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Are you planning on getting Market Hero? Are you wondering if it’s the right email autoresponder for you?

Read below for a full Market Hero review to see if it’s for you or not!

How effective is your email marketing strategy? No online business can do without it today. You need a reliable service that will suit your desire – and that’s where you need to look at services like MarketHero.

With a deluge of email selling services, marketers are perpetually looking for one tool that may offer them a much-needed edge over competitors.

MarketHero was created so web marketers will have everything they need in one place, instead of having knowledge scattered across totally different applications. It offers you the flexibility to create and store email lists, track sales, learn a lot regarding web promoting, and of course, reply to emails and social media messages.

What Is MarketHero?

MarketHero is an email marketing and autoresponder tool. However, once you check out everything MarketHero includes, and what it will teach you regarding sales, advertising, and email selling, it’s truly over the average email setup tool.

This system can enable you to perceive and judge each lead you’ve got in your system. You’ll be able to segregate all the elements to study your campaigns and improve the next ones.

Like alternative email services, MarketHero gives you the chance to produce forms, send emails and build selling automation.

This wonderful tool focuses on assisting you in generating extra financial gain from your potential customers. Therefore, it bills itself as “the best automatic response within the world centered on revenue”.

The funnel business is growing. It’s becoming the standard method for building websites.

One issue to keep in mind with relation to MarketHero is that it’s mostly suited to people who are already making money online. If you’re merely beginning and you’re not creating a profit, the best you can do is to wait before investing in MarketHero.

Its usefulness grows exponentially if you wait for your business to be a little larger. This tool was the vision of Alex Becker; he’s recognised worldwide for his ideas and the success of this platform.

The Good

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. However, in this segment, we will focus on all the benefits that this software can offer you.

First off, we have that it evaluates the worth of your customer.

What does that mean?

We know that not all customers are worth the same for your business. It is possible to have some loyal customers, who are always buying your products or services. It’s as likely as having other customers who are not interested in your brand or really care that they’re getting something from you.

This software can also segment its customers, it should be noted that this is one of the most useful features offered by this software. You can sort your contacts by a variety of different factors, so you can easily create specific campaigns for each customer.

Like any entrepreneur, you probably have some doubts about where to store all information regarding your potential customers. You do not have to worry about any of this with MarketHero. They have strict data management policies.

This tool has a high-security system to avoid any data breach.

There’s another important feature in MarketHero: you can receive free training from the platform. You only have to register on the tool platform; once you have done it, you will find a wide range of different courses.

This free training could be what you need to grow your business and increase your profits. If something goes wrong, you can always get support in real-time.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to spend hours on the phone to find support and solve the problem. MarketHero offers live support; if at any time, day or night, you have problems with the software or you are not sure how to do something, you can always get help.

If you like this platform and keep it for a while, you will get more benefits (and not just because your business will be more profitable and productive). They offer gifts such as more training courses, books or even gift cards to long-standing members.

MarketHero incorporates sales funnels in the software, so you can easily set up and test different funnels.

MarketHero gives you the possibility to configure split-tests. Anyone knows that this marketing strategy has helped hundreds of businesses succeed. The split-test is an excellent way to test what works and what does not; in this way, you can find the best option to convert leads into sales.

Without a doubt, MarketHero is an excellent autoresponder; you could say that its quality is among the best. Alex Becker offers you thousands of ways to configure your emails to be successful from the beginning. If you want to have optimal results, you must take the instructions provided by MarketHero seriously; they’re there for a reason.

MarketHero is very similar to many of the automatic response programs available today, but it also has some incredible features that make a difference. In other words, it’s spiced with unique features that make it what it is.

In summary, the simple and intuitive design and the features with advanced functions offered by MarketHero can help you get more profits concerning your sales.

