Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate – Ultimate Comparison (2021)

Find out which is better Legendary Marketer or Wealthy Affiliate Below!


The affiliate marketing world is exciting and interesting. Being an affiliate marketer is increasingly popular as people move away from mundane 9 to 5 everyday jobs. If you are familiar with the affiliate marketing world, then you would be familiar with programs like Legendary Marketer or Wealthy Affiliate. Both of these programs offer beginners the building blocks and training to succeed as affiliate marketers.

But with so many similar courses on the market, today we will look at the two programs alongside each other so that you can compare which one is more suitable for what you want to achieve in your new business.

What we will explore today is everything that is included in the two courses, how much they cost, what other tools you will have access to, and who these courses are suitable for. The internet is a vast place so you will find similar reviews online. You can use all these resources to do your research and find the perfect affiliate marketing course to kickstart your business.

Things to consider while searching for affiliate marketing programs

Deciding which affiliate marketing program to sign up for is a big decision as the wrong decision can set your business back. If you make the right decision, then you will be equipped with all the skills and information to succeed in your industry.

If you make the wrong decision, however, it might set you back in terms of cost and time it will take for your business to launch. Some people also claim to learn solely from watching YouTube videos. Although this is also an option, the information you will get might not be comprehensive enough to teach you everything. If you are someone who is just looking for a quick way to make money, affiliate marketing is not for you.

Affiliate marketing can be a business with high returns, but it will take some time to build your business. Most people also take up eCommerce businesses expecting that they do not have to pay any upfront costs. That is not true, however, as your business will need some start-up costs.

The good thing is that start-up costs will be minimal. Then, some people also expect to do less work as they expect their businesses to run by themselves. This mindset is wrong, and your business will not be able to run by itself until you have successfully built your site’s traffic. To thrive in the affiliate marketing industry, you need to be a go-getter, problem-solver, and an all-rounder.

Legendary Marketer

Through Legendary Marketer, you can build an online business in several ways such as ads and funnels, webinars, consultancies, or just your usual affiliate marketing strategies. It is a platform in itself. To access the platform, you need to take a business challenge or an eBook as an inexpensive investment into the affiliate marketing world.

The entire platform and training program has been compiled by a man called David Sharpe, a former MLM business man who fell out with his MLM business partners. However, he began his own platform, building his new circle of business partners.

Why should you join the Legendary Marketer?

The difference between Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate is the myriad of products that they offer and their various pricing options. Whereas with Wealthy Affiliate, they are only selling one product. With Legendary Marketer, you get the following benefits:

Business Builder Challenge

Upon signing up, you will get the Affiliate Domination eBook and Business Builder Challenge, which are low-cost investments that will help you learn the building blocks of affiliate marketing. What you will learn includes understanding niches, funnels, automated email responders, and also information on selling products and promoting them. You get 15 days of videos and access to a ‘business guru’ so you will have someone to discuss business.

Marketers Club

This part of Legendary marketers seems the most alike to Wealthy Affiliate. The difference is, however, that for Legendary Marketer, you pay to get continuous access to training, which includes live training from experienced affiliate marketers and everyone else in the community. For Wealthy Affiliates, the program stresses more on training from members in their community.

Once in the Marketer Club of Legendary Marketers, you will find different pieces of training and interviews from different people. One of the many benefits of the Marketers Clubs is that it is cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate at $30 per month, which is around $20 cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate. It does, however, lack in the add-ons department.

Omni Branding Formyoula

This formula will teach you on being omnipresent so that you spend lesser time creating a bunch of content for various platforms.

Traffic Rolodex

The Traffic Rolodex is your guide to building traffic to your blog, website, or YouTube channel. Basically, if you have any online site and you want to build traffic, the Traffic Rolodex will teach you how to do it. You will get eight mini-guides and learn how to generate traffic in a step by step guides such as using the power of social media to get exposure.


The Blueprints of the Legendary Marketer course is mainly why most people sign up for the program. Four Blueprints will take you from launching your consulting business, launching products, webinars, and events, and lastly, affiliate marketing. However, what repels people is the price of each Blueprint, which begins at $2,500. Yes, this is a hefty price tag, but apparently, it values much more as these blueprints contain complete guides on essential topics. For example, you get Facebook lives and also one on one sessions.

How much does Legendary Marketer cost?

You will need to pay a one-off cost of $7 upon signing up to Legendary Marketer, and then subsequently, it is a $30 a month subscription to their Marketer Club. The Marketer Club is the program’s section that is most like the Wealthy Affiliate program. If you choose to pay for everything upfront all at once, it will cost you $2,500. Yes, that is a high price, but it means you won’t have to make any more monthly payments.

