Kartra 60 Day Trial: Does it exist in 2023?

Your online business needs a good amount of work and effort to run a successful campaign. A marketing platform like Karta is indeed an all-in-one solution, where you could do it all, from creating your landing pages to building those sales funnels.

The SaaS cloud-based platform can be of aid if you need sales analytics, affiliate systems, video hosting, or even email marketing features and tools. Before signing up for it, wouldn’t you want to know if a platform like Kartra is what your business needs?

Testing out any cloud-based platform can be crucial and Kartra lets you do that with the trials. But what can you avail? A Kartra 60-day trial or 14-day trial? Find out.

Kartra 60 Day Trial: Myth Or Reality?

Now, it’s time to face the truth. 60 days for a trial for any platform sounds too good to be true, right? It’s because it is.

The bad news is Kartra does not offer any 60-day trial on their website. There is no official free trial that would enable you to test drive the platform tools and features for 60 days!

Nevertheless, after bad news, comes the good. There is a way to get 60 days of trial with Kartra with a little jiggering here and there.

So, the trick to get a 60 day trial is simple if you can go about it. First, you go to their website and sign up for the 30-day trial.

Test out the tools that you can or want to test out, and just before your 30-day trial expires, sign up for a price plan. But how does that make 60 days?

Well, it’s because whatever plan you have signed up for, you’re only going to use it for 30 days and then ask for a refund. So, 30 days of trial and 30 days of plan.

If you truly intend to understand whether Kartra is your platform to ride on, this could be a wise idea.

If you’re not fond of trickery and working around things, you can simply sign up for what Kartra officially offers on its website.

How Long Is the Kartra Free Trial In 2023?

Officially, as you would find on their website, Kartra offers two deals on the free trial. Well, we might as well quit calling it free because it isn’t. Both trials cost $1. The two trial periods last for 14 days and 30 days where you would have to pay a dollar to avail and test out the platform.

Keep in mind that you don’t get to see the 30-day extended free trial offer on Kartra’s website, but you can surely get it.

What’s Offered in The Kartra 14 days Trial

Kartra free trials are worth it because the platform lets you test out all the features and tools that you get within a paid plan. What’s offered depends on which price plan you would choose.

If you choose the starter trial, you would get numbered products to sell, 100 host pages, 50 videos, 2500 leads, 15000 emails/ months, and 1 custom domain. You also get team member assistance, a funnel mapper, and a help desk.

If you choose any other plan among silver, gold, or platinum you will get unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, team members, and help desks. The main difference between the plans is in the number of leads and custom domains. You get more as you choose to pay more.

With the same plans, you also get the Kartra agency feature.

How To Sign Up For 14 Days and 30 days Kartra Trial

Signing up for Kartra free trial is pretty straightforward. While you have to follow a few simple steps for the official 14-day Kartra trial, you would want to add a little trick to avail of the 30 days trial. You’ll find the steps to avail the 30 Day trial in the coming sections but now let’s check out how to avail the 14 Day trial.

Steps to sign up for 14 day Kartra Trial:

  • Step 1: Visit the Kartra website and click on the “Start your trial” option.
  • Step 2: You will then be directed to a page with all their pricing plans. Here choose the pricing plan that you would want to test out.
  • Step 3: Click on the plan’s option “Start My Trial”
  • Step 4: Now you can expect a pop up form to appear on your screen. This form will ask you to enter all the important details like full name, email address, billing address, and full address. Click on Continue
  • Step 5: Fill out the rest of the form where you would have to enter your card and payment information. Once you are done, you will be able to start your $1 trial of 14 days.

Do I Need A Credit Card To Sign Up For The Trial?

Yes, you would need a credit card to sign up for the trial. In the form that you have to complete to start your free trial, one of the details that you need to enter is your credit card details.

What Happens After The Trial Ends?

If you wish to cancel your trial, you can do so anytime you want within the end of those 14 or 30 days. Once your trial time has ended, your credit card will be billed with the plan you choose when you signed up for the trial.

If you don’t wish to continue with another plan after your trial ends, your account will be closed automatically.

You may want to note that Kartra has a 30 days money back guarantee. At the end of the trial, when one of the plans starts, you can cancel it within 30 days. And if you do, you will be able to get a full refund of the plan you chose.

To avail of this, you would need to give them your cancellation ticket. The cancellation ticket can be submitted on their Basic account information page.

