they will be frustrated and might also leave a negative review.

Benefits of using the Jumpstart theme

  • If you have a store with a small inventory or if you’re just selling one product or service, this is the page for you. The simplicity of your page will drive sales as your customers have a pleasant buying experience. It also has a lot of areas that you can index for SEO so that people can quickly locate you.
  • With so many customizable sections, you can make this page your own. However, this will only work if you use high-quality content such as texts, images, and high-resolution videos. There are a lot of free online tutorials where you can learn how to make this content. You can also have a look and scout around your competitors to get some ideas on how to market your content.
  • There is an “As Seen On” section for you to display if your product’s been featured anywhere. You can also include lifestyle photos or influencer’s photos if you’re working with any of them from your brand. This helps to build trust with your customers, and you also get to tap into the fanbase of the influencers that you’re engaging.
  • The theme is optimized for mobile devices, which means that even your mobile user’s customers can have a great shopping experience. This is one crucial feature that even some paid themes still can’t get right. I know a lot of people who shop from their phones. Most mobile users have also impulsed shoppers, so it’s high if your site is optimized on mobile. If it isn’t, and it doesn’t function well on mobile, your customers will lose enthusiasm along their browsing journey, and you will lose a sale. They might also leave a negative review, and you won’t want that, especially if you only have a few products in your inventory.
  • The theme allows for a lot of room for content, which means that you have the opportunity to index your website and optimize it for search engines. This will help drive traffic to your store, and also build trust with your customers.
  • Get access to a bunch of stock photos if you use the Jumpstart theme, as they work together with their partner, Burst. They are all free to use, and you can download as many as you like.
  • Social sharing icons are a great way to make your page look less cluttered and professional. It also takes them straight to your social media! However, it also works if you have a great and engaging social media page. You can include lifestyle photos or more information on your brand and products.

What Users are saying about the theme?

Out of 11 reviews, the Jumpstart theme only achieved a 36% satisfactory rating. This is weird considering the list of features and benefits that the theme has to offer. After going through the reviews, it’s clear that the most significant “problem” that users have so far is that they can’t see the “buy” button after spending hours modifying their website. It’s understandable that it can be quite frustrating to have your page malfunction after spending so much time on customizing it. Also, the “buy” button is the most crucial feature of the page.

Otherwise, you won’t be making any profit! However, this can easily be fixed by contacting the Shopify support team. Therefore, I don’t think this is such a big setback considering it can be fixed in a jiffy.

What’s Great About It?

For a free theme, I’d give the Jumpstart theme a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. You get so many features and benefits, and you don’t have to spend at all? Count me in! This theme is excellent for beginners who want to save costs, but it’s also great if you just don’t want to spend any money and get a great looking and functional site. Although its design and color palette is minimalistic and straightforward, I think that it will make your website look chic, modern, and professional.

The Top Things I Like

The simplicity of the design also ensures that your brand and products are the key focus of your website. It also tells a story of your brand from start to finish, with a big bang from the beginning, the video content. Video advertisements are a great way to capture your customer’s attention. If a new customer is visiting your site, they will be hooked from the start! But make sure to spend some time on creating the video and making it look appealing. Otherwise, the opposite might happen, and they might leave your site instead. First impressions are always important.

Another aspect that I like about the theme is that it’s entirely customizable, which means that with the right touch, your end product will reflect your brand. I think it’s a great theme, but it will only work if you upload high-quality content. It definitely won’t make sense if the theme is premium, but you upload pixelated or low-quality content. You can learn how to create engaging content online for free and also pick up a skill or two along the way. 

Still staying on the topic of content, there are sections that you can include texts to index your page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will come in handy as it comes up when a customer searches for any word related to your niche, and your store pops up. This will not only generate traffic, but it also makes sales.

Final Verdict

The “About Us” section is another place where you can make the site your own. Sharing a personal story or background story on the brand will help your customers relate better with your brand. Customers will trust you more if they feel a special connection. Just be sincere and honest, and no need for the flashy details to capture the right audience.

The FAQ section is also a nice touch to help answer your customer’s questions. You will also save time on customer service as you won’t have to go through and answer their emails one by one.

Also, you will get access to high-quality stock photos that you can download for free, and as many as you like! As a beginner drop shipper, you will probably need a lot of stock photos along your journey. Therefore, having free access to them from the start is excellent so that you can collect a bunch to use in the future.

In the end, for a free theme, the Jumpstart theme can help you to “Jumpstart” your Shopify store. If you’re not a graphic designer or web designer, you will appreciate the simplicity of the theme from start to finish.

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