Advantages of Legendary Marketer

One of the main advantages for the Legendary Marketer is that the entry cost is low, at $7. By signing up, you can already build a high functioning funnel where you can run ads and begin promoting your business. As for the $30 a month Marketer Club, you will get updated content every month, which is a low cost if you consider the benefits, which include training, and the latest news and strategies that work. Through their affiliate program, you can earn commissions of up to $15,000 depending on what products you decide to sell. Overall, the program will equip you with a bunch of skillset and information to succeed in the business.

Disadvantages of Legendary Marketer

Going through Legendary Marketer, you will feel like you are going through a sales funnel. First, they try and get you by offering low cost products, and then as you go through the funnel, they upsell more high ticket products in hopes that you will sign up. Then, the training guides at the beginning of the program also only offer solutions for one single form of traffic. Although this method of traffic works to see commissions quickly, it might not work for everyone, however. Only as you progress through the course to higher ticket items, then you will get to learn other traffic strategies.

Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program is well known if you have been in the affiliate marketing industry for a while now. You have probably seen dozens of reviews on the program, or anyone using it as a comparison. Nevertheless, today we will go through the program and compare it with the Legendary Marketer program to help you decide which plan is more suitable for your type of business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform for anyone who wants to be part of a community and to learn about the business. The Wealthy Affiliate program comes in two tiers, and you can opt for the free program first, and then upgrade to their paid membership anytime you feel like you are ready to commit.

What do you get with the Wealthy Affiliate program?

Let us break down the two types of Wealthy Affiliate memberships:

Free Membership

By offering free membership, prospective members get to have a feel of the program and then decide themselves to upgrade when they are ready. It is a smart way to get people to fall in love with the program and sign up. With the free membership itself, you can host 2 WordPress websites, which usually values at $8. Then, you also get access to ten training tutorial videos where you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing, which includes setting up a website and finding a niche.

Paid Membership

With the paid membership, members can host from two to ten websites, and get access to more training videos and also the affiliate marketing community itself. The Wealthy Affiliate program is all focused on building content for blogs and websites to earn commission using SEO strategies. You will learn to generate income through commissions from Amazon niche sites and even MMO authority sites and everything else in between. Some training also includes Adwords or Youtube. With the paid membership, you will also get access to their keyword research tool but with a limited number of searches per day. Then, you will also get access to another tool called Jaaxy.

How much does it cost to sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate program?

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for $49 a month. You can also pay another extra $49 if you require full access to the keyword research tool; however, in my opinion, you can get other better tools for cheaper.

Advantages of Wealthy Affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a bunch of content every month. Then, you also get to host as many websites as you want, and in the meantime, you also get a full training program to help you through your journey. Although some of the training material might be outdated, they do consist of useful information and regular updates from the community. The main selling point for Wealthy Affiliates is their community.

Especially for beginners, it is always good to make as many connections as possible. Joining Wealthy Affiliate’s esteemed community will not only make you feel welcome, but you will have the help and resources in case you encounter any roadblocks along the way. As a free member, you will also get access to the affiliate program, but your commissions will be limited to only $11 a month, as opposed to $23 a month for paying members. This amount is low, but if you think about it, you are not paying anything to earn this commission.

Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate

One of the disadvantages of the program is that once you are a paying member, there is no way to downgrade into a free account. There is no such thing as going back if you decide you just want access to either the affiliate program or hosting. You can only cancel your account and get access to nothing, or pay $49 just to stay on the affiliate program. Besides this, Wealthy Affiliate also lacks in some departments. After all, not every program on the market is perfect. Several improvements that Wealthy Affiliate needs include a better section on email marketing strategy. The course does touch on this briefly, but it lacks depth.

Email marketing is a vital marketing strategy, and therefore beginners should learn it comprehensively. Then, the course also does not touch on backlinking strategy, which is another smart way to get organic traffic for your site. Lastly, Wealthy Affiliate seems to promote negative marketing, which is not such a friendly way of getting publicity. The community encourages members to provide good reviews to drive the course continually. However, what happens is that members end up writing negative reviews for competitors’ products, creating a one-sided flurry of reviews online that might not be truthful for beginners to follow.

Final Words

Here you go, two excellent affiliate marketing programs on the market that you are probably deciding on which to embark on as your guide to the affiliate marketing business.

As you can tell, these two platforms offer different solutions, so whichever might be suitable for you depends on what you want to achieve. Therefore, I would not say that one platform is better than the other, as it boils down to your business and personal preference. And with reviews like these, you have enough resources to make the right decision.

Both of these programs have their pros and cons. For example, if proper training is what you are looking for, Legendary Marketer should be your pick due to the variety of products they offer and also their more hands-on approach in guiding you throughout the journey. If a good affiliate program is what you are looking for, then Wealthy Affiliate’s low entry barrier might be an excellent opportunity for your business. Wealthy Affiliate also comes with ten videos and two free WordPress hosting and many more bonuses that will help drive your business and increase commissions.

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