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Lumen5 VS Vidnami

Video advertisements are the most compelling and most effective form of advertisement. Just ask anyone, and they will tell you they’d rather watch a 1-minute video than read a whole text-based paragraph. Video advertisements are also great for social media as it immediately captures people’s attention while scrolling their phones.

Nevertheless, video editing is not an easy task. Just the thought of going through mountains of clips and pictures to include sounds overwhelming, especially if you’re not a professional in the field. Thank God for online software like Lumen5.

Lumen5 is for people who need to produce videos daily quickly. It’s perfect for people like you and me who have no video editing experience. They’ve managed to simplify video editing by allowing you to generate videos from text through a multi-tiered web-based service.

So, they’ve simplified it by making way for businesses to convert text into video through a multi-tiered web-based service. Although, they do have some limiting factors like you’re only allowed to export videos at maximum 480p unless you subscribe to the Business tier, which supports HD. The Business tier also comes with access to the Getty image library. However, with the free plan, you will still get access to the Standard Library and some favorite themes.

This review will also highlight the different types of tiers available so that you know which one is more suitable for your needs.

How does Lumen5 work?

Here is all that you need to know to get started. It’s easy, as you would find.


To set up, you can either input the link you want to convert or paste the Content onto Lumen5 directly. The text you uploaded will appear on the left half of the webpage and slides on the right half. In Lumen5 jargon, the slides are called ‘scenes.’ You can hover your mouse over the words, and the software will suggest a scene for each text. Or, you can also let your creative juices flow and edit the final product.

Text Editing

Choose and edit texts for each scene, and you can also highlight and position texts as you wish. You can select your media for each section via the Media Libraries. You can also let Lumen5’s intuitive software to do it for you automatically. Feel free to add clips and photographs as you wish here, including any media that you’ve already used in your blog posts. You can access all of this in the Media Section. Here is also where you can trim video clips to select the parts you want, but besides that, you can’t do much in terms of photo animation except zooming in and out.


You can’t play around much with Lumen5 though, even changing the background is just copying and pasting the text into a new background. Even if the texts don’t fit in a scene, you will automatically get sub scenes with the same background for you to choose from. Nevertheless, if you’re someone who likes more editing freedom, you won’t get this with Lumen5.


The free plan limits customization only to the placement of text on scenes and highlighting texts. But if you get a paid plan, you will have the freedom to customize as you wish. I hate it when tier plans have this difference. I prefer going for single monthly payments that will give you all the functions.

Music and Effects

Although so far the free plan has certain limits, it does come with thousands of tracks for you to choose from. You can specifically search for a name, tag, and also mood into the search bar. You can also add your tracks, but you will be limited when you want to trim the track.

But if you’re not one for too much editing, you can also opt for the Instant Video tab where all you need to do is paste an RSS feed. You will get a list of potential videos that you can use. If it already detected a previous URL, the same thing will occur. Take your pick, and everything else will be taken care of for you by the software. You can still make changes if you wish. This option is mostly for entrepreneurs or business owners who just want to get the job done and produce a video fast.

But for those of you who want more editing or customizing power, the paid tiers will give you more freedom. You can even design your theme from scratch, add watermark, include text animations and scene transitions.

Additional Features

If you’re a marketing company and you have a lot of clients, repeating these steps for every video would be a pain. Thankfully, you can get brand pre-sets that will remember your settings so you can easily switch between companies. The top tier even lets you have multiple workmates work on the same video. The time it takes to render your video varies according to length. Once it’s completed, you can then either download it on your computer or upload it directly only Facebook.

Lumen5 is video editing for lazy people who still want to produce high-quality videos as its just drag and drop functions. Along with this is an extensive media library from which the intuitive text analyzer selects a relevant background for your Content.


As mentioned earlier, Lumen5 in several plans. You can always start with the free plan to get a feel of it, although what you can do with the open plan is quite limited. The paid plans, however, would give you more freedom in terms of customization.

