The Keysearch Co Review (2021 Edition): Most Affordable Keyword Tool?

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Keysearch co Review

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There are many great eCommerce tools available for online entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their business. KeySearch is one of these tools, that is a powerful keyword search tool that will boost your business. No matter what online activities you are doing, be it a blog, a dropshipping store, website, or affiliate site, KeySearch will benefit you. Today, we will explore what KeySearch has to offer, how to use it, and learn all about this useful tool.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research, rankings, and backlink analysis is very important for online businesses, blogs, etc. If you have a site online and you want to gain traffic, all these are essential aspects you need to consider. There are many tools available on the market. However, most of them are rather expensive.

Large SEO companies or marketing agencies have no problem paying high prices for the best tools on the market, as they require analysis on hundreds of pages and sites daily. But if you are running a small blog, or are just beginning to start an online business, it is probably not worth spending so much money. Therefore, a smarter idea is to find the most cost-effective tool that is suitable for your business. KeySearch might just be the solution to your problem.

What is KeySearch?

KeySearch aims to a comprehensive SEO platform with a myriad of useful tools. The platform allows users to analyze a number of monthly searches, spy on what your competitors are doing, and keep track of keywords that are on your list.

KeySearch Tools and Addons

KeySearch has a bunch of tools that are bundled into packages. The most common tool for beginners would be the KeyWord Research ad Rank Tracking. Let us look at these tools in further detail.

Keyword Research

Researching with this tool will allow you to analyze a bunch of different factors. The steps are easy. All you need to do is type in the keyword or phrase that you want to target. Then you will get a bunch of detailed information such as the total number of results, volume of searches, cost per clicks, and many more. All of this information will help you decide if you want to target this keyword or phrase in the future. And that’s not all, and the tool also suggests a number of other keywords that you can also analyze its ranking by just clicking on the suggested keyword, and analysis will automatically begin on.

You will get the same info which you can then determine if you want to add these suggestions into your list. Then they also have a Keyword 500 function where you can easily compare 500 different keywords, and you can even sort, export, or save them so you can conduct an analysis later. You will get information on these 500 keywords at a glance, and you can sort them by high volume, low scores, etc. Checking any of these keywords by clicking the box on the right will automatically display all the information on the selected keyword.

You will also get the top 8 SERP analysis where you can also toggle by rankings, social shares, and there is also an article writing service all in one. The SERP analysis shows you the list of websites that rank well for your particular keyword. If the site has a high number of domain authority and backlinks, then the keyword will be difficult to compete.

Quick Difficulty Checker

This quick function comes in handy when you do not have time to conduct a full keyword search, or if you just want some immediate results. It works the same as the primary tool, except it does not include the 500 different keyword results. Just type in a number of keywords, and the difficulty for each keyword will be presented.

KeySearch Difficulty Checker Addon

For more seamless keyword research, you can easily add the KeySearch Difficulty Checker as a browser extension. It is quick and straightforward to install, and you can conduct the same research right on your browser. For example, you can simply search the keyword via Google, and you will get the same information without heading to the KeySearch platform. Installing this extension will be useful if you are just browsing on the internet and come across potential keywords.

KeySearch Explorer

This tool used to be bundled together with Link Analysis but now exists as its own section. With this tool, you can research information on whole domains or a specific URL. This information is essential to see how other sites are doing to analyze if you have a competing chance with these sites. You will get information on the domain difficulty and number of backlinks. Furthermore, the tool breaks down backlinks even more by suggesting domains which are offering backlinks and top keyword rankings that the URL has.

Competitive Analysis

This tool is a bundle of 5 tools in 1 tab. Let us look at each of the devices.

Backlink Checker

This backlink tool is more comprehensive than the Explorer tab as it runs a more in-depth analysis of any domain or URL of choice so you can get even more detailed information. For example, if you search a domain, you will get the top 1,000 backlinks for the entire domain, including the domain strength. This data is important for you to start building your backlink by analyzing high ranking domains and getting link ideas from them. Your results of 1,000 links can also be downloaded into PDF files or Excel sheets.

Organic Keywords

The Organic Keyword Checker can help you understand what your competitors are ranking by showing you a list of organic keywords. Doing this will help you get a list of keywords for content or article idea as you will have a rough guide on which keywords you should aim for.

Competitor Gap

The Competitor Gap tool aims to show you the keyword gap between your site and your competitors. It shows your URL’s list of keywords and other URLs, but there is no real use for this.

URL Metrics

URL Metrics is a recently released feature that will give you all the information about your input URLs like Domain authority, strength, Alexa ranking, social shares, and list of keywords. Since it is still fairly new, you might encounter a few bugs here and there. If it were up to me, I’d just rather get all this information from the main competitive analysis research.

YouTube Tools

There are three tools in this bundle, and these tools will help in ranking on YouTube, and you will learn how you can rank with YouTube videos. The first tool is called YouTube Research Tool, where you can input keywords that you wish to try out it’s ranking on YouTube. It works sort of like Google or any other search engine. Then, there is a difficulty planner that functions as the Keyword Research tool but for YouTube. Here you can input up to 50 words to look at each one of their difficulty levels. Lastly, there is the YouTube list where you can download all the other information or export the data so you can analyze them later. This YouTube tool will come in handy if you have a YouTube channel where you constantly post videos for your viewers. But if you do not have a YouTube account, then you can skip this tool.

