Kartra Vs BuilderAll

Kartra vs BuilderAll

Kartra vs BuilderAll: Which Is Best for You? (Compared) (2021)

Find out whether Kartra is better than BuilderAll or not Below!


When you are venturing out on a digital business, you need a web presence. An online marketing is also essential to boost your sales.

Kartra and Builder All are two such online marketing solution platforms that encompass all tools and features of digital marketing and boosting sales. Your product needs a boost, lead generation, conversion into sales- you get all these services in the all-in-one platforms like Kartra and Builder All.

However, when it comes to boiling down to one platform, it is difficult to make a choice. We have provided a comprehensive comparison between the two platforms with all their features, tools, pricing models and other parameters that you should consider before choosing one.

Go through the full articles and grasp your need.

A Basic Overview

So, what defines Kartra and Builder All? Let us take a look


Kartra came into the market in 2018 by the thinktanks Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. It is a shopping cart platform that offers a large number of online marketing solutions. 

Kartra is goal oriented, aiming at higher sales of your products in the digital business. It lets you host, create and sell courses, memberships and more. Kartra has an excellent helpdesk and supportive affiliate market management, along with the perks of customised email marketing.

Kartra also features a calendar app that allows scheduling of appointments, highly converting landing pages and forms and checkout tools. It is easy to use and you may embark on a minimal $1 trial for 14 days before you purchase the plan.

Builder All

If you have a business idea, monetise it into a digital business with Builder All. It is a powerful and integrated platform that provides marketing solutions for a successful business venture. It was built in 2011 by Erick Salgado.

With Builder All, you do not need to assort tasks separately on different platforms. Watch your sales increase from a central platform. Design sites, create videos, e-books, quizzes, sell courses and membership all on Builder All.

It also has supportive marketing tools for email autoresponder, analytics and tracking new subscribers. With drag and drop features, Builder All provides a wide range of tools you can employ to improve your digital business.

Features of Kartra and Builder All

It is time to go deeper into the features that each has to offer us-


1. Membership Portal

Kartra lets you craft a membership site that is customised and automated to suit the needs of your customers and clients. Stream your income through the Kartra membership portal, where you can launch and sell your course content.

It is easy to build with drag and drop features. Create your content, host and sell. Kartra lets you sell course, files, training content under your brand identity. Kartra offers different tiers of membership and you can communicate with your customers through comments.

2. Funnels and Campaigns

Kartra makes your business profits reach sky high levels. You can run automated campaigns to attract the target customers. Generate leads, get sales with these funnels and campaigns.

Run the campaigns just after a few clicks and your business is on the platform. You can and customise such campaigns in your own way. The campaigns include gathering agency, simple list builder, book funnel campaign, squeeze page, four-day cash machine and many more. Each campaign is proven to have high conversion rates.

3. Landing Pages, Forms and Checkouts

Kartra boats of a wide variety of templates for designing beautiful and highly converting pages like home page, checkout page, legal page, 404 page and so on.

The various page templates are designed for product launch, video sales product launch, upsell page, Thank You page and more.

The forms are so designed to promise high conversion and generate leads and automate the sales campaigns. 

Even the checkout page is secure that features an inbuilt shopping card system and payment procedure. 

4. Email Automation and BAM

Kartra is rightfully a one-in-all marketing platform. You can generate automated email or SMS marketing based on customer behaviour. You can get valuable data and analyse that from tags, subscription list, email open or clicks, previous purchases or form submits. Kartra specialises in customising the mails with its integrated BAM feature.

BAM is the most unique feature that provides a personalised experience to the customers based on their profile and affiliation to courses. Analysis of the data to customise the experience makes Kartra stand out. 

5. Videos

Kartra allows you to host and create the course video on its own platform. Why invest on other platforms when one provides you with all features?

Create engaging content, make them highly converting, tag customers and also add CTAs while creating the videos on Kartra.

6. Calendar/ Scheduling/ Booking App

Kartra provides smooth customer relations management. It has an inbuilt calendar app that lets the clients book appointments with you when you are free.

The scheduling app is a great feature to stay connected. It also sends reminders before the meeting.

7. Support and Helpdesk

Kartra has an advanced helpdesk to guide clients and customers. It comes with support tickets and also live chat option. You can connect using phone, skype or support tickets.

Kartra lets you respond to your customers easily. You can set up multiple response areas or pre-recorded answers. You may even integrate a Wikipedia like platform in the helpdesk to allow customers browse for the answer.

8. Affiliate Management Center

Kartra lets you manage the payment, commission and communication with affiliate marketers easily. In this centre, you can recruit and assign links to them as well.

You can yourself act as an affiliate marketer of products launched by other Kartra users. 

Builder All 

Builder All provides a range of tools dedicated towards marketing-

1. Templates and Design Tools

Builder All provides a number of basic templates that you can design. You do not need to arrange the layout for other devices. The templates can be customised easily with Builder All tools in several fields like events, sales, design, music, travel, new, education and so on. It has a number of design tools like Design Studio, Photo Studio, Video Editor, Floating Videos, etc to add an aesthetic look to your site.

2. Sales Funnels

The special sales template is so designed to ensure high conversion rates. It has all features of conversions, sales boosting and integrations, with some checkout possibilities in two or three stages. 

3. Webinars, E-Learning and E-commerce

You can easily upload video content from desktop, YouTube or integrate some chat features. Builder All lets you host webinars as a powerful tool to connect with the audience and target consumers at large. You can set up Password protected webinars and monitor Webinar statistics.

Builder All acts like an E Commerce site where you can launch items and make them available for sale. You can set payment and delivery options.

