Kartra Pricing

Kartra Pricing

Kartra Pricing (2021)

Find out everything about Kartra’s Pricing Below!


Kartra is one of the most popular platforms for internet entrepreneurs like that – and for good reason. Its array of features can adapt to countless processes: email marketing, video courses, and even eCommerce benefits like cart recovery and products.

Are you interested about getting Kartra? Let’s see how much you’d spend.

In a hurry? A quick look


This plan goes for $99 or $89 monthly depending on how you pay (monthly or yearly). You get 20 products for your eCommerce, 100 pages, 15,000 mails, and 2,500 contacts maximum along the core features.


Silver costs $199 or $149 monthly. Besides the core features, you have unlimited pages, 110,000 more emails, and 10,000 more contacts.


It’s either $299 or $249 monthly. Besides the features from previous plans, you can add unlimited products and pages, 130,000 more emails, and 12,500 more contacts than the silver plan.


For either $499 or $379 monthly, you can get the platinum package. It adds 370,000 more emails, and 25,000 more contacts than the gold plan.


The last plan is either $699 or $519 monthly. It’s the largest plan, and you can list unlimited pages and products, send a million emails, and have 100,000 contacts at most.

How do Kartra’s packages work?

As a product, Kartra needs to adapt to its customers, and that’s why it has developed different pakages. Each client has the option to go for the features and pricing that best suits their needs, so Kartra can adapt to different companies of any size. Kartra doesn’t even limit its core features depending on how much you pay; the cap comes only with how much you do with them.

Before delving into which plan you want to get, you can get a 2-week trial for the platform. It costs $1, and you can use all of its features to determine whether or not you should get it and which plan.

Pricing plans

Now that you know the prices, let’s take a more detailed look at what exactly each package offers.


This is the ideal package for small and starting business, especially if they have only few contacts. The starter package offers a lower price that small ventures can pay without taking any hits since they won’t need dozens of contacts.

You can have 2,500 contacts (subscribers) and 15,000 emails. You also get significant bandwidth each month at 50GB.

Besides being an obvious package for small ventures, it’s also beneficial for virtually any company thanks to its versatility. Even if you’re already thinking about getting the silver plan, you can pay for the starter package and upgrade once you need more.


This plan takes the starter’s one a step further, and it comes as an actually significant boost to the amount of contacts and emails you can keep for every month. You get 125,000 emails in total for 12,500 contacts.

If you get the starter plan when beginning your venture, this will be your next step – and it could come quite soon if you do it right. Medium businesses might even prefer to start with this plan if their audience and client base is already larger than what the starter package allows.

As usual, you get all the core features, and it comes with a few add-ons for a reasonable price.


This plan is best-suited for businesses with lots of subscribers – or former silver members who grew larger. You can have 25,000 subscribers, and the monthly bandwidth is noticeably larger: 200GB .

While it’s obviously great for large businesses, some medium-sized ventures could also enjoy a significant amount of traffic, which makes this plan worth considering.


The platinum tier is basically only for large businesses with larger audiences, and it fits their needs perfectly. It offers 50,000 subscribers and 10 times that amount in emails, so you can nurture a huge email marketing campaign.

It also comes with 500GB for your monthly bandwidth, so high traffic shouldn’t be a problem.


The Diamond plan is the most expensive one for good reason: it’s huge. You can gather up to 100,000 contacts for your mailing list, and you can send out 10 times that amount of emails.

Not only that, but the bandwidth increases to 600GB monthly, so traffic will never be an issue. You also get all of the features from Kartra with zero limits.

Core features in all plans

As you can see, each plan comes with its own capacity and pricing depending on the needs of your venture. However, all plans come with Kartra’s core features: eCommerce functionality, email automation, landing pages, and hosting videos and courses.

All plans offer these features, and using them yourself takes little effort thanks to how intuitive it is. All functions come with workflows that make the entire process feel natural. You also get a dashboard that lets you keep tabs on your venture easily.

How much are you saving with Kartra?

Of course, all of the brand’s marketing focuses on pointing out how it’s a great deal. However, that means nothing if you can still get the same features and benefits for less with other platforms. With that in mind, let’s compare its price with separate platforms offering the features Kartra packs into one.

