Lasso Review: WordPress Affiliate Marketing Monetization Tool (2021)

Find out if Lasso WordPress Affiliate Marketing Monetization Tool is Worth It or Not Below!

Lasso Review

When you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve the ways you can add links to your WordPress website and manage them too. One of the few ways to increase your income from this website is by improving the click-through rate of your links which depends on how well you manage them. Therefore, you need a link management plugin on your WordPress site for the same. One of the most popular plugin tools on the market is Lasso and it can help you monetize more from your affiliate links.

If you wish to get Lasso plugin for your website, this article contains a detailed review of the tool to help you make your decision.

Why your affiliate linking website needs a plugin?

Links are some of the most profitable ways to earn money on an affiliate marketing website. However, it can get extremely difficult to set up these links and more so, manage them. The worst part about setting up these links is that if you have just started the marketing on your website, you will have to go through numerous old articles and add links in each one of them. For some websites, this number can be as high as 100.

Most of the users just need a tool that can help them through the process of creating, managing and putting up these affiliate links in an easy, quick and automated manner on their website. Thus, you will be able to monetize these links as soon as possible and increase your income through them.

A good affiliate marketing tool has the following features :

  • It helps you save time and effort by managing all of your affiliate links and updating them in one go.
  • The tool will help you find new ways to monetize by finding links through which you can earn more commissions.
  • It will also increase the number of clicks on your affiliate links, helping you earn more referrals and commissions.

If you’re an expert in affiliate marketing, you might not need a plugin for this process as do it on a daily basis. However, a plugin like Lasso can make this process a lot quicker by handling everything from a central interface. A plugin can help you a lot if you’re a beginner at affiliate marketing.

Lasso is quite a powerful tool compared to plugins like Prettylinks. It is easy to use and can handle everything in just one place, making it easier for beginners to understand the process.

What is Lasso?

Lasso is an all-rounder plugin that helps with the optimization and management of affiliate links on a WordPress website. Lasso comes with several tools that can help with the creation, management and rolling out of all of your affiliate links through a central interface.

Lasso achieves this by building an inventory that contains all of your link databases. The tool also scans your website for new opportunities and links and sets those up too. However, the main objective of Lasso is to increase the click-through rates on your website so that you can earn a lot more money through the links. 

Lasso comes with 4 main features:

  • Manage every link: It goes through all the links on your website and saves them in one location. The central interface helps update the database without going through every article.
  • Find New opportunities: It scans your website for new affiliate link opportunities and finds links that haven’t been monetized. It turns them all into affiliate links with a single click.
  • Increase clicks: It makes the display of your monetizing links better by using ornate boxes and grids in order to increase the click-through rates.
  • Measure what’s working: Track the work of all the affiliate links on the website regularly to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Not only does Lasso help you boost your revenue on the site, but it also saves you time and effort.

Steps to setup Lasso on your site

First, you need to sign up for Lasso, download the plugin and install it. After that, you will need to activate the plugin for your WordPress website. Once you have done this, you will be taken through a four-step installation process to set up the software and run it on your affiliate marketing website.

A Lasso drop-down menu would appear on your WordPress site in the panel on the left. Once you’ve clicked on the menu, you will see a pop-up box asking for the authentication key. You must’ve gotten this key while signing up for the plugin. All you have to do now is paste it in the pop-up field of your website’s dashboard.

After this, you need to enter your tracking ID for Amazon Associates and integrate your account with your WordPress site. You will then be able to import all the links that you have from any existing plugins (for example, Prettylinks). After you’ve imported the links, you can round them up and create your database for Lasso. This will complete the installation of the Lasso plugin and allow you to access the central interface to manage your links.

Lasso also offers a free trial of 14 days in which you can explore all the features of the plugin. If you don’t wish to continue using Lasso after that, you won’t be charged. The best part about the trial period is that the links Lasso will update during this time will continue to stay in your database and help your business. You can then manage them by yourself too.

Benefits of Lasso for your WordPress site

  • Affiliate linking made easy: Lasso can build a database of every link available on your website with just a couple of clicks. It can create, roll out and manage these links without writing any code, at just a click of a button.
  • More commission: Lasso’s feature of instantly turning the unused links into monetizing ones and using product display boxes to make the links more presentable can get you more click through rates. The ability to see the actual product and some of its information is a driving factor for many consumers to click on the link and see the product. Therefore, it can result in much higher commissions for you. Since Lasso automates the whole process, you also end up saving a lot of time. You can spend this time adding more content and thus, getting more earnings.
  • Ease of use: The one thing that sets Lasso apart from the competition is its ease of use. The plugin is easy to install, setup and easy to use as well. Everything in the plugin is handled with a central interface and each of the tools only requires a couple of clicks to work.
  • Free trial: Lasso offers a trial period of 14 days where you can explore all of its functionality and improve the existing links on your website. If you decide to get the license of the product after the trial period, you can use it for up to 10 WordPress sites. This way, you will boost your commission by ten times and spend the money only once.

Is Lasso better than the other tools in the market?

Some of the most popular affiliate marketing plugins in the market are ThirstyAffiliates and PrettyLinks. Though both the tools are great, they lack a bunch of functionality the Lasso offers.

Most of the available plugins in the market don’t provide the product display tools as Lasso does. Apart from that, these tools make the basic functionalities available free of cost but charge for the upgrades. On the other hand, you can try out Lasso for 14 days and then license the same plugin for 10 websites.

The other plugins also aren’t completely automated. You won’t be able to conduct mass-update of the links across websites through them, neither will you be able to edit the old articles at once. On the other hand, Lasso can handle all of this with a single click.

Therefore, Lasso has a lot to offer that other affiliate marketing plugins don’t at the moment and is thus, one of the best you will ever get for your WordPress website.


If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s finding it difficult to manage the current set of links on your website, you can give Lasso a try. Even in the trial period, the tool will help you update all of your old links that aren’t making any money and add product display to the ones that are doing well. If you end up liking it after the trial period, you can license the product.