The interface of this software is simple and easy to use as soon as you get used to it; it does not have options as complex as to confuse you. Even for those who are starting in this world of marketing, MarketHero as an ally provides you with all the tools you need to get your business off the ground. You will have the ability to use the different functions and tools to create the correct emails for specific potential clients.

This tool has a lot of potential and benefits that may interest you.

The Bad

Although MarketHero has many benefits, it also has its weak points.

It’s a little bit complicated

The MarketHero interface is not presented in a very simple way, which may cause the person who is using this software to feel a little lost. Everything looks a bit crowded. While this is simply because it has so much to offer, it can be confusing for newcomers.

That said, thanks to advances in the world of the internet, there are hundreds of tutorial videos that can help you easily learn how to use the software as long as you have time to sit down and learn.

It’s only a matter of sitting down and getting familiarized.

The price

MarketHero becomes more expensive with the time. The more potential customers you have, the more it costs, and it can be a large monthly expense. However, if your email campaign is configured correctly, do not worry; this won’t be a problem!

Alex Becker has always openly expressed his belief that to make money online, a monetary investment must be made first.

MarketHero is supposed to be an investment. Yes, It can be expensive, but you know what the positive side is? Your growing business will help you earn more money in the long term.

Without verification

When you add new emails, there is no possibility to check your emails before sending them. Which means you’ll have to use an email verifier to clean your list before uploading it.

We can say that MarketHero has very limited automation options. It lacks forms and email templates. The trainers are very basic in addition to having some questionable errors. It does not have any website creator, and the knowledge base is still incomplete.

MarketHero It is still a young software and needs to continue correcting some faults that it has been presenting, but the creator is already catching up with the changes.

The money-back-guarantee is not as simple as it seems.

There is no problem within the 14 days free trial period, but things can get a bit complicated if you try to get your money back after acquiring a plan. If this is a concern for you, it’s recommended that you read the terms and conditions in detail and make sure you are prepared to adequately commit to putting the methods taught into practice.

The visual automation editor is incredibly easy to handle. However, there are some limitations such as limited branching, and there is not enough capacity for custom fields.

Also, while you can take action with a link click, you cannot specify what link it is if you have various links in your emails. One can run into labels that are not recognized in some parts of the tool.

The Automation Menu sometimes ends up opening on the screen. Not to mention the form templates, they can look scrambled in the preview.

Sometimes, you may find that your previously aggregated potential customers do not appear on your list until you have made some updates.

In the long run, these failures can be annoying and some can ruin the experience with this software a bit.


MarketHero has incredible features that may interest you. Here we leave you the most interesting:

Marketing automation

The automation of email marketing is the main function of tools like this, and it can help you turn your business into a serious sales machine. That is, as long as you follow the appropriate instructions

It allows you to create a series of visual steps so that—in this way—you can build your email funnel successfully. It grants you the possibility of finally applying labels and activating sequences without problems.

However, MarketHero presents a significant advantage over its competitors. You see, this tool uses product labels to determine the average value of your potential customers.

Amazing, right?

This is beneficial for you, as it helps you determine how much you can pay for a potential customer and still make a profit.

As we can see, MarketHero offers a prominent list of powerful tools when it comes to automation.

Messaging automation

MarketHero aims to let you interact with your potential customers more dynamically. That’s why it includes the option to automate messaging interactions.

What does this function mean to you?

It sends a sequence of messages over some time. It is common for people to do this action only with an email. Nevertheless, it should not be denied that the strategy of integrating Facebook’s messaging service as an additional channel is wonderful.

MarketHero allows you to handle email and Facebook transmissions in a similar way. The interfaces are also similar.

It is also necessary to consider the limitations of Facebook, and MarketHero is very direct about what these limitations are. Still, Facebook offers you the possibility of a 24-hour service with your potential customers of this social network. Integrating the two platforms is a surefire way to boost your business significantly.

Email optimization system

MarketHero offers you the possibility to perform several tests divided into commercial websites to determine how well your email marketing campaigns are going.