Once you go to the section, you will enter a few details like the order number, product details, your name, and email. If you submit your cancellation ticket within 30 days of signing up, you will get a refund.

Can You Extend The Katra Trial Period?

If you are on a 14 day free trial already, there is no way to extend it after your trial has started. 

However, whether you want a 30 day extension or 60 days, you will need to work from the start. You can also get a 60 day Kartra trial by adding up a 30 day trial along with a paid plan.

Steps To Get Extended 30 Day Kartra Trial:

  • Step 1: First you go to the Kartra website and click on the Start your trial option on their homepage. It is redirected to the pricing plan page.
  • Step 2: When you are on the pricing page, you don’t want to choose any of the plans as you did for your 14 days trial. Now you would want to hover your cursor to the top of the page. You will indicate the site that you are about to leave, except that you won’t.
  • Step 3: You will notice another pop-up page appear within a minute. This page will offer you what you are looking for. It would let you double your trial
  • Step 4: Choose, “Yes, Double my trial”.
  • Step 5: As you accept the offer, you will be given a 3-step form to fill in your name, address, billing address, cart, and card details.
  • Step 6: Voila. You can now start your 30-day free trial

How Much Is Kartra Per Month After The Trial?

Kartra Pricing Plans

After the trial period ends, the pricing of Kartra is as follows:

  • Starter plan: $99/month or $79/month in yearly payment
  • Gold Plan: $199/month or $149/month in yearly payment
  • Silver Plan: $299/month or $229/month if a yearly payment made
  • Platinum Plan: $499/month or $379/month if paid yearly

Is 14 Days Trial Enough To Test Everything Kartra Offers?

A 14 days trial offered by Kartra may fall short to test out the platform completely. Kartra does not hold its users back from trying out any tools during their trial period. You might want to test out their integrations or their agency.

You might want to peep into how their sales funnel works. There’s a high chance you’d want to experiment with your online business with their affiliates and help desks. In 2 weeks, you would barely get the time to apply the features to your marketing schemes.

How To Save More On Kartra Plans After The Trial Ends

Kartra plans to start from $99 to $449 billed per month. In no way is this less money to pay. So, if you want to save up some bank bills, you could try a new tip.

Unfortunately, Kartra does not offer any discount codes but you can obtain discounts from the plans indirectly. Did you know you can get about a 25% discount if you choose to pay annually instead of paying your subscription fee every month?

And what does this mean for the plans? It means you can save $240, $600, $840, and $1440 per year on a starter, silver, gold, and platinum plan every year.


Does Kartra offer Discount Codes?

Kartra does not offer any discounts or coupon codes.

Is there a Lifetime Deal on Kartra?

Unfortunately, Kartra does not offer any Lifetime deal where you can sign up for the platform for a lifetime.

Will Kartra Charge me if I cancel the trial?

Kartra does not charge you a single penny if you cancel your trial before your trial period ends. Remember that if you are on a 14-day trial, you would cancel the trial before the 14th day ends. Failing to cancel before the trial ends, would result in you being charged on your credit card for the plan you chose already.

Can I use Kartra as a CRM?

Kartra is an all-in-one solution and offers many of the features that you need in a CRM. You can use Kartra as a CRM, regardless of which plan you choose. Kartra allows you to import thousands of leads into your platform. Other than that, they also let you host help desks and customer tickets.  As you would with a CRM, you can send out emails, schedule your calendar, and create memberships with Kartra. Additionally, you will be able to use Kartra Agency to manage multiple client accounts as well.

Who owns Kartra?

Kartra is owned by Genesis Digital, a California based company.

Final Thoughts

Kartra is an excellent marketing platform offering tools and features like lead import, sale funnel, email marketing, and all that you may need in a CRM platform as well. Trying out all that Kartra offers is a good idea to understand how your agency might suit the platform.

For that, Kartra offers a generous trial plan of 14 days that lets you use any of the price plans for only a dollar. You can also get a 30-day trial when you are signing up for the 14-day trial.

Before choosing a price plan, wait and hover around your cursor for a bit and you will be surprised with an offer for an extension.

If you are still doubtful about 30 days not being enough for a trial (although it could be), you could trick your way to 60 days of trial too, you just have to be a little wise and sign up for a plan before your trial ends. You can ask for the refund before the 30th day and also get to use it for double the time!

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