Make Money Online Myth: Truth Or Myth?

Make Money Online Myth

I usually talk to people about what they do for a living; it’s one of those things you do when you start becoming an adult. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people recognize the internet as a worthwhile industry as much as other sectors like commerce, food, etc.

Compare it to 5 or 10 years ago, and you’ll see a significant difference. Way more people see the internet as a way to make serious money today.

During the first days of the internet, people just saw it as entertainment or a communication platform, and it was mostly the way it was advertised. However, others saw it as a revolution for marketing.

Skip a few years, and we got hundreds of businesses occupying an online presence to sell products even outside their installations.

The larger brands were the fastest ones to capitalize on such a large marketing platform. However, it was only a matter of time since your average Joe and Jane discovered they could take advantage of it as well.

You could offer any product or service on the internet. Building a small website let anyone offer anything, and once people realized they needed to drive traffic to their portals, paid advertising and SEO became a thing.

After a while, you could see stories everywhere talking about how you could make money with the internet.

The next big revolution came when companies realized they could increase their sales all over the world by “recruiting” salesmen over the internet. This was how affiliate marketing came to be, with companies offering commissions for people who advertised their products and services on the internet.

Clickbank was one of the largest networks born from this, and thousands flooded these sites to get in on the action.

With time, people started realizing that dropshipping was a profitable business. People actually took a while to discover it, as sites like Amazon were already doing almost the same thing for years.

With eCommerce entrepreneurship, lots of people started to leave their jobs, and the digital nomad concept started catching on.

Google made the environment both better and worse. Hundreds of businesses lost search rankings because of ill practices (like spam), and this resulted in countless people taking a large hit; however, it made it a lot safer to find reputable stores and products.

You might recall the amount of faulty links and posts from random stores pretty much everywhere until Google updated the algorithm. Things became a lot more difficult.

If we go back to present day, we’ll find that people overcame this, and the online industry became much more trustworthy; people are making even more than they did before.

It’s just that the quality standard got tighter. You now need to learn a lot about marketing and how the industry word. You can’t simply throw whatever you want on the internet and hope for people to buy into it (unless it’s memes, but even that requires attention); you now have to spend more time optimizing your website and analyzing your competitors.

Sure, there are still skeptics who cringe at the idea of the internet being a serious career, but no one can deny that making a living off the internet is a reality. In fact, with how much you need to study and understand these days, it has a lot in common with even college degrees.

If you’re now interested about making money, or you were before I even started talking, then there’s an amazing journey you can take starting today. You can check out my article here which explains which path or what business you should do: