Kartra vs Podia: Comparison Guide & Helpful Overview (2021)

Find out whether Kartra is better than Podia or not Below!

Kartra vs Podia

This is the age of digital evolution. From online banking, e-commerce to online education and digital business, you need to be digitally proficient to adapt to the new pace of the world.

The internet is flooded with all sites that makes your digital business easy and simple to handle. Out of these, Kartra and Podia can guarantee you an all-in-one digital platform. You can house and sell online courses, get them downloaded and interact with your customers. They make your marketing life easier.

So, now a pertinent question arises. How do you know which of these two- Kartra and Podia- will suit you?

Well, you need a guided comparison of the two sites to decide. Run through our comprehensive overview to assist you in zeroing in to one platform.

A Quick Summary and Factors to Consider

The platform you will work on for boosting your digital business depends solely on your needs and requirements. There are some factors which you should consider before aligning with Kartra or Podia-

  • Unique Features
  • Pocket Pinch
  • Pros and Cons

Before delving into the details, let us get an overview of both the sites-


Karta is an all-in-one e-commerce platform. This marketing platform comes with the latest sales funnel building tools. Kartra lets you increase your business growth manifold and earn an incredible amount of profit round the clock, with significantly lower effort and work hours. Enjoy the benefits of more productivity, but less paperwork. Connect to your customers, handle web hosting, and email marketing on Kartra. It guides you in digital business management and is not restricted to an online shopping cart platform.

If you are a course creator, or online business owner, you will find Kartra an amazing platform. It is a tool for marketing automation. You are directed to target customers. The interface is simple. You need to know no intricate technological knowledge to deal with Kartra. It is focused on its goal of business management and customer relations management.


Podia, on the other hand, forms a very useful platform for housing and selling online courses, videos, music and so on. It also facilitates easy downloading features. Handling Podia requires no technical knowledge. You can upload unlimited files and sell digital downloads like PDFs, audio or text files. You may also magnetise the mass by offering a free download! Utilise the inbuilt email marketing feature that Podia offers, host webinars and create pages as you require. Stay connected to your consumers through Podia!

Podia also lures content creators who can sell online courses, downloadable products or membership programs. It is easy to use and comprehensive, that reduces a lot of work load. The entire marketing sectors of email marketing, page landing, blog, customer relations are taken care of by Podia

So, the question lingers how you will choose the better of the two. Let us take a sneak peek in to the detailed features, pricing structure and benefits and bane of both.

What Makes Kartra and Podia Stand Out?

Karta and Podia boast of some unique features that make them the most in-demand marketing automation tools in the field of digital business.


It provides you with a holistic analysis of the customers with data that you can visualise and pave your strategy. Take a look at the features-

  • Kartra Helpdesk and Live Chat

How will you maintain good customer relations digitally? Kartra wins it out when it comes to customer relation management! The helpdesk is active with a live chat box.  

Live Chat, Skype, phone or support tickets are available at the help desk that aids in communication with your client or customer. You can have pre phrased responses to deal with all the queries and doubts. It is also integrated with checkouts to support billing.

The live chat feature is indeed a feature that will boost customer relations and pave the way towards trust building. 

  • Kartra Membership Portal with Several Tiers

Data is a huge asset. It shows your consumer behaviour and you can manage them accordingly. Kartra goes a long way in tapping the consumer insights. Automate it suited to the requirements.

The membership portal of Kartra course hosting has several tiers and is different for each product, content, etc. 

The membership portal is easy to use with drag and drop feature. Present and market your content here.

  • Funnels and Campaigns

Generating leads, dealing with visitors, turning them into customers and retaining potential consumers is a challenging work in marketing sector. When the business becomes digital, the lead generation and conversion become much easy with Kartra. 

There are several automated and free campaigns which you can customise and use to make your business grow. Watch your sales explode just at a few clicks!

  • Affiliate Management Sector

This feature lets you manage and work with the entire team of affiliate marketers. You can expect a better sale of your product. Implement strategy like commission, incentives and perks, also a deadline, to get the maximum return.

You can yourself be a part of the affiliate marketer of some products launched by other Kartra users. Handle the process seamlessly using this feature.

  • Kartra Landing Pages with a Promising Conversion Rate

Here lies the beauty of Kartra. The landing pages are beautiful, and are highly converting. The campaigns are proved to have successful conversion rates. It is easy to use and customise with drag and drop features. Utilise the range of templates like legal, home page, Thank you, webinar, or product launch. 

The Kartra forms too promise conversion. The integrated billing support and checkout system allows a safe and secure payment method through cards or PayPal.

  • Emails and Automation

Engaging with the target customer in the market is the keystone in marketing. Karta aids the owner of any online digital business by generating automated emails to connect with prospective customers. BAM feature is utilised to personalise the mails to the customers. It is done based on tags of membership status, email clicks, form submits, purchases and such vital customer behavioural data.

  • Booking

It is the time and era to leave behind the convoluted procedure of booking an appointment. Kartra features a calendar and allows your client to schedule a meeting with you. It is adjusted based on the availability of both the parties. Kartra also sends automatic reminders before the stipulated date and time.

  • Kartra Video Hosting

Kartra provides the wholesome marketing platform in every essence. You will not require YouTube to launch the video. Karta has its own video hosting facility for a more lively and greater engagement with the user base.


