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MissingLettr Review

Keeping your social media posts up to date can be a struggle. Creating and posting social media posts can be a seemingly never ending, time consuming and energy depleting endeavor. Typically it is the most time consuming and least satisfying part of having a brand on social media. If we are looking to have a direct connection with our audience, this is where we should be spending most of our time. But after a while, we can start to feel like we are losing the connection with our audience. Maybe they are.

Fortunately though, you can automate this process, converting what would otherwise be seen as an arduous task into an effortless and exciting experience, with the help of MissingLettr.

This social media automation tool is saving bloggers, and digital marketing professionals, hours of work when it comes to promoting their content on social media. It is a very simple and intuitive platform to use, and makes a posting schedule much easier to keep. MissingLettr helps the modern digital marketer and blogger to save time, stay on top of their posting schedule and build more meaningful connections with their audience.

MissingLettr is a simple, easy and effective tool for building your social media presence in a structured and organized way. All you need to do is log into your MissingLettr account, choose your social media accounts, and create posts. MissingLettr will then make the necessary changes to post your content. Now, you decide exactly when your posts will be published on social media. The software is fully editable so you can make changes at any time.

Read on below for an in-depth review of MissingLettr.

What Is MissingLettr?

MissingLettr is a social media automation tool that is designed to help users create social posts from articles posted on their blog with minimal effort. With this social media software, you can schedule posts across multiple platforms. It is available on both iOS and Android. Thanks to it’s drag and drop functionality, you can smoothly make changes to your posts, change times, and copy posts across different social media from MissingLettr’s easy to use interface. MissingLettr is a very versatile software that can be used on different platforms including Hootsuite.

To create customized content promotion campaigns from your blog posts, MissingLettr uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze blog articles and select a series of bite sized social posts. After creating highly relevant posts, the tool lines them up for automatic posting on your preferred social media platforms as per your specified schedule.  

Users can set the tool to create and post content from one blog post for up to a year.

With this valuable automated tool in hand, your work as the user will be reduced to setting up and signing off on campaigns; thus saving hours of your valuable time!

Why Would You Want to Use MissingLettr?

Effortless Creation Of Drip Campaigns

This automated social media scheduling and posting tool is designed to help users create and publish a series of posts from existing blog articles. This makes is a great tool for creating effective drip campaigns. As the user, yours will be to specify the number of posts to be generated from each blog article and the frequency of posting on your preferred social media platforms.

Creation Of Highly Relevant Posts

MissingLettr relies on the use of powerful Natural Language Processing and A.I algorithms to generate the most relevant posts – a mixture of images and text – from each assigned blog article. Because these algorithms can calculate relevance more accurately than human beings, they create posts that will be highly engaging for the target audience. With this kind of guarantee, MissingLettr is a great tool for building meaningful audiences.

Experienced Experts Behind The Software

MissingLettr is a software created by a team of experienced professionals who have been creating digital marketing platforms for some of the world’s most popular brands. They are a team of young and great minds who are breaking new ground in the digital sphere. Because of their unique strengths, they have managed to come up with a very functional and efficient automated social media posting tool.

Significant Savings Of Time And Energy

It is very hard to keep up with a posting schedule, particularly when you’re trying to run a business or blog. With MissingLettr, everything will be automated so you don’t need to spend time creating posts. You can start posting for the day, week or month. You just need to write an article in the section of your choice and MissingLettr will do the rest!

Easy To Use And Intuitive Interface

MissingLettr is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive social media automation tools in the market. Although it is very easy to use, it is a powerful tool, offering a broad range of excellent features. These include analytics, ready-made templates, flexible scheduling and so much more.

It Has An Excellent Range Of Features

MissingLettr is a powerful tool for content promotion. It has an excellent range of features because it is a social media automation tool brought to you by an experienced team of experts. The platform allows you to schedule posts for multiple social media accounts, saving you the time and hassle of logging into different social media platforms and posting content. With this tool, you can stay up to date with your audience, gain more traffic and drive more revenue to your blog or website.

Easy Editing Of Posts

For those who would like to add their own personal touch to some or all of the posts created by MissingLettr before they are approved for posting, the tool facilitates easy editing.

To perfect each post, users can use the MissingLettr dashboard to change/upload new images assigned to posts, or even change the wording of each post.

Campaigns Can Be Fine Tuned

For professional digital marketers who would like to fine tune the campaigns that are automatically generated by MissingLettr, the “Settings” tab gives you access to a long list of advanced tools. However, the default campaigns that are automatically generated by this solution are highly effective, and rarely require any adjustments.

This Tool Is Mobile Friendly

MissingLettr is a mobile-friendly social media scheduling and posting tool. This means that it is very convenient and simple to use the platform on your smartphone and or tablet. If you can write an email on your mobile, you can also use this social media scheduling and posting tool.