Rank Tracking Tool

This Rank Tracking Tool is why most people like Here is where you can upload your list of keywords and receive up to date statistics such as current ranking, any rank position changes, the current volume of searches for that keyword, and when it was last updated. Along with this information is the top 50 sites that are already ranking for your chosen keyword. All this information will help you decide what to do with these keywords for maximum exposure.

After you uploaded your site of choice and checked the rankings of your chosen keywords, KeySearch will also give you a list of keywords that they think you should try out. You can use it as a suggestion in case you run out of keyword ideas and keep track and update them every day to see if they are progressing. After a while, you will know if you are just wasting your time or if the keyword has real substance. On top of this, you can also get an overview of your URL to see how many words you are tracking, and your PA and DA levels.

You will also get two graphs for each keyword where the first is a rank graph that illustrates your last 30 days, whether you’ve moved up or down the ranking. This graph can allow you to visualize how your site is doing if it need a little push. Then the second graph is a list of the top 50 sites also ranking for your chosen keyword.

If you are someone who or a business who is constantly creating and publishing new content, or updating previous content, this information will be so useful. This tool really gives you an insight on how other pages are doing, and whether any content needs updating or maybe you need to add more backlinks.

The only downside for this tool is that it doesn’t do well on mobile. The screen size is big, and it doesn’t optimize automatically. You might be having to zoom in just to click on the buttons. Another smaller problem is that you will always get notified if you updated a keyword. Which is a little redundant as I know that I’ve just updated the keyword myself.

Content Assistant

Content assistant is a built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that works to help you get a bunch of variations and additions to your article. Here is where you will type your keyword or phrase, and the AI will give you a list of long-tail keywords that are usually on page one of Google. If you use these keywords, then your ranking will increase. You will also get an indication of how difficult some keywords might be for ranking, and also the total volume of results for your original search. For example, if you have been ranking outside the top 10 and you don’t know why, this is a good way to find out. With Content Assistant and KeySearch working together, you will be getting great solutions to drive your blog and find the best keywords.

KeySearch Opportunity Finder

This opportunity finder helps you to find similar sites with the same niche where you might have the opportunity to build your brand via traffic and backlinks. You will get information on forums, other blogs and guest posting opportunities. You will get detailed information on link metrics, traffic, and keywords that they are ranking. You will also get an overview of how working with these sites can benefit your blog. This KeySearch Opportunity Finder tool will help you find the most relevant and best influencers or brand in your niche that can help you grow your brand visibility and your blog.

Benefits of Using KeySearch

The KeySearch Tool is great for anyone who does a lot of SEO work such as running an online business, a blog, social media page, etc. Anything that requires SEO research or ranking information, KeySearch will come in very handy. You can also use free tools available on the internet, but they aren’t usually too reliable, and you might just end up spending more time on your content. If you spend a lot of time building content, then you would be missing out if you do not sign up to the impeccably cheap KeySearch to save you some time and get traffic going. KeySearch is highly recommended if you have been wanting to try out alternatives such as Ahrefs or Semrush but could not afford to pay the high prices.

KeySearch is a powerful, all-in-one keyword and SEO research tool. You can find out your search volume, which will help you in doing a competition analysis. Then, you can track your keyword ranking to see how they are doing and what changes have been made to them over time. Since keywords are constantly being used by everyone on the internet, there will be receiving constant updates, especially for high competition keywords. Then, besides helping you search for your list of keywords and get some information, KeySearch is also a great way to find keyword suggestions in case you run out of keyword ideas. Based on these ideas, you can then build your content and ensure that your article or post will help you rank better and get more exposure.

KeySearch Pricing

Affordable pricing is why KeySearch is also a particularly attractive tool. The lowest price begins from a mere $17 a month, unlike other tools on the market that starts at $99 a month. You can also usually find discounts like a good 20% off that can bring your first month down to $14. What you get for the low price of $17 is extensive, as you are given daily searches and analysis of 200 keywords, 80 keywords to track, and 20 super searches every day.

If you run a standard blog, then the cheapest package would be sufficient as you would not yet have so many searches. But if you run several blogs, for example, then you might have to upgrade to the higher (but still not too expensive) price of $34 a month as it comes with 500 daily searches and analysis. This more top tier also includes everything you will get in the lower tier package except you get more searches. The list of features you will get are as below:

  • Keyword Research tool that will help you search for keywords to use in building content for your site or blog.
  • Backlink Analysis so that you will find out if you need to drive more backlinks.
  • Keyword and SERP Difficulty checker, so that you will know how these keywords will do amongst the competition.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • YouTube Keyword Research, which will help you search for keyword rankings on YouTube. This tool is suitable if you run a YouTube account churning out videos regularly, and you want visibility on the site.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Backlink Finder
  • Chrome or Firefox extension addon
  • API Access
  • White-Label Reporting


KeySearch really looks like an all-in-one tool that can help boost your business. Whether you just started a blog, a new website, or a whole marketing agency, this tool will be beneficial. KeySearch is excellent for beginners because of its affordable price, and beginners usually do not have high volumes of searches at the beginning, so you can take this opportunity to save. If you are someone who relies a lot on building content, then SEO is crucial.

KeySearch is the solution to all your SEO needs. Best of all, it is so affordable if you consider the variety of tools and benefits that you will be getting with the tool. Your tools might not be as comprehensive as other large tools like Ahrefs, but at the same time, you are also saving way more. Unless you are a big SEO company or if you run a lot of blogs, then KeySearch would be sufficient. The only downside so far is the mobile experience, but hopefully, that will be fixed as the future progresses. Overall, I recommend KeySearch for those who are running smaller scale blogs or those who do not require too many monthly searches.