The Starter package is $19 per month, and it’s perfect for bloggers or anyone creating social videos. The Premium package is at $49 per month and it comes with Getty and Shutterstock stock photos, font and color editing options, and higher video resolution. And the most sought after package is the Business package at $149 per month as it includes a bunch of essential tools that you would want. We’re talking about premium everything, including 160 million pictures and videos from the marketplace, 180 assets annually, and you can even upload a watermark and custom outro. This premium package also lets multiple users have access to edit the video and includes team management functionalities.

You should consider wisely which package suits your needs the most, although the Business package comes with the most features. Honestly, you can already create something pretty usable with the Starter package as long as you use high-quality pictures and videos. Nevertheless, I prefer paying a single price for all the tools I need without having to upgrade each time I need an extra tool. I find that such a nuisance.

Create Your First Video with Lumen5

Step 1: Copy and paste URL in text box written ‘Start with some text’ and click ‘OK.’

Step 2: Pick a suitable format for your video. As an example, I will pick the landscape. With the free version, you can only create a limited duration of YouTube 16:9 ratio, 

Step 3: Here is where we pick a theme, and I’ve chosen this organic colour scheme to make sense with the article.

Step 4: Customise your video content. You can search from the media library from the left panel and edit soundtracks, theme, and format. You can also edit the script, but I didn’t like this function compared to Vidnami. On the right-hand side, you can preview each scene and edit texts. You can also select the time for each scene. The other editing options are background animation, adding opacity, and manually editing the background video.

Step 5: Lastly, add a music track by clicking on ‘Select Track.’ You can filter by clicking on ‘mood.’ Preview everything, and when you’re happy, it will take some time to render depending on the length of your video.

Step 6: Click ‘Publish.’ You can either download your video or share it directly to Facebook. You’ll also get a sharable link where you can embed it anywhere you want.

Lumen5 Alternative: Vidnami

I have to be honest that my opinion might be biased as I already know of a similar video editing software that works better than Lumen5. I’ve been using this software for a while, so its benefits might sway me. Therefore, I shall also give you my honest review of this other software so you can make your own comparison. I’m talking about the software that helps you create high-quality videos even for those who aren’t familiar with video editing, Vidnami.

What exactly is Vidnami?

Similar to Lumen5, Vidnami lets you create professional videos in just a few clicks. Gone are the days of using weeks for editing, and now you can produce a video in just under an hour. You don’t even have to download the software onto your computer or laptop. Vidnami’s extensive video library and editing capabilities will leave you in awe.

What’s included with Vidnami?

With one click of a button, Vidnami goes through the script and produces professional slides with the formatted text in seconds. It also chooses the right images from its 112 million image library. Intuitive text and voice matching technology will produce an excellent video from beginning to end.

How does Vidnami work?

Vidnami is easy to use because its interface guides you through each step of creating a video. So essentially, all you need to do is follow a simple set of instructions, do a few clicks, and let Vidnami do all the work. You will mostly be using pictures, templates, and audio from its massive collection. And In the end, Vidnami will ensure a professional result that you can use for your video advertisements, etc.

How to Create a Video Using Vidnami

Step 1: Create your first video by clicking on ‘Create a New Video’

Step 2: Choose a video format – for this, we will choose ‘Video from a blog post’ and select the template with the most relevant color scheme. Click ‘Use This Template’

Step 3: Past your article here and separate each sentence on lines and Vidnami will produce separate scenes for you. Give your video a title and click ‘Create Scenes.’ Then, click ‘Edit Your Scenes.’

Step 4: Edit your scene by switching between ‘Clips’ or ‘Pictures’ on the left. Here, you can still upload pictures or clips by clicking on ‘Uploads.’ You can also drag and drop files easily. Change the text color, weight, or highlight and background color via the ‘Style’ tab. However, note that this change will appear on each scene. Text position can also be edited here. Once you’re done editing, click ‘Add Voice Track.’

Step 5: Here, you can either add music tracks or a robot voice to read out your scripts. Or, if you’re more comfortable with using your voice, you can also record and upload your own voice track. Once completed, click ‘Preview Your Video’.

