Mentorbox Review

Mentorbox is a book subscription service started by the one and only Tai Lopez

But, as you may know Tai Lopez definately doesn’t have the best reputation online, so below you will find out a detailed review on mentorbox!

How serious are you about your education? The motto that knowledge is power holds more relevance today than ever before, especially for young people, who are breaking old paradigms and creating new ones.

We need to look beyond formal education to get the skills we need. The creative area and self-improvement, leadership, entrepreneurship keep expanding. These are the most highlighted topics by the population.

MentorBox can be of great help, as we not only have the material but with successful mentors who will guide us in our learning process. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite do it.

What is MentorBox?

Mentorbox is an educational platform, which allows people to educate themselves in a very short time. This digital application was made so that people who cannot be educated for lack of time can do so in reduced times.

It is aimed towards people who work or have businesses that occupy much of their time yet require information or training to improve their work activities.

The platform contains an educational system with audio, books, mentions, study equipment, and other tools. It does not seek to study all aspects of the book. Instead, the aim is for the person to learn some aspects from the book.

The audios include lectures, tutorial classes and other educational elements that seek to emphasize the knowledge that the company thinks is important. This type of educational element is versatile, but you end up with an incomplete idea.

Mentoring comes from people who are CEOs from class C onwards. People with explain their experiences, which they allegedly learned from the platform.

In short, this platform seeks to give—in very short times—the information that CEOs receive daily, looking for your mind to evolve until you think like a professional CEO.

Can Mentorbox Help Me?

That’s another interesting question, and the answer is a big “it depends”. It depends on the milestones that the person has to reach, what goals, objectives, and dreams he wants to achieve, and the determination.

It is a fact that knowledge can be a great power, but with knowledge alone, the proposed objectives will not be achieved. That is, unless our objectives are only to acquire knowledge.

Education without action is a bane. The true learning will always be the experience; it does not take away the fact that it is important to learn, but it is also important to apply those learnings and to improve them constantly.

Think of the great successful people; they have a lot of knowledge, and they are always working.

Having clarified this fact, we also have the issue that MentorBox is superficial. Odds are that you will have to research on other platforms, so if you look for the complete knowledge, MentorBox can fall short.

What information can I acquire?

The information that we can all acquire is varied, we can always improve one or more aspects of our lives.

In MentorBox, they have that in mind. For that reason, they have a long list of books of different aspects, and topics so that we can improve effectively.

An example of that is the book “How to win friends and influence other people”, a book of both leadership and relationship with other people. It is a way of seeing things not only from our point of view but through the point of view of others.

Another example is “The secrets of the millionaire mind” a book that describes, step by step, how our thoughts attract or repel money. It is a very interesting book in the area of financial intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership, confrontation and reflection of good habits and others not good for the development of our economy.

The parable of leadership—the leader in you—develops your leadership. Books help to develop the leader that is latent in each person but that many do not show due to limitations or internal barriers.

It sounds interesting so far, but it sadly falls short; MentorBox’s cut version will leave you wanting more.

We have only touched the books. Now, we can also listen to other experiences.

Conference audio can provide solutions to situations that we are going through in some areas of our lives. We can find solutions due to the fact that the exposed situation was similar to ours and gives us the answer or a clue of where we can find it.

There is a saying that asking is for wise people and staying silent with doubts is foolish. It is a strong but accurate motto; that is why we also have mentorship.

However, asking the wrong source is still foolish.

What can I do with the MentorBox information?

This question is interesting: I have the information, but how can I apply it? This question is usually the one we ask ourselves when we graduate from college.

Applying it depends on what you want to do, be it a promotion, getting a job, starting a business, improving your family situation.

Something you will learn in the MentorBox system is that we set our limits. We place mental barriers that prevent us from moving forward. The purpose of the information is to remove the barriers.

Remember that MentorBox is just a tool; how you use it depends on you. There is a saying that goes “heaven is the limit”. Personally, I do not believe in this saying. I would say heaven is not a limit since there are universes of possibilities for you beyond heaven.

Nevertheless, there’s little to do other than appreciating what it gives you. There’s a limit on how much you can teach with so little content, and MentorBox often leaves you thinking you learned nothing.

To say you won’t learn anything is a lie, but not a complete one. The information you acquire is as useful as skimming the book; there’s a lot more that the system misses. There’s also the issue of somewhat biased mentoring; they tend to explain only what worked for them, and it may not be the case for you.

How can I access MentorBox?

To enter MentorBox, you must pay a subscription, which can range from $7 to $89 per month, depending on which package you choose. There is also the possibility to test the application with a free trial version of three days.

The packages vary depending on the material that is ordered, the most economical being the digital elements and the most expensive being the physical tools.

Of course, the most expensive ones are better. Sometimes, they’re the only way to vet some usefulness out of the platform.

To enter, you locate the web page and formalize your registration there. Locating it is simple since you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also search for them through Google.

Are there other educational platforms for personal development in addition to MentorBox?

The answer is no. It is not that there are no similar educational digital platforms. However, each channel has different features.

