Kartra Vs Keap

Kartra vs Keap

Kartra vs Keap: Helpful Comparison, See the Best Option (2021)

Find out whether Kartra is better than Keap or not Below!


Which tool would help you the most in establishing your online business? Such moments press you to make radical decisions and choose one out of the two roads that diverge into the woods!

To ease you and relieve you from the burden of choices and the stress of decision making, we are providing you with a comprehensive article on a comparison between Kartra and Infusionsoft by Keap.

Listed below are a glimpse of both the platforms with their detailed features, pricing structures, similarities and differences.

Glance through the full review and make up your choice based on your needs and requirements. I have also put down the best platform according to my standards.

A Sneak Peek at Kartra and Infusionsoft

Before moving on to the details, let us form a rough idea of the philosophies and goals of both the platforms-


Just think of the gamut of web developers, copy writers and content developers you would need to hire to set off on your digital business. A one-in-all marketing solution platform, Kartra, brought to the market by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, handles all the details and lets you kickstart your digital business seamlessly. It is a fully cloud based platform and all you need to work on Kartra is a reliable internet connection.

Avail BAM integrated email marketing, membership sites, host and sell online courses and products and handle a protracted range of marketing services from Kartra. It has an excellent helpdesk and supportive affiliate market management.

Kartra also features a calendar app that allows scheduling of appointments, highly converting landing pages and forms and checkout tools. It is easy to use and you may embark on a minimal $1 trial for 14 days before you purchase the plan.


Infusionsoft is directed towards the growth and boom of small businessmen who have just ventured out into the online business sector. This platform also provides all the marketing solutions and automates it using CRM, e commerce, email marketing and more. Grow your platform easily and effortlessly with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is the business of making other small start-ups grow, as their tagline proclaims. Almost 23,000 small businesses are reaping their benefits from Infusionsoft. It lets you organise the flowchart of work, boost sales, save time and expand your business. Infusionsoft is well integrated with other platforms. Even if you relocate your business, or transform it digitally, it would assist you and would not pose any problem.

Be better organised with Infusionsoft. Keep a track of all the details and give your clients a smoother experience. Infusionsoft is the industry’s longest running powerful tool with robust CRM service and automated sales. 

Features of Kartra and Infusionsoft


1. Membership Portal

Kartra lets you craft a membership site that is customised and automated to suit the needs of your customers and clients. Stream your income through the Kartra membership portal, where you can launch and sell your course content.

It is easy to build with drag and drop features. Create your content, host and sell. Kartra lets you sell course, files, training content under your brand identity. Kartra offers different tiers of membership and you can communicate with your customers through comments.

2. Funnels and Campaigns

Kartra makes your business profits reach sky high levels. You can run automated campaigns to attract the target customers. Generate leads, get sales with these funnels and campaigns.

Run the campaigns just after a few clicks and your business is on the platform. You can and customise such campaigns in your own way. The campaigns include gathering agency, simple list builder, book funnel campaign, squeeze page, four-day cash machine and many more. Each campaign is proven to have high conversion rates.

3. Landing Pages, Forms and Checkouts

Kartra boats of a wide variety of templates for designing beautiful and highly converting pages like home page, checkout page, legal page, 404 page and so on.

The various page templates are designed for product launch, video sales product launch, upsell page, Thank You page and more.

The forms are so designed to promise high conversion and generate leads and automate the sales campaigns. 

Even the checkout page is secure that features an inbuilt shopping card system and payment procedure. 

4. Email Automation and BAM

Kartra is rightfully a one-in-all marketing platform. You can generate automated email or SMS marketing based on customer behaviour. You can get valuable data and analyse that from tags, subscription list, email open or clicks, previous purchases or form submits. Kartra specialises in customising the mails with its integrated BAM feature.

BAM is the most unique feature that provides a personalised experience to the customers based on their profile and affiliation to courses. Analysis of the data to customise the experience makes Kartra stand out. 

5. Videos

Kartra allows you to host and create the course video on its own platform. Why invest on other platforms when one provides you with all features?

Create engaging content, make them highly converting, tag customers and also add CTAs while creating the videos on Kartra.

6. Calendar/ Scheduling/ Booking App

Kartra provides smooth customer relations management. It has an inbuilt calendar app that lets the clients book appointments with you when you are free.

The scheduling app is a great feature to stay connected. It also sends reminders before the meeting.

7. Support and Helpdesk

Kartra has an advanced helpdesk to guide clients and customers. It comes with support tickets and also live chat option. You can connect using phone, skype or support tickets.

Kartra lets you respond to your customers easily. You can set up multiple response areas or pre-recorded answers. You may even integrate a Wikipedia like platform in the helpdesk to allow customers browse for the answer.

8. Affiliate Management Center

Kartra lets you manage the payment, commission and communication with affiliate marketers easily. In this centre, you can recruit and assign links to them as well.

You can yourself act as an affiliate marketer of products launched by other Kartra users. 


