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Are you planning on getting Kartra? Are you looking for a good tool to make funnels and landing pages?

Read below for a full Kartra review to see if it’s for you or not!

Nowadays if you want a successful business, you’ll also need a reliable backend and infrastructure. Moreover, you’ll need a safe web hosting for your business, as well as the ability to build your sales funnels and create checkout pages. Lastly, an excellent email service that allows you to keep up with your leads and have a better organization.

That is all the things that are needed to run a successful business in this day and age. Separately, all these options can add up pretty quickly, and they can be messy to use. After all, cross-functionality among platforms varies depending on the provider. But, all hope is not lost.

What Is Kartra?

Kartra was founded in 2018 by Genesis Digital. If you are familiar with the industry, then you might recognize the name. Genesis Digital is the company behind WebinarJam. But this new endeavour is more than just the latest thing to be created by Genesis Digital.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that allows you to build pages, sales funnels, and a marketing automation platform. It sells itself as a whole package solution for all your marketing needs. Instead of switching between several different platforms that do various tasks, you will have one home for all of your business’s needs.

Kartra makes it a lot easier to manage your business. With Kartra, you get to see the customer’s journey from the moment they enter your site, while they move through funnels, and through signing up or product purchasing. So, it makes it a lot easier to track the business’s goals because you don’t have to move around platforms to monitor how everything is going.

Yes, Kartra is not the first platform to offer an all-in-one solution. But it brings new things to the table. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at this new provider.

Who Is Kartra’s Target Audience?

Kartra is a whole package designed for people who are tired of having to duct-tape their websites. It is also for those who are tired of dealing with incompatible tools and complex coding. Lastly, it is also for those that cannot hire a full team of developers and system integrators to get their business where they want. In other words, Kartra is for people who want to save their time and use it in a highly efficient matter. Efficiently leads to more customers and higher sales.

Needless to say, if you are pretty happy with the toolkit you already have, maybe Kartra will not work for you. It can be a little bit of a burden to re-organized your business and put it all in a new platform. Yes, this platform will help you, and it makes your business more organized, but sometimes it is unwise to switch systems.

That said, if you are looking for an extra edge, then Kartra is perfect for you. After all, it was designed with the sole purpose to help save you time and prevent you waste resources on unnecessary tasks.

Kartra Features


Kartra has an excellent and confident onboarding process. It does an excellent job of telling you what to do and where you are in the process and what you will be expecting next.

Once you sign up, you will receive four emails as part of the process. These emails will welcome you to Kartra, give you your login details, your receipt for your payment and an overview of the site.

Once you click on the confirmation link, you will be greeted into your account with a welcome video. The video will explain the next steps that you will have to do to take advantage of this fantastic system.

Kartra does an excellent job of welcoming you without being overwhelming. It goes step by step to make sure that you fully understand the platform.

You will get a sidebar checklist to help with this endeavour. The list will have all the steps you should take next. It is an incredibly helpful aid. Especially when you don’t know where to go next, or when if you are new to this type of work. However, do not think that you need to follow the list to use the Kartra effectively. It is just a friendly way to get you familiar with the whole platform.

Overall Kartra has a clear, concise and organized onboarding process. It leaves you confident about how to use the platform and what to do next.

Building pages

Kartra also provides you with a great page builder. The page builder allows you access to pre-made templates for every business or event you can imagine. You can build a traditional home page or blog, long-form sales pages, or even classic squeeze pages. Everything you want, you can do it with Kartra.

Additionally, Kartra gives you excellent aesthetics when for said templates. They are very stylish, modern, and appropriate for what customers are expecting when it comes to current websites. But, if you feel like partying like it’s 1999, you can find some old school layouts as well.  All of the designs have a professional and well-done finish to them. Still, if you can’t find what you want, you can build your template!

However, if you found a template you liked but it needs some tweaking, then you can do that too. These templates are straightforward to customize. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking. You can edit text, swap out images and change styles just by clicking here and there.

All your basic needs are covered. It does not matter if you don’t want to break the mould, or if you’re planning to be the next big thing. Kartra is still perfect for you. To accomplish this goal, Kartra gives you an excellent integration department.

With Kartra, you don’t need any external hosting to integrate videos to your page, for example. Just select it from your library and upload it to the platform. It is that easy.

All these reasons are why Kartra is a very polished option in comparison to other all-in-one solutions platform.

Selling: products and shopping carts

Kartra also has a tremendous built-in shopping cart.

If you want to add a product for your business, Kartra gives you two options. You can create what is called a “main” product or an “upsell/down-sell” product. The difference between these two is that the main product will be displayed first, and the upsell/down-sale product only after the main product.

Kartra will also show you the setup process when you add a product. All of this is very similar to comparable shopping cart features encounter in other websites. But, to be honest, Kartra interface makes the process even more comfortable than other shopping carts out there.

Once the product has been added to the site, all that is needed is to follow the steps. These steps will allow you to set the following.

  • Payment getaways
  • Product pricing
  • Trial structures
  • Cart abandonment rules
  • Cart bump offers
  • Cart templates and styles
  • Checkout
  • Thank You, page

The best part about this process is that it’s stackable. That means you can easily create a complex offer without feeling overwhelmed by all the nobs and adjustments you must tweak to achieve this goal.

Also if you are not selling a product but a digital course, Kartra has a first-class membership module to make it all run like clockwork.

Kartra doesn’t stop there. The company also gives you an affiliate portal. For all the products you create, you can qualify this portal to convert your customers into your best promoters. This way they will have a URL to share with their tracking code. And you can offer them a percentage of the sale, or a fix-rate per purchase.