For example, audiobooks are an additional tool to MentorBox, which can be easily located by YouTube or another element in social networks. Additionally, you will see many leadership academies, which impel people to be more proactive.

Workshops or reading gatherings are becoming very popular today. Each person exhibits their ideas, impressions, reflections of the book, and invites others to have a more complete view of it.

Another tool is any online academy, with audiobooks, lectures, videos, and mentors, that teach you how to start.

We can continue to mention applications, platforms, or methods on how we can learn, but which is the best depends on your condition; all forms are good and even combinable for a better educational effect.

The point is that there are much better alternatives to MentorBox. You can even find a lot of its content for free without searching for too long.

Pros and Cons of MentorBox

As I said, MentorBox and its usefulness depends on your objectives. By analyzing the pros and cons of the system, you can evaluate if it would work for you or not.


  • It does not require reading books; this fact is important for people who do not have time or do not like the habit of reading.
  • You have colleagues with whom to discuss around the world. This platform is available in the whole world, and everyone wants to learn something new.
  • It has a system for evaluating results, where you can compare results against actions and be able to determine—together with your mentor— and know where to improve.
  • Being Online, you can use it from the comfort of your home.


  • A high cost considering other educational alternatives.
  • The amount of information can seem overwhelming until you get used to the platform.
  • The mentoring system can be misleading a lot of the time. Most mentors will speak from their experience; they ignore how their circumstances may differ from yours.
  • There are only 3 days of trial. You will fail at obtaining a complete view of how the platform works. If you have an emergency during that time, you lost your chance.
  • Information is heavily limited. MentorBox leaves a lot uncovered, and sometimes it feels like advertising for the book instead of a summary.
  • You need to pay the more expensive plans if you want real usefulness out of the system.
  • You can find a lot of the content for free by using search engines. It’s even free and sometimes offers more information.

Towards whom is this platform directed?

The first aspect to evaluate is the educational habits of the person. Many readers like to read, study, underline, and take their time when it comes to learning. For these people, this system will not be very useful.

This system is designed for people who do not have time, who need to learn the knowledge in a very short time and in a very fast way. In other words, in the matter of time, if you like long hours of education, this system is not recommended.

Another aspect to consider is the economic aspect. If you do not want to invest a lot more money than usual for your education, this is not a valid option. In MentorBox, you will have to invest monthly for the most expensive subscription to be able to use the platform at it fullest.

Yes, quality demands a suitable price. Regardless, one thing is to offer increasing benefits as the user pays more; a different thing is to make all plans subpar to coerce people into paying more.

Another main requirement is the objectives of the person. These can influence the perspective of the MentorBox tool. For some, it is unnecessary and for others a great help; everything depends on our focus and objectives at the moment.

If the objectives are based solely on education, any tool can be useful since they lack a goal to achieve through the information obtained in this system. It’s worth noting that any tool will also provide more value than MentorBox in this case.

In the opposite case, if you have an objective, a goal, or an enterprise, you can, through advice, training, evaluation, and correction, achieve the objectives set.

In the end, the platform aims for those who lack time to study. It also aims for people who don’t really care about all the information contained within the book.

MentorBox for business development and business ventures

MentorBox sells itself as a fundamental weapon for those who want to start their own business. Education is critical when carrying out an enterprise; it is not just information that develops the technique, but it also allows the person to establish steps in the business development process.

Many people want to be business owners, to be independent and not to work for anyone. However, they are not all business owners, for they really do not know how to do it.

Conventional education is designed so that the person learns to be employed; at no time do teachers teach students how to be entrepreneurs in the branch. The reason is very simple; they do not know how to be entrepreneurs since they are also only employees.

Another reason is that people do not have either emotional or financial intelligence. They do not know how to handle situations when ir comes to finances, and good management of these two factors is a fundamental aspect of any enterprise.

We already know the most basic requirements for anyone who wants to start their own business. The question of the moment is: How does MentorBox help us with these aspects?

The education system of MentorBox is designed to work the creative part of the human being, emotional intelligence, business leadership, finances, and relationships with people.

For example, the books “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, and “The Business of the 21st Century” are works that guide entrepreneurs on how to manage themselves, ways to create a business, and expand the vision of your company.

Mentoring in any endeavor is vital, yet other entrepreneurs will not help much since you will be their competence. In MentorBox, you have CEO mentors, successful people who will teach you, but the issue remains the same: they’re still biased towards their interests.

You end up having to rely on people who do not know your situation and lack the knowledge of how to succeed under your circumstances.

The conferences in audio let you gain confidence and credibility in yourself. In the psychological aspect, when you listen to the audio of a successful ordinary person, the confidence of being able to achieve the desired results grows considerably. Besides, it provides you with tools and techniques that can help you in the development of your business.

However, there is little more than motivation and overviews. In the end, you are still on your own and lacking a lot of knowledge you may need down the road.

What is motivation if you do not have the necessary ideas and tools?

MentorBox for leaders

There is a saying that people are born with the gift of leadership, and in very few cases there are people born with a spark that makes them good leaders. The population that has this power from birth is only a small part of the world’s population.

