Legit Survey Sites Make 500 a month or more from home (2021)

Find out Legit Survey Sites Make 500 a month or more from home Below!

Legit Survey Sites Make 500 a month or more from home

Answering online surveys is a great way to earn some extra money as it doesn’t require any particular skill.

All you have to do is sign up, answer a questionnaire about yourself, and start giving your honest opinions! The survey questions are so easy that you can do it while watching TV or even when you’re just chilling. There is also no limit on how much you can do. As long as there are surveys available, you can do as many as you like, or as little.

Most of these sites will send you email notifications for new surveys, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Most of these sites are free, but the way they reward users may vary.

Some reward users in the form of gift cards or vouchers, but mostly in the form of cash via PayPal.

With so many websites out there, its hard to tell the legitimate ones from the fraudulent ones.

Therefore, in this article, I will share an extensive list of 30 reliable websites and their benefits to help you figure out which ones to sign up.

Some sites only have few surveys a day, so here’s a tip to maximize your profits, sign up for a few websites, and start earning!

Some of these sites are also limited to the US, but there are also several international sites on this list.

Happy surveying!

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the more websites in this niche as it gives you all sorts of ways to earn some extra money. You won’t just be answering surveys, but also get paid to watch videos, complete free trial offers, take polls, online shopping, and other small tasks!


  • Swagbucks is one of the more popular rewards sites online
  • Perfect if you’re bored of just answering surveys
  • Get extra income by just watching online videos
  • Higher paying surveys payout from $10 per hour
  • Referral program lets you earn 10% of your friend’s making for life

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to earn up to $18 per hour if you choose the higher paid surveys. The only disadvantage is that unlike all the other websites, Survey Junkie doesn’t have a signup bonus. You can still earn a lot, though!


  • Earn up to $18 an hour by doing higher paid surveys
  • Reputable survey website
  • You will be informed of the details of each survey, so you will know how much they payout is and how long it will take to finish
  • Lots of surveys to choose from and they regularly update their site to make it better
  • Customer support is helpful

3. Ipsos i-Say

You don’t earn much with Ipsos unless you work hard and do a lot of surveys as they don’t pay much per survey. But they make up in quantity as you will never run out of surveys to answer. This means that you will never run out of chances to earn money!


  • Ipsos rewards users for answering as many surveys possible by entering you into a random drawing each time you complete a survey
  • Possibility to earn between $8 to $10 an hour
  • Get points by completing more surveys
  • Never run out of surveys to answer

4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the older survey websites on the scene. Each survey pays out at least $3 and takes between 10 to 15 minutes to finish. Their website is reliable, and you can typically earn between $12 to $18 an hour.


  • If you’re only in it for the money, then Pinecone Research is for you as they only have cash rewards
  • You get paid $3 per survey, which is a lot when compared to the other websites
  • With never-ending surveys, you will have constant opportunities to earn
  • The surveys you get are more exciting and fun to answer

5. Toluna Opinions

Toluna is also one of the more popular survey websites on the market. This is because they pay between $1 to $5 for each completed survey, and they also have an international reach of users.


  • Get paid between $1 to $5 to do surveys
  • You also get a $2 registration bonus for completing your first survey
  • Payments by Toluna are made immediately, and you don’t have to accumulate a certain amount

6. PointClub

PointClub lets you cash out as soon as you’ve collected $25, which is minimal compared to the other sites. You get a $5 sign up bonus, and you can earn between $7 to $15 per hour from doing several surveys.


  • Get a $5 bonus for just signing up
  • Legitimate and reliable survey site
  • You can easily earn up to $15 per hour
  • Cash-out as soon as you make your first $25
  • Reward options include both PayPal and gift cards

7. Shoptrackers

Shoptrackers is an app that you can download and let the passive income roll in. There is an initial survey that you need to take upon signing up, and after that, you can earn money as long as you have the app installed.


  • Get a registration bonus of $3 via a visa gift card
  • The survey you need to fill out has only three questions, and after that, you can make passive income
  • You can earn up to $36 per year just by having the app installed
  • Part of the Harris Poll Online Survey company so you know its legitimate

8. Vindale Research

Vindale is one of the higher paying websites, as they can pay up to $75 depending on the survey. Although the higher-paying surveys are rare, they do exist. Nonetheless, you can still earn a decent amount between $10 to $12 per hour.


  • Loads of surveys for you to complete that ranges from low to high paying ones
  • You don’t need to accumulate a certain amount to cash out as they only have 1 payout each month
  • Rewards only with cash
  • Vindale pays a lot for referrals, up to $5 for each new referral
  • You can earn between $10 to $12 per hour
  • Offers higher-paying surveys that pay $75

9. iSurvey World

At iSurvey World, you get to choose the type of surveys you want to take. This is good as it means you won’t be getting surveys that you have no interest in. You also will know the time it takes for each survey, so if you only have 5 minutes, you can just answer a five-minute survey and be done for the day.


  • Get between $8 to $10 an hour if you only choose the higher-paying surveys
  • Filter out surveys you want to take and leave the uninteresting ones
  • Simple and straightforward signup
  • Occasionally, you will get even higher-paying surveys for a chance to earn extra

10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is kind of like the Swagbucks as mentioned above because they give you a bunch of opportunities to earn, other than taking online surveys. You can also earn by taking polls, playing games, online shopping, watching videos, and many more. Simply sign up, and you’ll also get a $5 bonus just for that!


  • Opportunity to earn by doing a bunch of other stuff and not just via online surveys. This can be refreshing, especially if you’ve signed up for several survey websites.
  • Rewards users via gift cards or PayPal
  • You can earn between $5 to $10 just by doing surveys alone

11. Panda Research

No, you won’t be researching Pandas, unfortunately. Instead, Panda Research also offers a bunch of ways for people to earn money. Get a $3 bonus just for signing up today!


  • $3 bonus for referrals
  • Earn not just by answering surveys but also reading emails and clipping or using coupons

12. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is an up and coming site as they are gaining more notoriety for being easy to use and offer high payouts. Completing tasks on PrizeRebel can earn you a $10 per hour.


  • 10% bonus for life just for referring friends
  • Do a bunch of tasks to earn money including answering surveys
  • Pays higher compared to other sites

13. MySurvey

If you have limited time for answering surveys but still want to get more money, then MySurvey is for you. They pay $5 per even for answering short surveys! There are also lower paying surveys for you to answer as you wish. You can earn between $8 to $10 an hour from this site.


  • Get details of the survey beforehand so you can decide if you want to do it
  • Earn between $8 to $10 per hour
  • Get a $2 bonus just for registering
  • Rewards users via charity donations, gift cards, or PayPal deposits

14. Global Test Market

Global Test Market has recently changed their name to LifePoints, and they operate globally, in 49 different countries. They have an unending list of surveys for you to do, and you can earn from $10 an hour. However, the number of lower-paying surveys on their site is more than the high paying ones. But you can still make $10 to $20 every month. I use LifePoints when I have some extra downtime, and it’s excellent! The payout is on time, and I also like to use their vouchers.


  • Global reach means that people from a lot of countries have access
  • You can cash out as soon as you’ve accumulated $10 worth of points
  • If you don’t want cash, they also have a lot of participating retailers

15. EarningStation

EarningStation is a platform for you to earn some extra money while doing tasks like online shopping, watching videos online, signing up for free trials, taking surveys, and many more. Essentially, it’s a less popular Swagbucks, but it works! You get a bonus of $10 just for signing up to 5 of their partner sites. Earn more with an excellent referral program.


