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There is nothing like the first impression to catch your future client’s attention. Even more so, that first look can be the only chance you will ever have to get them interested in the product or service you want to offer.

People judge by the cover all the time, especially when they are looking for something that connects with them the moment they look at it. This fact is true for your appearance, the front of your store, and of course, on the landing page of your web page.

The Top Reasons You Will Love LeadPages

How can you make an attractive, original, eye-catching landing page? Let’s talk about LeadPages.

What Is LeadPages?

LeadPages is one of the most popular online tools to generate website conversion and subscribers. It was conceived as a way to increase email subscribers.

However, the website offers much more than that. You can create virtually everything, from lead magnets to landing pages and sales pages.

It works through templates, so all you need to do is adapt them to your wishes. The idea is to make your processes as efficient and intuitive as possible.

It’s worth noting that LeadPages is often confused with other tools. Mailchimp or Convertkit are names that tend to appear along with LeadPages. Many people believe the services to offer the same functions.

However, while LeadPages does relate to them, the focus is different. Services like Mailchimp let you send regular emails to your subscribers, but LeadPages focuses on getting those subscribers. You can use LeadPages to gain subscribers and others for communication.

You may wonder what’s the point of LeadPages in that case. Well, the platform specialises in increasing conversion. You can rest assured you won’t get the same results using other services.

Not only that, but you also have the templates. Your job becomes notably more comfortable when you needn’t design the pages from scratch.

The Good

There are enough reasons for LeadPages to be as beloved as it is. The advantages it offers are hard to find, especially in a single package.

Read below the best features from LeadPages.


As mentioned, LeadPages works through customizable templates. You’re free from having to design anything from scratch; all you have to do is adapt each model to your style.

Therefore, the learning curve isn’t as high as with other tools. You can set up your pages in minutes without having any knowledge of programming.

The platform is excellent for beginners. Anyone with any degree of experience can utilise LeadPages to high potential.


Having templates ready to be customized is more than just “easy”. It helps you save a significant amount of time.

Imagine how long you would need to wait before creating your website. You’d have to learn coding, or how to use one of the more complicated tools. It could take anywhere from a week to a month or more!

Now, imagine having to create everything from scratch. It only adds more time to what you already spent studying.

Using templates lets you have faster results with better quality. Remember that time is money!

Attractive Templates

LeadPages has helped create hundreds of successful websites. The templates it offers are already tested, and their effectiveness has been proven.

The templates offer brilliant designs. They can adapt to any style you want, and their attractiveness remains the same.

Now, compare having that guarantee with counting on designs you haven’t tried yet. If you decide to design the website yourself, you’re running the risk of producing stale pages.

On the other hand, hiring a web designer to do it for you means extra expenses. Why would you spend more if you already have excellent designs waiting to be used?

Sorting and Classifying

All successful entrepreneurs have a taste for organizing things. LeadPages is great for that, for it lets you sort your pages by conversion.

Nevertheless, it helps with more than that. You can use the function to evaluate your pages on their conversion rate. You can use this information to optimize those pages that may be failing you.

You can find successful designs in minutes and keep them in mind for the future.


One of the favorite features of LeadPages is how you can integrate it with other platforms.

If you want exposure, you can use it to build Facebook ads. You can have your content target the right audience; LeadPages gives you targeting tools for that purpose.

As if that weren’t enough, you can use it with a plethora of other tools like Aweber, GetResponse, Twitter, PayPal, and even WordPress!


Integration often translates to versatility, and this is the case with LeadPages.

You can use the platform for diverse purposes.

You can use it to send content upgrades to your customers or build sales pages. It’s optimal for creating effective ads in marketing campaigns. You can even use it to stream webinars!

The Bad

Nothing is perfect, and LeadPages isn’t the exception. With many similar and innovative platforms, this one tends to feel outdated.

Find below the other side of the coin you should consider.

Template Flexibility

The templates are amazing; that’s usually a fact, yet they’re virtually all you have.

You can customize the templates and adapt them to your style. That’s a great feature, but you still lack room for creativity.