Kartra will also let you check all the information on your affiliates and payout history right from your dashboard without problems. And, it will also give you access to product sales analytics. You will be enabled to see an overview of everything you need: visits, refunds, sales, revenue and more.

So, Kartra is a complete option when it comes to selling products and having a consumer-friendly shopping cart.

Email marketing

You can find all the email marketing options right under the Communications tabs in Kartra. This tab includes broadcasts, tagging, automation and more.

This Kartra feature is comparable in quality and detail to dedicated email marketing centre companies. To give an example of Kartra’s quality, email providers such as MailChimp, ConvertKit and even ActiveCampaign does not provide the same excellence that Kartra offers.

With Kartra you can easily create a list for your subscribers, add leads manually, or even import a list of leads from a CSV. Kartra also gives you the ability to create forms to collect new leads through the platform. Yes, you can do that directly through Kartra.

Also, it’s not a hard interface to use, mainly because it uses the same builder interface as the rest of the platform. Thanks to that fact, it feels very familiar and easy to use.

If you want to create a professional-looking, but you have no idea how to do it, Kantra can help. You have access to a dozen templates, welcome messages, tagging and automation replies, and form behaviours you can borrow. All of these things will make your business shine when it matters the most.

There is also a tagging functionality. You only need to give your tag a name and that tag will be ready to use. You can even assign your tags to forms. Moreover, Kartra also gives you an automation workflow builder to make your life even more comfortable.

So instead of paying for an email provider and a website provider, Kartra has made sure you can do both in one site. That alleviates fixed costs and increases productivity.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns is the feature where Kartra stands out from the crowd. Kartra gives you end-to-end marketing campaigns based on the work you want to accomplish.

You can create your marketing campaigns from scratch, and even shared them with other Kartra users. But if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also go for one of the Kartra’s templates.

However, if you still want to make your campaign from scratch, you will have access to all assets and tools that Kartra has to offer. Everything is interconnected and at hand. On the other hand, if you use a template, all of the work will be handled for you by Kartra.

Template-wise, Kartra gives you around five campaigns. Each one solves a different marketing point. You can control each campaign with extreme precision to make sure you know what has the highest chance of working, and what to expect from your audience.

Once you deploy the campaign, then we’re off to the races. Kartra will provide you, through your Kartra account, all the essential assets and information needed. This data will help you run a successful campaign or modify on the fly it if need be.


Kartra doesn’t offer a lot of variety when it comes to pricing plans for small businesses. You can choose between the Starter Plan and the Silver Plan.

The Starter plan cost of $99 per month, while the Silver plan is $199 per month. But before you pick one, it is vital to say that each comes with some limitations.

With the Started Plan, you will be limited to 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, and 20 products. You also get 100 automation.

With the Silver plan, you can have 12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails per month, and unlimited pages, products and automation.

It can be a little pricey. But at the end of the day, it is an investment for your business and one that will work. Now, if you are looking for any discounts, Kartra gives you the option to pay annually. This deal brings the cost of the Starter and Silver plan to $69/mo and $139/mo respectively.

If you are a medium-sized business with a much more extensive email list, Kartra also has a plan for you. The Gold plan which cost $299 per month and the Diamond plan with a price of $699 per month.

That said, if you want to test Kantra, the company offers a try-out period for any price plan. This trial cost $1 for 14 days.

Pros & Cons

So far, you have been reading about what Kartra offers. But it’s time to take a look into Kartra advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with all the advantages.

Kartra has a swift and smooth onboarding process. It also offers a clear and consistent interface.  And, it gives you the option to sell products with upsells/down-sells. Moreover, Kartra has an excellent affiliate module to create a private group of promoters. You also get analytics across all modules.

You can build any page with the Page Builder feature. It lets you do video hosting and split testing. It has a great support system, and it also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Also, Kartra gives you a fully-featured email marketing and built-in automation feature.

These are all the perks you get by using this company. But no one is perfect. So let’s look a the disadvantages.

Truth be told, there aren’t many cons. Kartra does lack a native Webinar solution. The live chat isn’t open 24/7 hours, which will make it difficult to solve your problems quickly. Some modules can be a little rigid or slow. And the plans are more on the expensive side.

Kartra vs Other Platforms

Kartra is always compared with similar platforms, like ClickFunnels, Convert Kit, and MailChimp. All of those are great in their own right. They offer excellent results, but none are Kartra.

What makes Kartra different from the rest is an excellent interface and fantastic marketing campaign modules. These features are hard to find in Kartra’s competitors. Even those mentioned before still have a hard time providing the quality that Kartra offers when it comes to marketing campaigns. Additionally Kartra’s affiliate program is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

Some people can argue that ClickFunnels is a better option. But Kartra offers more features at a better price. Furthermore, Kartra doesn’t limit you to just one set of features to grow your business. It makes sure to give you everything you need in a single place.

Final Words

Kartra is not perfect, but it delivers what it says it will. It is an excellent all-in-one solution for those looking for it. If you are tired of using different platforms and software for all your business task, Kartra is a great option for you.

From templates to design your site, to tools to create a perfect marketing campaign. All you need to have a complete experience is there at your fingertips. Kartra makes sure to let others do the work that you shouldn’t be doing. That way, you can focus on growing your business without any worries.

Even though Kartra is well organized, it lacks some flexibility when building pages. But, the other features that Kartra offers makes up for any perceived flaw in the system. And all of this is to say that Kertra is a must.  It will help anyone looking to grow their business efficiently.

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