1. CRM (Client Relations Management)

One of the most important areas to consider in any business is successful and cordial relations with the clients. Infusionsoft excels in maintaining good customer relations, by providing support and assistance with the various tools that this platform provides.

2. Marketing Automation

You can connect with your leads and campaign actions automatically. Their updates, their action and the campaign builders’ action in different circumstances set off a trigger that keeps you informed about the latest updates.

Infusionsoft reduces manual labour and automates the marketing system to keep you abreast of the nitty gritty of the marketing details of your online business.

3. Appointments booking

The days of updating the alarm, setting reminders manually, sending mails and text messages have become obsolete. With Infusionsoft, you can link your Google Calendar and fix appointments. They will automatically update your calendar, set off reminders and send the confirmation mails.

4. Sales

The sales pipeline allows to track all business and sales details. Organise and prioritise all your work, keep a track of the actions of all leads or clients, ensure consistency in the sales team with the sales pipeline. It is much better and easier to handle than the conventional spreadsheets.


Win the business with professional quotes. As your leads complete a step of work, immediately they will receive the auto generated mail with details of the quote. Move leads with the sales pipeline automation. Whenever any client asks you for the quote, Infusionsoft enables you to send the personalised details of the services and cost.

6. Invoices and Payments

Infusionsoft has seamless payment options for customers. This prevents unnecessary delay of payment, reduces friction of relationship with client and ensures payment at the correct time without overdues. This is possible with the inbuilt payment app integrated with Infusionsoft.

7. Reporting and Analytics

Infusionsoft analyses all your data and prepares comprehensive repost on the same. These reports provide an insight into your business expansion and sales and guide you on the strategy that you should take up next.

Track the details of the conversion rates, campaign outcomes, email open or clicks, action completed by leads, sales revenue and more on the report dashboard of Infusionsoft.

Pricing Structure

The plans, price and trial periods of Kartra and Infusionsoft are detailed below to calculate your expenses.


Kartra allows a 14-day trial for $1, after which you can choose one of these plans-


This is meant for small businesses that charges you $99 per month, or $79 per month if you choose the annual scheme. You will get 2 membership portals, 20 products, 15000 mails and 2500 contacts.


Pay $199 per month or $149 per month in the annual scheme and get a range of services. Avail unlimited mails, products and membership sites, with 12500 contacts and a bonus of Kartra Agency.


The gold scheme would let you have 25000 contacts and unlimited emails, membership sites, helpdesk sites, products and more. You also have the Kartra agency and 5 custom domains at a rate of $299 per month. If you choose the annual scheme, you will have to pay $249 monthly.


The Platinum scheme is the most expensive with 50000 contacts and unlimited service in other features, with 10 custom domains and the maximum bandwidth. The pocket pinch is $399 per month. Save $1440 a year on choosing the annual scheme.

Kartra in essence offers a 25% discount on the annual scheme.


Infusionsoft offers different packages with a high Return on Investment-

There is no free trial on Infusionsoft. However, there are some demo features which you can see like the online demo webinar.

There are 3 plan each with its own set of advantages:

Grow Plan

At $79 per month, you get the benefits of CRM, segmentation, appointments, invoices, business phone line and more such features.

Pro Plan

At $149 monthly payment, you get all the marketing tools that you need to boost your business. You get support for automation of marketing and sales pipeline, along with building the landing page.

Infusionsoft Plan

At $199 per month, get access to online tracking, affiliate management and lead scoring and company records.  

There is also an Infusionsoft Kickstart package offer that comes with coaching fees.

It will ensure high return on your investment and you will receive full tailored returns and benefits of whichever plan you choose and pick.

Comparative Study of Kartra and Infusionsoft 

Kartra and Infusionsoft both provide an all-in-one marketing platform, that come with their own benefits and disadvantages as well. They booth have some similar features like-

  • Marketing automation allows the email to be sent automatically, keep a track of the leads action and stay connected with every detail of the online business marketing
  • Reports, Insights and Analytics give an in-depth picture of your business expansion, sales, email opens or clicks, CTRs, campaign outcomes and more
  • Booking or Calendar feature allows automatic booking and setting reminders for appointments with clients. It also sends automatic confirmation mails.
  • Integration with other platforms is an essential feature of both Kartra and Infusionsoft. You can integrate them with your necessary data, applications or any other tool which you deem necessary for the expansion of your virtual business.

However, there is one notable difference in their main purpose.

While Kartra excels in building sales funnel, Infusionsoft mainly focuses on CRM for good customer relations.

Concluding Verdict 

Kartra and Infusionsoft both have some similarities, but different philosophies.
If you are looking for a platform with good CRM, undoubtedly Infusionsoft is your best choice,

However, if you are bending upon a platform that would provide you with all marketing solutions, integrated with booking appointments, generating leads, automated marketing, sales funnel building then Kartra should be your choice.

Infusionsoft takes some time to be set up, while Kartra sets the ball rolling within a few hours of setting it up.

Want to see the boom in your digital business? Set off for Kartra!

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