E Learning app helps you include quizzes, videos, tests and courses for the students. Builder All lets you set triggers and allow students to come back or download a part of the course content only if they have completed that part.

Host unlimited courses with Builder All.

4. Membership Sites

Simply keep a small part of your website restricted where you can put up registration and log in details. You can make it free or add a premium to turn Builder All into a money generating platform from the subscriptions received.

5. Email Marketing and Analytics

Builder All has the auto respondent email marketing feature called Mailing Boss. You have to analyse the consumer behaviour, add subscribers to the mailing list and create email campaigns. 

Builder All has Analytics platform to track visitor data. The Click Map features keeps a check on the pages where visitors are landing. This feature makes it easy for you to track the navigation habits.

6. Integration with Other Platforms

Builder All can integrate with all other platforms like PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, Amazon S3, Cloudinary, Aweber and so on. You can perform a number of business functions on Builder All.

7. Other Features

Builder All has several other features like SEO, Blog builder, browser notification tools, Facebook messenger chat box, etc to provide a seamless experience.

Similar Features 

There are a number of similarities between Kartra and Builder All. To name a few-

  • Email Marketing
  • Webinar Support
  • Affiliate Market Management
  • Membership
  • Course Hosting
  • Drag and Drop Features for Site Building

Major Differences

Features Exclusive to Kartra

  • Calendar App- Kartra lets you schedule appointments, which is not possible on Builder All
  • BAM Feature- Kartra integrates the Behavioural Adaptive Marketing feature with automated email generation 
  • Kartranault Training- This is a feature exclusive only to Kartra
  • Helpdesk software- Kartra provides a supportive helpdesk with live chat features

Features Exclusive to Builder All

  • Photo Editor- Builder All lets you have a plethora of design tools and templates with photo editor, video and animation editors, etc.
  • Blog Builder- Builder All has the feature for creating the blog and letting the wider audience know about your products.
  • Ecommerce Tool Integration- Builder All integrates ecommerce feature where you can launch and sell your products.
  • Share Locker- You can lock a part of the course content using Share Locker feature.
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot- Builder All has integrated Facebook Messenger chat box feature to aid the live chat.

Pricing Models 


Kartra allows a 14-day trial for $1, after which you can choose one of these plans-


This is meant for small businesses that charges you $99 per month, or $79 per month if you choose the annual scheme. You will get 2 membership portals, 20 products, 15000 mails and 2500 contacts.


Pay $199 per month or $149 per month in the annual scheme and get a range of services. Avail unlimited mails, products and membership sites, with 12500 contacts and a bonus of Kartra Agency.


The gold scheme would let you have 25000 contacts and unlimited emails, membership sites, helpdesk sites, products and more. You also have the Kartra agency and 5 custom domains at a rate of $299 per month. If you choose the annual scheme, you will have to pay $249 monthly.


The Platinum scheme is the most expensive with 50000 contacts and unlimited service in other features, with 10 custom domains and the maximum bandwidth. The pocket pinch is $399 per month. Save $1440 a year on choosing the annual scheme.

Builder All 

Builder All provides several tiers of pricing plan to help entrepreneurs access their office and build their site for online marketing.


Builder All has a plan for free trial for seven days. Access it to explore the features and suit yourself before purchasing any plan.


Builder Plan bills you at $19.9 per month. It gives you access to 3 domains with unlimited subdomains, ticketing and live chat support, superfast CDN services and prevention of DDOS attack.


Marketer is a plan for $29.9 per month, with all the features of Telegram tool, 5000 subscribers and SMS service.


A slightly higher package at $49.9 monthly would provide you with the tools of professional Messenger bot and professional website bot, in addition to 15000 subscribers, SMS service, DDOS attack prevention and more.


The most expensive plan at $69.9 would provide you with unlimited subscribers, support for building magazine and integrating the WordPress site. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kartra and Builder All

Which is the better software- Kartra or Builder All?

Kartra and Builder All are both all in one marketing solution platforms with different philosophies of approach. Kartra has all features that are goal oriented and focused on boosting the sales and marketing based on customer behaviour. Builder All provides myriads of tools, none of which are of master class. 

Should I switch from Kartra to Builder All?

Kartra is expensive with promising conversion rates. Builder All takes more time to achieve the necessary levels of success. If you are on a low budget, and have some time at hand, it is wise to shift to Builder All. However, for conversion and sales boost in a short span, stick to Kartra with the higher pocket pinch.

What is the problem with Builder All?

Builder All poses problem with the large number of tools. Users find them a bit too complex and prefer leaving the platform for something simpler. 

What is the problem with Kartra?

The biggest disadvantage Kartra has is the high financial limits of the plan. It is difficult for small business owners or those who are venturing out as beginners to invest the large sum.

Which One Shall I Finally Choose?

Both Kartra and Builder All are impressive platforms that attract new entrepreneurs and those who have embarked on a digital business venture. 

Builder All is definitely the cheaper option, integrated with all tools for online marketing. Kartra, although it comes with a higher pocket pinch, has all the focused tools for marketing and boosting the sales.

Builder All has a broad spectrum of tools that rather intimidates the user with all the complexities. None of the tools is the best in its category. Karta is goal oriented, aimed at boosting sales with automated campaigns, email marketing and BAM features.

If you are still confused about which platform you should proceed with, you can go for the test drive in the trial periods of both the platforms.

However, when it comes to online marketing solutions and expansion of digital business, most of the users are known to prefer Kartra over any other platform for its goal-oriented features and analytics.

So, without much ado and confusion, make a dive towards Kartra. It will certainly flourish you with high return on investing in this platform!

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