You can’t make significant modifications to them. They always feel like a template; you’re usually under the risk of not liking the result.

The good part is that it can take a long time before you feel like the templates are holding you back, but they’ll inevitably begin to look stale after a while.

Style Limitations

The main consequence of being inflexible regarding design is that your style suffers.

The main idea of having a business brand is to give it character. You want each store to look different from the rest; that’s how you make customers notice you over your competition.

With templates that lack enough customization features, you’ll find a substantial likelihood that your site will look like the rest.

You end up with designs that hundreds of others have used already. That always ends with your business fading among the others.

Bugs and Flaws

You’ll run into a bug at least once while building your site with LeadPages. It’s only natural when the tool you’re using is one of the pioneers of its class.

However, some may find the number of flaws unacceptable. It’s hard to find a tool within it that won’t ever fail you.

Sure, most platforms have bugs in them, but either they’re more noticeable in LeadPages, or it has more than the rest. This issue becomes even more pronounced once you compare this system to the others in the market.


The price isn’t an issue by itself. You can find that the costs are average when compared with other tools on the market, and they’re not unaffordable.

The issue lies in what you get for the money you’re investing.

The lowest price won’t offer too much. You can use it to good results, but it lacks the features that set LeadPages apart.

It remains the same for the rest of the plans. They’re easy on your wallet, and the price isn’t too bad as well, but you can do better. It gets even more apparent once you see whichever other tools offer.

User Experience

The interface is highly intuitive, and the platform is not hard to use at all. Notwithstanding, its responsiveness can leave a lot to be desired.

Even more so, when you add that to all the previous issues, it gets worse.

It won’t happen to anyone. I’d even say it won’t happen to most people, but there’s still a group that may dread the platform over all of these issues.

Even if you love the platform, you’re going to get frustrated at least every once in a while.



Leadlinks is a quick and easy way to boost conversion rate.  They work by letting you send special links on your emails.

Once a reader clicks on the link, the conversion occurs immediately. A good example is using leadlinks to get people to sign up for a waitlist; once anyone clicks on it, they sign up automatically.

That’s a great way to get people to convert: by providing them with an instant way to do so. They’ll be glad to skip filling forms.


This function lets you use text messages to acquire emails. If someone texts a 5-digit number, you can have the platform reply to it, asking for their email.

It’s an incredibly efficient way to gain emails. You can add a banner advising people to text your phone number to sign up for whatever product you’re offering.

You can use it to boost sales and increase your list of emails at the same time. The best part is that you skip annoying pop-ups and similar strategies.


This function gives you op-tin forms, including CTAs, or Call To Actions.

LeadPages lets you create Leadboxes that visitors can trigger with one click. Another option is using them for opt-in setup on emails.

Again, they lower the number of required steps to reach the conversion. It makes it easier for users to do what you want them to do.

There’s only one issue with Leadboxes.

While they’re not hard to create, they don’t offer much variety. While you can adapt Leadboxes a bit, each will end up looking similar to the rest.

Double Editor

LeadPages offers two different approaches to editing. You have the standard editor and one with drag-and-drop functionality.

The standard editor used to be the only one available. LeadPages started to offer the second editor in 2016.

The standard editor is better for quick and small modifications to your pages. It’s the least flexible editor, for you can’t change elements of the template. You can only alter what’s already there.

On the other hand, the drag-and-drop editor lets you move the elements on the template. You can also add widgets to it.

Among the added functions, we also can include icons, create and duplicate sections, and even move widgets inside the template.

You can practically overhaul the templates with the drag-and-drop editor.

A/B Testing

This feature is one of the most important ones with tools like LeadPages; after all, your objective is to maximize your conversions.

Split-testing with LeadPages isn’t too different from other tools. You can display two versions of the same page. Then, you can sit and see which page gains more clicks.

It’s important to note that A/B testing has two limitations.

First, it’s only available in the standard editor. If you’re using the drag-and-drop function, you can’t use this function.

Second, split-testing isn’t available for the cheapest LeadPage subscription. You’ll have to purchase the Pro or Advanced plans for it.