Podia also acts as an all in one platform for digital marketing, but lacks in some features that are unique to Kartra. Podia excels when it comes to hosting and selling online course. The platform is affordable enough for the layman. Glance through the features to grasp Podia-

  • Membership Portal

When you get all features integrated in one platform, why worry about others? You will not have to fret over content and course ideas, membership or marketing on different portals now. Podia brings you the membership feature that is an essential tool for customer retention.

Explode your profit by knitting a community of all those who follow your course content using the membership portal. The feature has several tiers that offers different levels and plans of membership. Allow free or paid access, monthly or annual subscriptions to make the membership plans diverse. Podia thus prepares you for a recurring income from the same audience base.

  • Public and Private Post Sharing

Podia allows to share post links that accessible to all. They are also available on the search engines. However, you can also use the private post feature as a bait to lure more customers. Give them a taste of the initial portion of the content, keeping the entire post solely for the premium members. 

You may also pin content and posts of the most recent course. Let your customers take a glance at the developments and stay tuned!

  • Email and Automation

To catch up with other online marketing platforms, Podia has a basic mailing system. It is armed with an analytic data showing how many people received the mails, how many opened and clicked. The feature does not have the sharp edge of scheduling that Kartra has. However, the basic version of mail comes in handy for any beginner in the field of hosting online courses.

  • Digital Download Features

Podia allows you sell digital downloadable files. It can be a pdf, audio or video file, or e-book that you can upload for your customers. Podia provides you one of the easiest methods of earning online in this way.

You may even attach some files that are free to download as hooks to magnetically attract the customer base. 

  • Online Courses with Quizzes

Podia lets you showcase your grasp over any field. Host online courses along with files that can be downloaded. Podia sets no cap over the number of courses that you can host. 

Another interesting feature is that Podia allows you to include quizzes on the platform. They make the course more presentable and sought after. 

  • Stud the Buy Button

Embed the Buy button on the very page your customers are hovering over. Podia saves their time of navigating to different pages to buy a course. Turn any webpage into a sales page and have a successful checkout using Podia.

  • Start Date Fixing

Podia is the perfect platform when you want your consumers to purchase the course even when it is not ready. You can set the start date, so that all the students can access it from the specified date. 

In this way, you can pre sell your course while you are creating the content before the launch.

Pricing Model

Given below is a detailed pricing structure of different plans-


You can avail the 14-day trial for just $1 to explore the features and get used to the platform. After that, you have 4 basic plans to consider-

  • Starter

This is meant for small businesses that charges you $99 per month, or $79 per month if you choose the annual scheme. You will get 2 membership portals, 20 products, 15000 mails and 2500 contacts.

  • Silver

Pay $199 per month or $149 per month in the annual scheme and get a range of services. Avail unlimited mails, products and membership sites, with 12500 contacts and a bonus of Kartra Agency.

  • Gold

The gold scheme would let you have 25000 contacts and unlimited emails, membership sites, helpdesk sites, products and more. You also have the Kartra agency and 5 custom domains at a rate of $299 per month. If you choose the annual scheme, you will have to pay $249 monthly.

  • Platinum

The Platinum scheme is the most expensive with 50000 contacts and unlimited service in other features, with 10 custom domains and the maximum bandwidth. The pocket pinch is $399 per month. Save $1440 a year on choosing the annual scheme.


Whether you are budding e-preneur or aiming at expanding your business, Podia has plans for both with a 30-day free trial-

  • Mover

If you are venturing out for the first time to sell your online courses, stick to this plan. Pay $39 a month to sell the courses.

  • Shaker

If you aim at expanding your sales and business, move for this at the rate of $79 monthly. Avail the membership module on subscribing to this package.

Pros and Cons

It is time to look at both sides of the coin for Kartra and Podia-

Kartra Pros

  • Excellent membership site 
  • List Builder campaign
  • 4 Day Cash machine with Call to Action Video Hosting features
  • Helpdesk with live chat
  • Efficient affiliate management 
  • BAM for email marketing
  • Scheduling appointment feature

Kartra Cons

  • No free trial
  • Even the starter plan is expensive compared to some others
  • Bandwidth limitation even in the Platinum scheme

Podia Pros

  • Free trial
  • Affordable plans
  • Scope for student engagement
  • Unlimited service for digital downloads
  • Integrated platform
  • Efficient customer support

Podia Cons

  • Not a robust email system
  • No provision for calendar app
  • No plans for customisation
  • 3rd Party platform for sales funnel builder

How to Boil Down to One Platform?

No, we will not leave the final choice for a toss. Analyse the features, pricing and the pros and cons of both. Ultimately, the choice depends on your need.

If the budget suits you, consider the features.

If you are a beginner in the field of digital business and have steppe out to sell online courses, Podia is the right platform. It has all the features to aid you in this sector with course content, quiz, student engagement and even a basic email automation.

However, Podia is not an all-in-one shopping cart platform.

So, if you are planning to expand your business and boost the growth, you need to analyse consumer behaviour as well. You need customised emails, an efficient helpdesk and good customer relation to increase the profits. 

Kartra takes care of all these points, apart from allowing you to sell courses or membership plans.

The choice ultimately boils down to the area you are interested in, your needs and requirements. Toss your decision and lo! Heads you win!

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