Konversion Theme Review: Is It Really The Best Theme?

Konversion Theme Review

Are you looking for a premium, conversion-optimized, mobile responsive Shopify theme for your store?

Today I want to introduce you to a conversion optimized Shopify theme backed with 20+ powerful features to boost your conversion rate and sales.

It’s a template created by one of the most trusted individuals in shopify niche, Justin Cener and I’m talking about his template, Konversion theme.

What is Konversion Theme?

It’s a premium Shopify theme which is built and designed considering ever-changing needs of today’s marketing as well as search engine optimization. According to Google, 60% of global searches are made on mobile devices. So basically, Google is saying that 60% of the visitors that might come to your site will come from any device except your laptop or desktop. So, it’s necessary that your site or store is optimized for all those devices, and that is where the flexibility of responsive design comes into play.

Konversion theme is built with a mobile first design approach. It ensures that your store looks perfectly optimized and amazing on mobile, tablet, and desktops.

One of the main problems which I usually face with the free templates available via Shopify dashboard is the fact that they work quite well on desktops, but when it comes to mobile devices, they fail miserably. You must understand that the optimization required for desktops are completely different than what you will have to implement for mobile devices. When you browse your site with your laptop or desktop, you will notice buy now button or add to cart button is placed beside your product image. But in mobile devices you want that add to cart button below your product images so that your visitors and potential customers can have a better look at your products. It not only helps in building up trust but also gives your customer a much-needed confidence to make any purchase from your store.

I have personally tried Konversion theme on one of my stores for a few weeks and what I can tell you from my personal experience is that my site looked amazing on both my laptop and my smartphone. Not only my page views improved, I saw a significant improvement in my CTR and add to cart rates.

One another great advantage of using Konversion on your store is its integrated conversion optimized features. I’ll be discussing all of them in detail later in this review but here’s a simple overview:

  1. Sticky add to cart button.
  2. Scarcity timer.
  3. Mobile responsive design.
  4. Speed optimization, etc.

Some other great noticeable features of this template are the grid layout, which makes it super easy for visitors and potential customers to browse through the catalog of the products available on your site. Let me make it clear that this theme is built for e-commerce sites, and most of its features are geared toward conversion. It’s not a single product site template with an integrated support for sales funnels. Instead, it’s a design which is optimized for multiproduct stores, something like a “general store.”

One of it’s another great feature is a single product page layout where your customers won’t have to scroll down to get information about the concerned product. Instead, this theme displays all information including images, description and adds to cart button, above the fold. It basically means that your website visitors will have a direct focus on your product and nothing else. This might not sound to you as a big deal, but if you look at your statistics after installing this template on your store, you will understand how much difference this simple layout can actually make on your conversion and revenue.

A mobile responsive navigation bar is another great feature that makes your store optimized for mobile devices. When your visitors browse your store via laptop or desktop, they will find the navigation bar to become fully expanded. But, when they will open your store from their smart phone, this navigation will collide and will display your site’s name on the left-hand side and a menu icon on the right-hand side. Your visitors will be able to assess your navigation by clicking on that menu icon. As soon as they will click on the menu icon, the navigation bar will expand, showing all the links and a search box to give them faster access to product search.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Konversion Theme by Justin Cener is right for you or not!

Who is Justin Cener, The Founder of Konversion Theme?

Justin Cener is a marketer who has years of professional experience in online advertising, dropshipping, and much more. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and has started profitable businesses in distinct market segments in more than a decade of a digital marketing career. Now he is acknowledged as an expert in targeted website traffic management and the e-commerce Boot Camp online courses.

Justin Cener is trusted by many leading brands and companies, and he works directly with numerous entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies today.

Who is Konversion Theme For?

It’s a theme intended for those professional marketers and business owners who want to improve their site’s overall performance. By overall, I mean, website speed, conversions, user interaction, and overall sales.

As I have already discussed, it’s a premium template for Shopify stores, and it comes with 20+ features to improve your conversion rate. It’s not a cheap theme, but it definitely has everything you will ever need to create a professional, unique, and customer-oriented store.

Product pages

Let’s start our review with product pages as they are by far the most important component of your store.

It’s one of that area in which no other premium Shopify theme will ever be able to overcome Konversion theme. You get every possible option to customize every single element of this page. Its first feature is its ability to display a custom banner image instead of the product image. To make your product look more appealing, you can add customized featured graphics as your main image along with other product images. It’s mainly used to grab attention up to your visitors, but in case you don’t want to use it, you do have the option to hide it on mobile or desktop.

Then you have a responsive product gallery with integrated support for zoom functionality. As soon you users will click on the image to view them, arrow buttons will appear on both the sides to help them switch between multiple product images. Furthermore, you also have the option to show small thumbnails below the main image. This will give your visitors a glimpse of the next image.

Product description and properties is another smart feature that comes along with this premium template. You get full control over the product related details. You can add a short description, size option, style, quantity, and price. Furthermore, you can also add social media icons and enable the visibility of the category to which the product belongs to. The best part is, all these information are shown to your visitors without needing them to scroll down.

Konversion also gives you the ability to display trust icon along with payment badge below the add to cart button. The trust badge usually shows the logo of various payment processing services like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Moreover, you also have the ability to import and display reviews from various third-party applications such as ryviu, loox, yotap, etc. Additionally, you get full control over where you want to display these reviews. You can add them along with the product information, below the description section or you can add your custom content at the bottom of the product page.

Overall, with Konversion you get complete control over the design and the integrated functionalities.

Collection pages

One another great feature about Konversion theme is its ability to customize every single element of collection page. It’s a unique feature, and you won’t be able to find it in any free templates available on Shopify or third-party sites. You get every single option to personalize the design and the overall layout of the collection pages. You can choose to display breadcrumb navigation, tag filters, custom buttons, sidebars, ability to disable or enable the visibility of secondary product images on hover, pagination, infinite scroll, and ability to decide the number of columns for the grid layout.

