Kajabi Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? (2021)

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Kajabi Pricing

If you’re trying to make up your mind about paying for Kajabi, you came to the right place. I’ll take you through the different pricing options available for the platform, and I’ll detail the features included in each plan.

If you want to host online courses and membership sites, then Kajabi is one of the best options available. However, that doesn’t mean much if you’re on a budget; you need to learn which one gives you the features you need for the price you can pay.

That being said, let’s dive right into it.

Kajabi plans: what do they offer?

Kajabi is divided into 3 plan tiers. They’re all monthly memberships, but you can get a 20% discount if you decide to pay for the entire year, which is nearly 2 and a half months completely free.

Besides the yearly discount, you can also test the platform without paying anything for 14 days. Furthermore, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want during the first 30 days of your account if you’re not satisfied by what you’re getting.

Creating a Kajabi account is also quite simple. You just need to enter your email address and credit card details for your subscription. You won’t be charged anything during the first 14 days since that’s your free trial. If you decide to keep your account, then your plan’s price will be charged automatically after the trial concludes.

The Basic account: $149 monthly

Before we dive into what you get, you need to understand 2 concepts:

  1. Pipelines are effectively sales funnels. These are premade and automated by Kajabi, and you just need to adapt them to your brand and products.
  2. Products are fairly self explanatory: it’s what you’re offering, from courses to membership areas.

The reason why I’m explaining that is that each plan limits you to a set amount of products and pipelines. For the Basic account, it’s 3 each. Other limitations include a single website and admin as well as 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members. The latter refers to members with less than 30 days since their last account log-in.

This plan is perfect for individual entrepreneurs and even smaller businesses. You’re likely to be the only admin and have a single website, and 10,000 contacts will be more than enough for a good while.

The only important limitation is the amount of active members. However, once you break that cap, you’ll likely be able to pay for the Growth plan and still keep significant profits.

Back to the features, the most important one is that you don’t need to pay any transaction fees. You can also create all the emails and even landing pages you want.

All in all, the Basic plan brings a lot of value for its price, especially compared to similar offers.

The Growth account: $199 monthly

The Growth plan is basically a size upgrade with a few additional features. Right off the bat, you can have more pipelines and products, 10 admins, 25,000 contacts, and even 10,000 active members—10 times the amount for the previous plan.

It’s a huge improvement considering the difference between both plans is only $50.

As for features, the most important one is definitely the ability to create affiliate programs for your products. Your audience can register as affiliates and promote your course to earn commissions. It’s an amazing way to cut down on your marketing budget.

Another great feature is the chance to automate different tasks like targeting. You can create specific triggers and conditions for your processes, and once these conditions are met, Kajabi executes specific tasks like email followups and offers.

This plan also gives you access to full-time support via live chat. Finally, you’re free to remove Kajabi’s branding from their pages.

The Pro account: $399 monthly

The Pro plan is pretty much for huge companies. It boosts the amount of everything: pipelines, products, contacts, active members, admins, etc. The most noticeable upgrade is support for 3 websites.

It’s mainly a solution for agencies who want to run their services and manage their clients via Kajabi. Likewise, it’s also a better solution for large companies and brands instead of individual entrepreneurs and personal ventures.

However, I need to point out the inclusion of Kajabi’s code editor for Pro users. This account lets you customize the software itself instead of just the page templates and automation. If you want even more customization features—and you have the budget—this might be for you.


Choosing an account tier can be as important as choosing an entire solution. My only recommendation is to try out the free trial available before making up your mind. If you’re still not sure, start with the Basic account and just upgrade as your business grows.

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