Make Money Online Without Investment: Is it Even Possible Or Not?

Make Money Online Without Investment

Anyone today with an internet connection is either looking for or thinking about making a living online without spending too much money. Luckily, you can earn an income without having to pay for anything starting out.

Now, you need to know that zero investment doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. There’s no way to make a living without doing anything, and scammers are always looking for unaware people who want to do just that.

Sure, there are online surveys and similar schemes, but some require you to pay to learn, and none will make you more than a few dollars every hour.  There’s also a bunch of scammers selling people “buttons” and software that will generate money during their sleep.

Let me tell you: I make money while sleeping, but that’s only because I worked really hard to set up my income stream, not because of a “get rich quick” solution.

How can you do the same? Read on.

How to start making money without investing money

With scams out of the way, let’s go into the real methods for making money without initial investments. Here are three ways you can make money only investing your time.

Online freelancing

If you have skills you think you can sell to someone (say good writing, designing, programming, translating), then you have the chance of making money online without spending anything.

You can join platforms like Legiit, Fiverr, or Upwork which market services from anyone anywhere in the world. You can check them out to see if there are offers you think you can provide as well, and you have no idea what kinds of things people manage to sell online.

Every site has a different target and skill standard, but they all share similarities, so you just need to take a look and see which one adapts better to your needs.

You can sign up for free as well. You just need to create your account, list any services you can provide, wait for an order to come in, and deliver it. You don’t have to invest upfront, but all platforms charge a fee for letting you use their website; fees aren’t really a problem, either, and you can make good money from them.


You can also monetize any blog by using affiliate links and selling space for advertisements on it. Your only investment would be the time you spend building your content (and if you want to invest anything on marketing).

You can start a blog for free with platforms like Blogger or Medium. However, you need to remember you don’t really own that property since you’re not buying it, and that means it could get taken down. The risk is more significant if you overdo it with affiliate links, which would make you lose a lot of work.

The idea is to stay safe. Read the rules and policies in any site you decide to use and stick to them.

Once you made enough money, you can start your own blog for less than $100, which you can pay with your profits and not your savings!

I literally have a guide on how to start a blog you can check out here!


YouTube generates billions of views every day, and there are a lot of people taking advantage of it. Why wouldn’t you do the same? You can make good money if you manage to capture a fraction of those views.

The main path is to choose a niche you know about and provide solutions and tips for your viewers. There are millions of people constantly looking to learn how to do certain things, and if you already know, you can teach them and profit from it!

The most popular videos are usually people talking in front of the camera, but you have more options than that: you can make slideshows or animations and voice over them.

I literally have an ultimate guide on how to make money on youtube without showing your face or talking here.

How to speed-up your success

You just learned 3 methods for making money on the internet without spending a penny, but 2 of them share something in common.

Both blogging and running a YouTube channel let you promote affiliate links, and you can use that to get an extra income while you grow your presence.

Yes, you can make money on your own if your blog or YouTube channel grows a lot; you can get sponsored and sell ads space on both videos and blog posts, but affiliate marketing is something you can start doing right away.

Doing that is also investment-free. You just need to sign up to an affiliate program, copy your affiliate links, and paste them on your content to entice your audience towards getting them. Since you’re already focusing on a niche for your content, all you need is to find products that match what you’re giving your customers and offer them as solutions.

Not investing money requires hard work

As you may see, it’s completely possible to make a lot of money without spending a penny at first. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a way to get rich quick or make money effortlessly.

In fact, making money without investing anything means you have to work harder. You can train yourself with free resources online and get a free platform, but it’ll be a long way before you establish yourself and make a living.

If you’re going for blogging or YouTube, then it’ll be longer, but as long as you can be disciplined and put work into it, you can do it.

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