Furthermore, you get all of these options for both mobile and desktops.

Conversion also gives you the ability to modify the description as well as the title of the collection pages. Moreover, you can even change the location where the title and the description will be populated. It can be below or above the collection page, or it can be on the left or right side of the page.

You even get full control over the custom navigation menu. Not only you can change the links; you can even add a customized featured image just below the header area on the collection page.

Homepage content

Konversion is undoubtedly a perfect template for setting up a full-fledged e-commerce website as it includes every single feature you will ever need to run an e-commerce store, smoothly and profitably.

One of the essential pages of any website, no matter if its a blog, portfolio, or e-commerce is its homepage and with Konversion you get complete control over the design and layout of this page.

This template gives you the freedom to add up to five rows of blog posts or recent articles in multiple column grid layouts. Apart from that, you get to control the visibility of post titles, post excerpts, dates, and read more link.

If that doesn’t satisfy your need of customization, Konversion does come with integrated support for custom content blocks where you can add your custom HTML codes, and they will be automatically populated on the homepage. Your custom content block can contain anything, from images to videos, from icons to animated graphics, from basic texts to fully-formatted article.

As you don’t have any limitations with the custom content block, you can even integrate third-party AI chat box or customer reviews from third-party websites like Yelp or Google reviews.

Below the content block, you get a testimonial block where you can share your customer’s reviews in a gird or a slider layout. Remember, you have complete control over the design and the content. Not only you can customize the layout; you can even customize the alignment, text, links, images, visibility on mobile as well as desktop and everything imaginable.

Below your testimonial section, you can display Instagram feed. This section can be populated with either your own Instagram account or anyone’s else. Furthermore, you can even display some of the recent posts published on your blog and the latest customer reviews. How many recent posts or reviews you want to display is entirely up to you, but I will personally suggest you to choose “3” as it really suits the design.

Custom cart pages

First of all, let me make it very clear that there is rarely any premium theme that comes with integrated support for custom cart page. This feature gives you the ability to personalize your website in the best possible way.

With Konversion, you get the options to customize the special instruction field and add in your custom instructions. You can add a custom banner image as well as continue shopping buttons. Apart from that, you can add a custom featured banner image on the top of the checkout page along with your logo and site title. Furthermore, you get to choose the layout for this page. It can be a single column layout, or it can be two column layouts.

Aside from the usual features, you get some custom and premium features that come only with this premium template. The very first feature is a related product module which allows you to show a product related to the one your customer is purchasing. This related product can be populated automatically or manually, and you will be surprised that there is one such module available on Shopify and it costs around $10 per month. You are getting the functionality of this module for free with this premium template.

Other than that, you can add trust badge, phone number, customer support details, website contact information, product warranty icon and literally anything else you want to add with the help of custom HTML content box.

Footer elements

Unlike most other free templates where you cannot modify the footer layout or the pre-populated content, Konversion gives you full control over the design, layout, and content. Not only you can add your navigation; but you also have full control to add various widgets like social media, video, maps, and custom scripts.

At the bottom of the footer, you can include trademark, copyright, social media icons, and payment processor logos.

Website Speed

Back in the year, 2010, Google announced that website load time is one of the integral factors in their algorithm which they will use to analyze any website before ranking it on their search engine result pages. According to Google’s webmaster guidelines, a website should respond to any HTTP request within 200 ms. It’s called time to the first byte, and it is used as a metrics to analyze the performance and responsiveness of a website.

Unfortunately, most of the Shopify themes aren’t optimized for speed or performance. Most of them utilize heavy graphics and JavaScript to offer beautiful animations and sliders and whatnot. The question is who is going to look at those animations when you aren’t able to generate any organic traffic to your site.

With conversion Shopify theme, you don’t have to worry about websites performance as it comes with optimized codes and graphics, which helps to improve your store’s speed significantly.

In my test, my stores speed improved by approximately 49% by just installing this template. I didn’t do any sort of optimization on my images or featured banners. Everything was the same; the only difference was that I removed my free template and installed the conversion theme.

Customer service and updates

Everything seems so great about this template but what about its customer service and product-related updates.

Once you subscribe to conversion, you are entitled to lifetime free updates along with one-year dedicated customer support via members-only forum and email. Furthermore, you get detailed knowledge base where you will find the answer to almost every single question on this theme, from design-related customizations to advance settings.

Konversion Theme Pricing

It’s probably one of the costliest Shopify themes you will find on the Internet. Its single license costs $197 and gives you the license to install it on one single store. Although you get free lifetime free updates, customer service reduces add $97 per year.

As for the return policy, you have 15 days to claim it.

Other subscription option includes three site licenses at the cost of $394, which I personally feel is a perfect choice for those individuals who love to diversify their business portfolio. One of the most significant advantages with this subscription plan is that for just $65.66, you can use this theme on one more site.

Personal Experience With Konversion Theme

My personal experience with this template has been nothing less than impressive. Just up installing it my store had significant improvement in exploding time, it looked terrific both on backstop and smartphones. I have not done any thorough testing with conversion rate with this theme.

As a marketer, what else can I expect from a theme?

It has everything you will ever need to establish an e-commerce brand on the Internet.

Konversion Theme Final Verdict

This theme will cost you $197 and $97 every year for customer support. I know it’s a lot of money, but it’s a one-time investment for your online business. Your business with your dedication and hard work can give you 5 to 6 figures in revenue annually. Obviously, you are not making that amount right now, but investing in a product that will help to further improve your stores is a performance, not a bad investment.

You can also checkout my top 13 best converting shopify themes article which lists all the best themes out there today.

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