  • Refer a friend and get 10% of their earnings for a lifetime
  • Get another bonus of $5 if your friend earns more than $5 the first month
  • A myriad of tasks to complete besides taking surveys so you won’t feel boring
  • Another $10 bonus for signing up on at least 5 of their partner sites

16. Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz is a little different than the other survey websites. It’s different because each user has a “Trait Score,” which you can increase by increasing the number of surveys that you take on the site. Once you have a high Trait Score, you will get paid more! They also have a great referral program as you can earn 20% of your friend’s earnings. But this is capped at $25, which is still a lot. You also don’t get a limit on how many friends you can invite.


  • Most of their surveys are quite highly paid from 50 cents to several dollars
  • Get rewards for taking a lot of surveys as they pay you more and more
  • Invite as many friends as you can, and you can earn 20% of their earnings

17. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions has been around since 2004 and have gained a good reputation on the market as they pay on time. With over 3 million members, they are also in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Each survey can earn you from $2.50, and you only need $20 to cash out your earnings.


  • Highly reputable for accurate and on-time payouts
  • Higher paying surveys
  • You only need a minimum of $20 to cash out or redeem for a gift card

18. Creations Reward

Earn by watching videos and taking surveys. Earn extra with the $5 sign up bonus too. You also get 10% of your friend’s income for referrals. Cash-out with a minimum of $5.


  • $5 bonus for signing up
  • Passive income by watching videos
  • Great referral program

19. Real Surveys That Pay

With a name like this, it’s hard to distinguish whether it’s a fake site or not. But if it’s on this list, you can bet it’s legit, and you can earn up to $100 a month! Each survey pays between $0.50 to $3 and is relatively short of answering even if you skip the low paying surveys.


  • You get to select the surveys you want to do and skip the low paying or boring ones
  • Earn up to $100 a month
  • Excellent referral system
  • Rewards users via PayPal and gift cards

20. CashCrate

CashCrate is another site where you can earn just by doing small tasks such as online shopping, watching videos, referrals, etc. They’re even giving a bonus of $1 for signing up. Their referral program is great as you get 20% of your referral’s earnings for a lifetime, and you even get an extra $3 when they get their first $10. You also get money for second-level referrals as you get 10% of their earnings.


  • Referral program lets you earn a 20% of your referral’s earnings for a lifetime
  • You can also earn 10% of your second level referrals
  • $1 bonus for signing up

21. MySoapBox

MySoapBox is one of the not so popular sites, which means you won’t get a lot of surveys to do. But their surveys pay very well so you can still earn a little here and there.


  • First time cash out is at $25 but subsequently you can cash out with even $1
  • $2 bonus for signing up
  • Interesting and engaging surveys
  • Higher paying surveys

22. Zen Surveys

Zen Surveys have surveys ranging between 10 to 15 minutes and you can earn around $3 for each of them.


  • Quite significant pay out at $3 per survey
  • Some higher paying surveys can reach up to $20

23. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll rewards you even if you don’t qualify for a survey, it’s not your fault after all. They are quite reputable and can be found in many different countries. They offer a bunch of ways to cash out. You also get an automatic entry into their occasional prize drawings.


  • Get rewarded even if you don’t qualify for the surveys
  • Optimized for mobile

24. E-Poll


  • Interesting surveys to answer as they are mostly related to current events
  • Earn between $8 to $10 an hour
  • $2 just for registering
  • Rewards via PayPal and gift cards

25. Nielsen Compute and Mobile Panel

Get paid without doing anything!


  • Rewards both with gift cards and cash
  • Just install the app on your phone and you will earn passive income

26. MyPoint

Earn by doing a bunch of small tasks including playing games, referrals, watching videos, and many more!


  • Not your average survey website
  • Earn between $8 to $10 just by doing surveys
  • Great referral program
  • Excellent for multi-tasking

27. Make Survey Money

Make Survey Money lets you earn by just clicking on ads but you can also earn more by doing surveys. You can earn between 3 to 10 cents just by clicking ads.


  • Earn just by clicking on ads
  • $1 bonus for referrals
  • $10- to $20 just by clicking on ads
  • No minimum cash out
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