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Kartra Affiliate: Make Money Promoting Kartra (2021)

Find out how to become a Kartra Affiliate and Start making Money Below!


Passive income is all the rage right now, and that’s not without its reasons. It’s a great way to generate some money on the side, which can grow to be your main income stream the more you work on it—until you’re generating most of your money without half the effort a full-time job would require.

Kartra is one of the most popular marketing platforms for online entrepreneurs these days. It comes with almost all the tools you’ll ever need to build and promote your business, so a lot of people make money using it.

But, did you know you can make money from it without even paying for an account?

That’s what I’ll explain today: how to make some of that sweet passive income by promoting Kartra. It’s also one of the best affiliate offers available right now, with rates for up to 40% on commissions for the different pricing plans.

Is it a good idea to join Kartra?

Genesis Digital—the team behind Kartra—is widely known for having paid millions in commissions to affiliate marketers in recent years. That’s why it’s a common recommendation when it comes to affiliate marketing programs.

The best part about Kartra is that it’s an amazing platform. Anyone can start their own business with little programming experience thanks to its comprehensive suite with design and marketing features.

It makes it super easy to build sales funnels and even entire websites, and it has some of the most competitive price tags in the market. It’s not a difficult product to sell at all, and you might even find yourself using its features for your own affiliate business.

The money is also quite good, specially with the aforementioned 40% on all plans. As you sell more plans, then the money could skyrocket, mainly because these commissions are recurrent.

In other words, you’ll make money for as long as your referrals are still paying for the platform. Then, there’s the fact that anyone can run entire businesses using nothing but Kartra, so it’ll be a good while before they find a similar platform—if they ever do.

Even if your customers buy the Starter plan exclusively, you could find yourself making a few thousands monthly in under 3 years by adding a couple new referrals each month.

What’s affiliate marketing?

Now, I’ve been talking about affiliate marketing, commissions, referrals, money, and more for a while now. Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to understand most of it; let’s take a quick break to look at what’s affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model based on promoting products from other businesses and people. You then earn a commission from all sales you’ve made via your affiliate link. 

The main idea behind this revolves around marketing efficiency. It’s a lot easier to focus on either promoting a business or developing and improving a product if you don’t have to worry about the other. Therefore, it’s a lot more cost-efficient to offer commissions to dedicated marketers instead of trying to do everything yourself—or dedicate yourself to marketing instead of trying to create your own product.

Of course, it also means companies don’t need to spend so much money on ads, and marketers don’t need to spend so much money on product development.

A lot of people underestimate how difficult it can be to develop your own products. Sure, you can build a much larger business and brand, but you’ll have to invest a lot more money and time creating it. Then, there’s customer support, managing refunds, updating the product, coming up with more offers, etc.

Summarized, affiliate marketing lets you focus on selling while avoiding all that hassle. You just find your product, get your affiliate link, and promote it anyway you want. Once you start selling, you start making money.

The Kartra offer

Now, imagine what I just said. Then, imagine that you can make around $40 every month—or about $480 in a year—just from making a single sale. If that sounds good to you, then you’ll be glad to hear that’s Kartra’s offer.

You can make 40% on all pricing plans in affiliate commissions for as long as your customers pay for their subscriptions. Keep in mind that example I just gave you is from a single customer keeping the Starter plan ($99) for a year. If you get 1 sale per month, you’d close your first year with little over $3,000 as long as everyone keeps renewing their monthly subscription.

Not bad at all when you consider you could do that with a blog where you can post a new article every week in hours.

Kartra is excellent for a huge audience as well. Coaches, consultants, educators, and anyone looking to create websites, sales funnels, and even entire membership sites can take full advantage of the Kartra package.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the platform before selling it, you can get your own 2-week trial for $1. If that sounds good to you, then you can assume most people think the same, so selling Kartra is a lot easier than other platforms.

If you’re still interested in joining, then let me explain how you can do it.

How can you become a Kartra affiliate?

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to join Kartra as an affiliate, but you still need to keep a few things in mind. Thankfully, as I mentioned in the beginning, you can become an affiliate without actually owning a Kartra account.

Of course, you should at least try out the platform so that you know what you’re promoting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up using it for your business.

Regardless of your choice, signing up for the affiliate program is a separate process from the Kartra tool itself. Don’t worry, you’ll find the option in their main page anyways.

Once you’re registered, you just need to copy your affiliate link. When you start creating content, you’ll have to paste this link into your articles or videos and recommend people to buy via your affiliate links. Every time a purchase from your links registers, your commission will be recorded automatically.

I must clarify here that a lot of people sign up for the affiliate program and then do nothing; most of them doing so just to test how everything works. Therefore, no account is automatically accepted, and it’ll be a few days until the Kartra team confirms your account.

A nice way to boost your odds of getting accepted—and quite noticeably—is to take the $1 trial and then apply as an affiliate from your trial account.

A note on payments

Payments are often an annoying experience when it comes to affiliate marketing, and when it comes to software solutions like Kartra, it can take quite a while. That’s because Kartra needs to wait until the trial period ends, and then the customers have 30 days to ask for a refund.

After all of that’s done, Kartra has a steady payment release schedule, and it might be a few months before your first payment. You definitely want to keep this in mind if you want to become an affiliate marketer, but once your customers stick to their regular monthly payments, you won’t have to worry about getting paid each month.