Step 6: Now, for the finishing touches, you can select from Vidnami’s 125,000 music tracks, input a watermark of your brand, toggle music volume, track volume, and track speed. I personally like the ‘Voice Track Speed’ to be at 95%, or you can also ‘Manually Adjust Timing’ for each scene. Hit ‘Looks Good, Continue…’ when you’re happy with your result and click ‘Generate Your Video’ to download it onto your computer.

Why Do You Need Vidnami to Grow Your Business?

Video advertisements are the future of online marketing. None of us has the time to read mountains and mountains of text anymore, as we hurriedly scroll endless posts on Facebook and Instagram. Ask anyone today and they will they you the same thing. People would rather watch a 2 minute video than a short 1 paragraph of text. Videos are just more captivating and engaging. So, if you want to get a word across and make it stick, videos are your best option. And this is why we’ve seen such an increase in video advertisements. Even Cisco predicts that in 2022, videos will take over 82% of internet traffic.

MarketingSherpa has also found that videos are the best for nurturing leads as it drew three times more internet traffic. Hence, more and more businesses are using video advertisements to stay on top. Therefore, the creators of Vidnami understood this need, and they also understood that most business owners or entrepreneurs wouldn’t have video editing knowledge. And this is why they’ve created such a straightforward and easy-to-use platform. It helps that Vidnami has streamlined the entire process, doing all the heavy lifting. As a result, the internet is saturated with millions of videos these days that you don’t even know which one to watch first.

With Vidnami, you’re also producing videos that convey messages and get certain information across. Important information are also best presented in video format so that you capture people’s attention. If you present important information in text and paper, chances are it will just end up in the trash without even a single look. Even if your grandma who doesn’t know how to use computers want to use Vidnami to create a video, as long as she can follow instructions and do a few clicks, she will produce a video in no time.

Vidnami Pricing

Unlike Lumen5, Vidnami doesn’t come with any free plans. But honestly, the limited functions of the free Lumen5 plan doesn’t get you anywhere either so I’d rather pay if I’m getting something good. Vidnami has also renewed their pricing structure, as they used to only come with a flat $97 to use the software. But if you just want to have a taste if its right for you, their 7-day free trial should be enough for you to decide.

So far, most people choose the $47 per month plan as it gives you access to a bunch of Vidnami functionalities. But if you foresee that you’ll be using Vidnami for a longer time, you can also choose the annual payment where you pay $397 all at once. The benefit for this is you will be paying less monthly, only $33 per month.

Final Verdict

Vidnami is already pretty popular on the scene with its over 270,000 users. I say this because it has also garnered pretty rave reviews online mostly from entrepreneurs. I guess it’s because Vidnami really is as simple as it claims to be. I mean, you’re just following basic instructions, no programming or design knowledge needed. Even seasoned video editors are using it to produce professional videos due to its simplicity, yet you still can tweak around the videos.

Lumen5 on the other hand, doesn’t seem to offer the same flexibility. You can still produce videos in a flash, but it just doesn’t look as right as the videos you can create with Vidnami. I also dislike the fact that the tier pricing unlocks more features as you pay more. Whereas with Vidnami, the lowest tier can already get you everything you need.

As you can see, my great experiences using Vidnami has made me a stan until this day. I’ve been using Vidnami even before they reviewed their pricing! Yes, I paid $97 a month for my Vidnami and it was worth it. You should count your blessings that you can get it for as low as $47 a month! That’s like half the price of what I paid! And it’s also half the price of the Lumen5 unlimited plan, which you need to have the same functionalities as Vidnami.

So, if you want an easy-to-use, intuitive, all-in-one video editing software, Vidnami is the one for you. Reasonably priced at just $47 a month, you really have nothing to lose. If you’re a business and you foresee long term usage of the software, opt for the annual plan as its cheaper at $33 per month. In just a few clicks, you will have your very own professional video that you can even directly publish to your social media.

Videos are the way forward in online marketing. You need to make this change in order to come out on top of your competition.

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