How To Use MissingLettr

As previously noted, MissingLettr is designed to take the work out of the creation and running of social media content promotion campaigns. If you are wondering how easy it is to create and run campaigns using this automation tool, here’s a simple breakdown of this simple process:

Create Your Account

The first step towards using MissingLettr involves signing up to the service and creating an account. You can do this by starting out with a free account. To complete the account set-up process, you will also need to link your blog to all of your social media accounts. Supported social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

MissingLettr will start scanning your blog for new posts once you have linked it to your blog. Whenever a new post is added to the blog, the social media automation tool will detect it and start generating a social media campaign immediately.

Accept Or Reject Campaign

Every new article added to the blog will be displayed as a Pending Campaign in MissingLettr. Each of these campaigns can be approved or rejected by the user.

You can also specify the scheduling details of each campaign at this point. This simply means you can specify how long you want the campaign to last, anywhere from a few weeks to a year, and even the number of posts to be generated. You can go to “Schedule Settings” for more options.


At this point you will be required to enter all of the HashTags you want MissingLettr to automatically add to all social media posts. Once you have added the necessary Hashtags, hit “Next” for the tool to generate social media posts for your URL automatically.

The tool will generate a collection of unique social media posts – images and text – for your blog article in a matter of minutes. You can go through each bit of content, making any changes that you want along the way.

Once you are satisfied with the posts, hit “Next” and proceed to set the first and last dates of the campaign. You can also choose the social media accounts that you want to publish these API posts on and how often you want them to be published.

Automatic Posting

The final step in using MissingLettr is to set the frequency at which you intend the tool to publish a blog article to your social media accounts. To schedule the first time the tool will publish your article to your social media accounts, hit “Schedule” once and confirm that you are posting content on the social media accounts when you want them to post.

You usually only need to hit “Schedule” once for each social media account you are publishing on.

Drag and Drop Interface

One of the things that make MissingLettr a great tool for posting and scheduling is the interface that has been designed. It is a simple drag and drop tool with a few buttons at the bottom of the screen. Use the buttons to schedule your posts, process content, publish them, add Hashtags, edit content, etc. The interface is very easy to use, with a simple drag and drop button.

The dashboard allows you to check all of your current campaigns, and to see all of the content that is scheduled to be published on your preferred social media platforms.

Use The Campaign Settings Tab

For content professionals who would like to fine tune the process through which their blog content is turned into a series of social media posts, the tool has a “Settings” tab that is made available to you. You can go to this tab to specify the number of posts to be generated from a blog article, the frequency of their publication, and a whole lot more.

The “Settings” tab gives you access to a long list of different tools that are meant to help you fine tune each campaign generated by MissingLettr. This is useful for professional marketers who want to make adjustments to the campaigns that are generated by the tool.

Activate Campaign

Once you are done with all of the above, you can activate the campaign. This moves it to the “Active Campaigns” section of MissingLettr. Here, you can view all the active and running campaigns each with its scheduled content. You can even move things around – with regard to scheduling – if you so wish.

It is important to note that in addition to the automated campaigns described above, you also can use MissingLettr to create manual campaigns by manually adding links to any existing blog article online.

Pricing Plans

MissingLettr offers two main pricing plans Solo and Pro.

Under the Solo plan – their most popular plan – users are required to pay $9 per month. This gives you the right to add one user, one content source, three social media profiles and 500 scheduled posts at any given time.

Under the Pro plan users are required to pay $39 per month. This gives you the right to add an unlimited number of users, 3 sources of content, 9 social media profiles 3,000 scheduled posts at any given time.

A 14 day Free Trial is also available for users that would simply like to try out any MissingLettr plan before forking out their hard-earned cash.


MissingLettr is definitely a game changer for just about any blogger out there. With this tool in hand, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours of your time creating and updating your social media posts.

To get a better idea of whether MissingLettr is for you or not, it is recommended that you try out their free trial.

And thanks to it’s mobile-friendly interface, MissingLettr is convenient, simple and easy to set up, even if you have never set up and used a social media automation tool before. You can set it and forget it, always knowing what you are going to be posting and when. It is based on powerful and intelligent algorithms which give you 100% guarantee of trust and engagement. This tool is nearly 100% effective in its ability to create natural-feeling social posts. It is user-friendly with the ability to use it from any mobile device and mostly requires you to set it and forget it.

With MissingLettr, you eliminate the time-consuming task of scheduling social media posts one by one and completely streamline the process of online promotion. Thanks to its flexibility and powerful features, you can also create and promote creative content such as galleries, videos and infographics with this amazing tool.

So if you feel you have been spending too much time and effort on your social media promotion, particularly on Facebook, using this automated tool can alleviate much of the stress.

With MissingLettr, you can free up much-needed time that your business requires to grow. What do you think though? What features have you found most attractive about MissingLettr? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

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