Kartra can also be a bit confusing when it comes to payments. That’s because you can promote products from other Kartra users as well, and they have different payment gateways than what Genesis Digital uses.

Kartra users can run affiliate programs for their own products within Kartra. They can pay affiliates via PayPal, bank wires, and checks—but this is only between users and affiliates. Genesis Digital only pays Kartra—and other platforms—affiliates via PayPal.

How can you promote the platform?

The main rule for promoting Kartra—or any affiliate offer for that matter—is to avoid spam at all cost. Don’t go and paste your affiliate link on all social media groups, forums and emails you can find or send. 

Kartra is a serious tool. People use it to build and run huge businesses these days, and spamming people just makes them avoid you anyways. You need to teach people about the platform and show them how the platform can help them.

The key to nurture a good affiliate business and plenty of customers is to provide real value, even outside of your affiliate offer. You want to provide meaningful insight and content that your readers can put into good practice while, at the same time, driving them towards your offer.

When done correctly, they’ll be actively looking for your affiliate link instead of you having to push them towards it.

Of course, you can run paid ads on Google and Facebook, but you want to be more creative if you’re an affiliate marketer. You can create an educational blog around the industries Kartra is good for. You can also offer free resources like short eBooks on how to build or promote a business in exchange of your audience’s email; then you promote Kartra both inside the book and via email as a followup.

You could even head over to help forums and sites like Quora. You can find many people there asking for help with things that Kartra can solve, so you just need to recommend the platform to them.

The most important skills you need are creativity, patience, and solid communication. If you know—or learn—how to reach out to others properly, and you can come up with innovative approaches, then you’ll have a much easier time than most people.

Everything is online, and that’s where the patience comes in. You can find all the resources and knowledge you need as long as you care to learn and avoid being overwhelming for your customers.

Something you should keep in mind: honesty

Another important consideration is to explain to others exactly what they’re getting. You don’t want to sell Kartra as a solution for things it doesn’t do—there’s no need, either, with how much Kartra already does.

Most importantly, Kartra demands everyone using its brand and logo sticks to ethical behavior and practices while selling the platform. Besides Kartra’s own guidelines, you also need to make sure you learn the FTC’s practices for affiliate marketers.

Interestingly, that’s why you’ll see so many affiliate blogs clearly stating that they’re getting paid when you click on their links. You also want to create dedicated policies and ToS pages on your site to ensure everyone knows what’s going on.

Likewise, don’t use keywords for trademark names like Kartra’s own.

Finally, make sure you’re sending the right people to Kartra. Don’t sell it to people you know won’t be able to make the most out of it. Again, that’s just being dishonest, and that’s never a good way to build any kind of business.

A few ways to improve your Kartra affiliate income

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, let me give you a few tips on how you can make the most out of being an affiliate marketer with Kartra.

Becoming a JV broker

“JV” stands for “joint venture”, and a JV broker is basically an affiliate marketer for the affiliate marketing programs themselves. In other words, JV brokers focus on recruiting other affiliate marketers for a product like Kartra.

Becoming a JV broker for Kartra entitles you to 10% of everything your referred affiliates make. That’s both for the initial and recurring subscription payments.

Remember the example I gave you about making $3,000 in a year with a single monthly sale? Well, you’d be making $300 extra if your referred affiliate achieve the same results. Your income will last for as long as your partner’s clients last.

Also, keep in mind that your 10% isn’t deducted in any way from your partner’s income; they’ll still make their own 40% as usual.

If you want to join the JV program for Kartra, you just need to join as an regular affiliate. It’s the same process. You then use your JV affiliate link instead of the regular one when you’re promoting the JV program.

Checking out the marketplace

Another great feature from Kartra is its marketplace. It’s another reason why you might want to consider actually using Kartra for your affiliate business.

This marketplace acts like Kartra’s own Clickbank. Users can create affiliate programs for their own Kartra products, and once that’s done, they can publish these offers in the marketplace for others to join.

If you’re using Kartra for your own business, you can access the marketplace and find hundreds of different offers for different products in different industries. You can find products around eCommerce, personal development, health, cooking, finances, business, and more. All categories have their own sub-categories, so you have many possibilities.

Using tracking links

The last tip is quite basic, but it’s that can be easy to forget: your affiliate dashboard—the one you see every time you log into your Kartra affiliate account.

The dashboard lets you keep track of all your affiliate links, your referrals, and even how much you’re making from each customer. It’s a pretty powerful tool that—while it won’t give you money directly—can dramatically improve your own performance and practices just by business awareness alone.

You can measure your growth, and if you’re keen-eyed enough, you can even spot which areas of your business and content are falling short. The dashboard offers everything you need to run an entire affiliate business.

It even works with products from Kartra’s marketplace. You can create special links to track all your affiliate offers. Within your analytics section, you’re free to assign different types of values to your analytics in case you want to assess your actual profits among your revenue.

It might take a while to get used to reading and studying analytics, but it’s a noticeable advantage once you master this skill.


By now, you should know everything about how to join Kartra as an affiliate marketer and even the basics of how to promote the platform—and even products within the platform—to your audience.

My main recommendation is to know what you promote. That’s why I’d advise you try out Kartra before starting to sell it, and the same goes for any other affiliate product you want to join.

Sure, you can promote anything just using the developer’s description, but if you want to provide meaningful insight besides what everyone else says, nothing beats learning the product.

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