  • For affiliate marketing, iDev Affiliate costs $39 monthly.
  • For shopping carts, SamCart costs $99 monthly.
  • For hosting courses, Teachables costs $39 monthly.
  • For automating emails, ConvertKit/Drip cost $29/41 monthly.
  • You can create forms with the previous 2 platforms or use Leadpages.
  • Speaking of Leadpages, it’ll cost you $37 monthly to create landing pages.

Going with the cheapest email automation available, you’d spend about $230 every month. Kartra’s starter plan costs $69, so you’re saving around $160 monthly at minimum – nearly $2,000 every year.

Of course, if you don’t really need all of these features from Kartra, you shouldn’t pay for stuff you’ll never use. A cheaper option is just to get ConvertKit and Leadpages for automating emails and creating landing pages.

The problem would then be paying almost the same as the starter package that would still give you more value. That’s why – if you have the money to invest or feel confident about your business’ growth – it’s simply better to use Kartra from the start. As your venture grows, chances are you’ll soon find yourself longing for more features.

Automating emails

Email marketing is among the best marketing strategies any business can exploit right now, and that requires a contact list. Kartra lets you use done-for-you funnels to nurture your mailing list. Once that’s ready, you want a powerful sequence builder for your emails to automate your contact with subscribers.

You can also segment your mailing list based on how your subscribers behave. That includes buying, clicking certain links, or opening certain emails; these prompt their removal or addition between sequences.

Hosting videos and courses

If you want to implement video into your marketing approach (you should), then Kartra already offers this feature. The same goes for people looking to host a video course; you can upload videos into different categories and set up playlist to make them easier to find.

Of course, there are platforms exclusively for hosting courses. Teachables is the industry standard right now, and it does work better than Kartra – that’s its focus after all. On the other hand, Kartra is  a complete marketing package, so it still saves you money from having to pay for a separate platform only for your courses.

eCommerce functionality

A neat addition to Kartra is that you can use it to list products you want to sell. You can offer both physical products you can ship to clients or just digital products like eBooks or paid courses.

Besides single-time payments, you can also set up subscriptions and membership as your payment methods. You can integrate these with your landing page or any form to implement them into sales funnels.

Lastly, you can also set up affiliate programs for people to promote your product and pay them with commissions.

Membership website functionality

As mentioned, you can set up memberships, which Kartra will handle for you. Kartra lets you set up different levels for your membership, and you can grant different resources depending on which plan your customers choose.

That’s merely an overview as well, and Kartra offers enough features to make it difficult for me to explain all it has to offer. The best part is how easy it is to work the settings even during your first time, and it also lets you save money to set up your membership like other platforms available today.

This is also the last of Kartra’s core functionalities, and the intuitiveness of this section is just the same as the rest of the platform. You can try the entire suite for 2 whole weeks at just $1, and that’s all it’ll take before you know how to do anything you need with it.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels

Both platforms let you do pretty much the same things. The only difference is the overall process and how it handles each task. For instance, ClickFunnels tends to feel  faster than Kartra.

On one hand, Kartra lets you enjoy more diversity when creating pages, which lets you create authentic and marketable pages more easily. It’s like hiring marketing experts, and it’s more focused on goals than ClickFunnels – which tends to be more focused on the tasks themselves.

The cheapest plan for ClickFunnels is $97 monthly, and you can create 100 land pages, 20 funnels, and manage 20,000 visitors monthly. The more expensive plan is the Etison Suite for $297 monthly, and besides removing all limits from the standard plan, it comes with Actionetics.

Kartra vs Leadpages

Leadpages used to be considered the go-to for building pages years ago. Today, that title has someone been taken by ClickFunnels, yet Leadpages is still one of the most popular options.

However, it does feel like an outdated platform, especially if you use either Kartra or ClickFunnels. It’s just a land page builder, but it does the job if you just want a platform for creating and hosting landing pages.

The standard plan for Leadpages is either $25 or $37 monthly depending on whether or not you pay the whole year.


Kartra has a lot of potential, and its features and power are more than enough to make it one of the industry standards for marketing today. In my opinion, it has nothing to envy from ClickFunnels and other famous platforms today.

Smaller businesses can also receive the most value considering the prices and features of the starter and silver plans. If anything, the trial is just $1, so you can check for yourself!

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