Does the saying mean that the majority cannot be a leader? No, most leaders form, grow, and create a leadership based on education and preparation. In short,  leaders are not born; you can have a spark of leadership, but if you do not feed and train that spark, that spark can be extinguished easily.

Leaders need to prepare themselves in different areas, such as relating to other people, influence, and public speaking. For this purpose, they must have the tools to create solid leadership.

There are people who will ask themselves what is leadership. So as not to discuss the issue a lot, the great authors worldwide have agreed that leadership is the ability to influence people.

To be able to influence people, you need a thorough preparation on how to deal with them, how to determine what they need, and how you can help them while achieving  the results you want for the company.

In MentorBox you can find little material to develop the leader that is in you. We can find books like “The parable of leadership”, “The idea that is in you”, “Developing other leaders”, among others, where many authors have taught leadership for years. Unfortunately, we will find them incomplete.

That is why the initiative of MentorBox to train new leaders to drive and guide others fails despite an otherwise efficient platform .

Most organizations and companies fall not because of lack of sales, or lack of capital; usually, what is needed is good leadership to steer the course, so you need to look elsewhere.

Until when to educate?

The answer to that question is known only by one person, and if you want to see them and ask, you have to stand in front of a mirror.

Each person has the ability to choose how much they want to educate themselves. Education is voluntary; it must not be forced, because then it is done in a mediocre manner and without strength.

The educational process will be related to your goals, vision, and dreams. For this, you must be aware that without education, it will be more difficult since you will not have the mental basis to support and resolve situations that arise at a certain time.

The best advice is that we never stop educating ourselves; we can always improve and evolve, and that upgrading ourselves will take all aspects of our lives to the next level.

MentorBox strives to provide everyone with this possibility, yet it fails. Education requires analyzing and grasping a large picture. MentorBox outright nullifies this chance by reducing the said picture and forcing you to their point of view.

With what device MentorBox is compatible

Mentorbox is compatible with computers, either a desktop or laptop, and smart devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can access it with Android or iOS systems.

In the above, we can see that we have a wide variety of devices, and the reason for placing this platform on all devices is to give versatility to education. Being able to educate yourself at any time is the objective.

Taking advantage of all your electronic devices to study, is the fundamental today. You can do so even during your work schedule, especially if you are constantly in an office.

Is MentorBox for me?

This is the most important question on a personal level. It is adequate only if you want to educate yourself briefly; it is not platform that can make you grow in incredible ways. It is great as long as you do not depend on knowing everything.

You want to grow and improve yourself as well as the various aspects of your life. Mentorbox offers to push you a bit, but it is not the answer.

Regarding payments, you must be aware that you need to shell out a considerable amount if you want to access its real features.

If it is not in your budget, or you cannot cover it, I would tell you from experience: you are probably better off that way. You probably still need to learn much more than what this platform can offer you.

If you lack the time, MentorBox could have been a great platform to optimize your learning time. However, it loses this ability thanks to its pricing amd lack of valuable content.


Education is important if you want to achieve success in any aspect of your life. This education must be theoretical and practical, with the pattern of learning, acting, evaluating, and correcting. It is a perpetual cycle that will always lead you to success.

Mentorbox allows you to educate yourself whenever you want, from any device, place, and situation. However, its marketing fails to mention you only learn what they consider important; you are also out of luck if your context does not match that of your “mentors”.

MentorBox can help leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, organizations, and ventures. Notwithstanding, it only succeeds as a complement; you cannot rely on it as the main source of knowledge.

MentorBox is available to all, yet it is not for everyone. It is not ideal for people depending on knowledge—nor those on a tight budget.

Personal opinions

In my personal opinion, education is an indispensable quality to carry out any endeavor or circumstantial improvements in life. It allows finding ways to progress when you thought there was none.

The reason for these perceptions is because your mind lacked information to see opportunities and be able to take advantage of them at the time. Personally, it happened to me at a given moment. As a programmer, I could not see how to develop myself in my field, but little by little, I have been able to find a way to progress.

The possibilities in me have grown thanks to education, reading books and audio conferences; each has contributed something, which has made me better, and this has led to a very interesting improvement in my results, both financial and personal.

MentorBox applies a principle in which many authors agree: Be-Do-Have. This principle—that I have found in the books—says that you are as you think; as you think you do, and for what you do, you have.

The change of paradigm was interesting, my approach or the belief that I had been inculcated at the society level in You Have – You Do – You Are. It is a concept that—now that I evaluate it—is incorrect. It is a paradigm where what you have is what you do, and what you do is what you are; it sounds really wrong.

Our daily actions are directed by our thoughts, habits, and paradigms. Each action gives you a result. That is, if we want to change, we must break paradigms, place new ones, and start thinking differently.

In this aspect, MentorBox is a great concept that should allow you to achieve that and more. It tries to let you insert good information in your mind, confront yourself, reflect, and change.

However, when it comes to implementing these ideas, it fails. I cannot tell for sure if it is because of a lacking database, approach, or simply out of greed.

Accessing the real features of the platform requires paying for the most expensive subscriptions. Anything less results in disappointing returns.

In short, MentorBox is a phenomenal concept that fails in its execution. You can find more while paying less.

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