Email responses from email marketing campaigns are those that say whether they are reaching the main goal or not. Automatic optimization helps you send more emails to increase visits from potential customers automatically with optimal results.

Also, you can successfully track the future value of each customer on your email list and send personalized or targeted emails to potential customers.

Shopify integration

There are strategies you can use to integrate and connect Shopify with MarketHero to increase and guarantee your sales.

You can even get an email course from Shopify for free and a free trial to get started. Once you manage to connect Shopify with MarketHero, you can add and configure advanced features for the benefit of the business. In this way, you encourage it to grow successfully.

Considering all these attractive features that MarketHero has to offer, it is not too complex to analyze what MarketHero has in common with other software through marketing.

MarketHero vs. ClickFunnel

MarketHero and ClickFunnel are updated marketing tools with great automation capabilities.

MarketHero is an advanced email marketing software, while ClickFunnel is a marketing tool that allows you to create sales funnels simply and productively.

These two programs help you increase sales for your company with a nice interface that’s easy to manage. Also, with both programs, you can get a 14-day trial to decide which is the best option for your business.

However, MarketHero has more tools and options that give you the possibility of achieving great growth in a short time.

Try out Clickfunnels For Free Here (Trial)

MarketHero vs. Aweber

Although Aweber is a well-known email marketing software, it does not have advanced features, so MarketHero is considered one of the best options.

With Aweber, you only get automatic email responses that do not go through the automation process. Yes, Aweber is very effective, but MarketHero saves you time, energy, and resources when you use the automatic features of this incredible tool. Aweber does not guarantee much improvement while MarketHero offers you rapid growth in such a short time.

Try out AWeber For Free Here (Trial)


Like other programs of the same category, your main plan is the most expensive. However, we believe it is worth it due to its quality and the improvements made in the software.

Here we leave you the detailed information of the plans offered by this tool:

  • The MarketHero price is $19 per month for 1,000 email subscribers.
  • The cost of your main plan is $950 per month; the said plan guarantees 100,000 subscribers.
  • These plans can manage a personalized email list size.
  • It is also worth mentioning that—as if that was not enough—you can get a 15% discount for the annual payment.

Ease Of Use

The MarketHero control panel is set up so that you can navigate seamlessly in and out of each software feature without feeling confused.

Therefore, MarketHero can be your best ally if you are not an expert in technology; it will be easy to navigate and configure what you need.

Also, this software has a free training or knowledge base, so if you are lost, you will know that there is a MarketHero support team, and they will get you out of trouble.

With MarketHero, you can save time, since the software of your website, email and the list of your contacts will be integrated in a couple of hours.


MarketHero also has help support, do you want to know what service it offers?

It has a team of chat support members who are available 24 hours a day, always hoping to help you.

Customer support is trained to talk with you as soon as you need it. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media, their support will reach you and help you with your problems.

MarketHero not only wants to help you boost your business and bring it to success. It’s objective is to let you do it without too many issues. That’s why its support team complements all the training and educational content.

Final Verdict

Now, you have different similar platforms to choose from – think Clickfunnels? So, why should you go for one that isn’t as popular?

For one, if recent trends are to suggest anything, MarketHero is among the top of the automatic response platforms that most companies are looking for.

It may not be for you if you have a small budget. It’s also not the best if you are just starting out in the world of marketing. You should be ready to spend time learning how to use this tool in its entirety to exploit it.

Try out GetResponse For Free (Best Budget Email Autoresponder)

However, it is an excellent option for any businessman with a great interest in upgrading his marketing potential.

The experts in the area of ​​sales and marketing, sometimes opt for other options, because today, there are many that make up the competition to MarketHero.

Notwithstanding, the intention of this article is to give you knowledge about this wonderful tool. Therefore, it is up to you to try it for yourself.

If you are selling a product or service through email marketing and you believe you can use your sales-centric approach, you should try this wonderful software. You’ll like it.

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