Premium Templates

If you’re worried about your site looking like the others, this feature may help. While LeadPages comes with free templates, you can access premium ones as well.

You can buy premium templates for a better design and rarity. They’re great because they offer more than rarity only.

The premium templates offer a better design. It far surpasses the free ones, and usually provide better conversion rates.

Now, add in the customization features. You can guarantee that your pages will stand out from the rest. With over 40,000 people using the same basic templates, this is an effortless edge.

Template Sorting

This feature lets you sort your landing pages according to their conversion rate. It’s invaluable if you want to pick the most successful templates.

The best part is that the results are viable; there are over 40,000 LeadPages users, and the company exists since 2012.

What you do need to keep in mind is that it doesn’t include the exact conversion rate. Another important detail is that templates are customizable. Each user adapts the templates; if your images and copywriting doesn’t match theirs, your results probably won’t be the same.


This function is excellent for those running e-commerce websites. You can add checkouts to landing pages using LeadPages. If that’s not enough, then how about being able to place checkouts on pop-ups?

Again, this option lets you offer your clients faster purchases. You can show your hottest products to customers so they can get them instantly. It saves them the hassle of having to look for them or waiting for redirections.

Facebook Sinergy

LeadPages offers a unique approach to integrating with Facebook. You can have it use your landing page content to create an advertising message.

Another useful feature is the targeting tools. They let you aim your ads better. By doing so, you ensure that you’ll reach your target audience; you guarantee quality over quantity.

Lastly, pixel placement is automatic. Once again, LeadPages saves you the hassle of having to know about coding.

WordPress Integration

LeadPages also offers a plugin for WordPress. You can use it to set up both pop-ups and landing pages from your admin console.

A good use for it is for classifying landing pages as standard ones from WordPress. You can even give it an URL.

Another interesting approach is to turn landing pages into home pages. You can also set up time delays and other functions to your pop-ups using the WordPress back end.

Integration With Tools

There are a plethora of different tools that can prove invaluable for your business. One of the best parts of LeadPages is its high number of available integrations.

First, you can use it with Zapier. It would let you integrate with over 1,000 other apps. You can have everything you need only using that tool.

However, LeadPages is also compatible with other great tools. Among them, you can find Aweber, PayPal, LinkedIn, Google AdWords and Analyrics, and more!


LeadPages charges you monthly fees for its services. It offers three service levels, each one for a different price.

First, you have the Standard plan. This one’s costs you $37, $25, or $17 per month if you pay monthly, annually, or every two years (respectively).

The second one is the Pro plan. It includes A/B testing. If you pay monthly, it costs $67 a month. If you pay annually, each month costs $48. If you pay every two years, each month costs $42.

Lastly, we have the Advanced plan. You get to import templates and integrate SalesForce and HubSpot (besides all features from previous plans). You can only pay annually or every two years; it’ll cost you $199 or $159 respectively.

Try out LeadPages Free Trial Here

Ease Of Use

As already stated, LeadPages is one of the most straightforward tools in the market.

Both editors are easy to learn. You won’t need to spend too much time learning the platform.

The detail lies in its responsiveness and bugs. The platform is effortless to learn, but the many issues that can spring up while you use it can give you a tough time.

The drag-and-drop editor also requires a lot of patience. The lack of A/B testing with the same editor also makes it harder to optimize your pages.


Customer support is available for everyone, but it prioritizes users with more advanced plans. These last users have access to direct calls to the support team and virtual workshops.

Users who have purchased the standard plan have the chat support available only. It’s available on weekdays during office hours (Central time). Another choice is opening a support ticket.

Final Verdict

Now, you do have some competitors to the platform, but if you are looking to create lead pages that convert, you should look no further.

LeadPages is one of the most prominent tools in the market. If you want to grow your email subscribers list, it’s one of your best choices.

The issue lies in its functionality when compared to other, more modern platforms. While it manages to be relevant today, you can use platforms with more features.

Another issue is the bugs that can show up now and then.

However, the tool remains favored among online entrepreneurs, so you can still exploit it to good results.

The best tip is to test it through the two-week trial before making any choices.

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