Mobilia Shopify Theme Review

Mobilia Theme Review

Mobilia Shopify Theme Review (2021)

Find out if the Mobilia Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


The Shopify Mobilia theme is brought to you by the award-winning design team, “Out of the Sandbox.” They created this sleek and stylish theme for store owners in the fashion, beauty, apparel, cosmetics, and jewelry niche and came in four different styles; Milan, Napa, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Milan Theme Style

As the name suggests, Milan is the ideal style for showcasing fashion and apparel products.

It uses a mixture of serif and sans serif font styles with a light color palette and a clean and minimal layout. This allows you to entirely focus on your shop design on highlighting your products and calls-to-action.

Above the fold, the Milan theme features a promotional banner that enables you to communicate special promotions or discount codes to your visitors quickly. Unlike most of the themes from the “Out of the Sandbox” creative studios, this style uses a fixed width banner.

Below that, you are giving the option to display featured products with a “Quick Shop” button, allowing users to place the items in their shopping cart immediately.

On the actual product pages, you are giving a plethora of options; image gallery, customer reviews, size guide, social sharing icons, and related products all help to convince your users to purchase on your website.

Napa Theme Style

The Napa theme aims to give a much more modern look with a bold and vibrant color palette and a broader spectrum of typefaces. This, however, can also lead to our site looking too busy, especially if you decide to combine many fonts and styles. So, keep it simple when using this style.

Just like with the Milan style, the Napa style features a banner at the top of the page. Under the banner, you are given the option to display a full-width slideshow, which is ideal for highlighting unique products like seasonal collections.

The Napa theme also allows you to embed a Vimeo video or even display your Instagram feed, something that can be a compelling selling tool, especially when you have an active community contributing to their pictures.

On the product page itself, you can display customer reviews, color variations, social sharing icons, and related products.

Sydney Theme Style

The Sydnes Style, similar to its namesake’s iconic Opera house, is kept in a simple and elegant style with a soft color palette. It is much suited for shops selling e.g., handmade products or other kinds of creative works. It features large banners that have a high visual impact on your users.

Just like the previously mentioned styles, the Sydnes style features a large banner above the fold and a full-width slideshow underneath it. Additionally, it also allows you to highlight one specific product as a feature, the perfect place to advertise your best selling item.

The Sydnes style also features the option to display two full-screen tiles that act as a hyperlink and take your customer to a collection or image gallery.

There is also a banner at the bottom of the page, especially useful for you to display your social media icons or Instagram feed.

Tokyo Theme Style

The Tokyo style brings a lot of energy and creates a very vibrant impression. It uses bright and bold colors to create a welcoming interface that immediately catches the user’s attention.

The header is similar to the other styles, but instead of a slideshow, the Tokyo style allows you to display tiles that direct the user to specific pages of your webshops. This functionality is great for highlighting seasonal collections.

Key Features of Mobilia Theme

The Mobilia Theme convinces with its flexibility and personalization options. Additionally, it sports the following key features:

Promotional Banner

As previously mentioned, the promotional banner is a great tool to create awareness for promotions or discounts above the fold. It can also be closed by the user, which gives a sense of control over the shopping experience.

Drop-down Menu

The drop-down menus help you organize your page and make it easy for users to navigate your store.

Customer Testimonials

Sharing your customers’ feedback and comments is a great way of creating trust and moving users towards making a purchase. It also helps to highlight products.

Hero Video

You can embed a YouTube or Vimeo video to show off your brand’s story or whatever kind of video content you want.

Quick Shop

The quick shop functionality allows your users to add items to their cart without having to visit the actual product page. This removes buying barriers and leads users to make more spontaneous purchases.

Product Filtering

The filtering function allows users to search for products based on brand, color, or style. This is especially useful if you have a lot of products in your webshop and generally increases user experiences as items are much easier to find.

Product Zoom

By hovering their mouse over the item your customers can have a closer look at the details of your products. This is very important in an online environment where shoppers can’t physically interact with the merchandise.

Related Products

The theme displays related products which encourage shoppers to buy more and leads to more spontaneous buying decisions.

Google Maps

By embedding Google Maps into your shop you are adding trustworthiness to your business. Should you not have a physical location, you can always decide not to use this feature.

Instagram Feed

Embedding your Instagram feed is an excellent way of highlighting your products and creating a sense of community.

Additional benefits of the Mobilia Them

On top of all the features listed above this Shopify theme also comes with the following benefits:

Mobile Friendliness

One of the most significant benefits of the Mobilia theme is its responsiveness. It automatically translates your content to work on smaller screens such as phones or tablets.

Resources & Support

The theme comes with an extensive library of video tutorials, support articles, and guides to help you throughout your entire Shopify experience. They also provide personal customer support to aid you with individual challenges or problems.

Design options

Using the Mobili theme, you can very quickly build in animations and transitions, which give your website a professional appearance and help focus your users’ attention on the things that truly matter.

Product Reviews

Product reviews help create trust and credibility. It also helps engage your community and thus creates more return customers.

Email Subscription

Another big feature is the option to build your opt-in email database. This database can then be used to send out promotions, discounts, or freebies.

User reviews

We’ve combed through the user reviews for this specific team. This is what the community thinks of it:

  • The Customer Service is fast and reliable. People praise their responsiveness and knowledge.
  • The Design of the theme is focused and minimalistic. This helps give your shop a timeless look that, once set up, will hardly require any styling updates from your site.
  • Many users of the theme have reported a significant increase in conversions, which is obviously what you want from your shop.
  • Despite its many features, people are praising the theme’s user-friendliness. It is easy for beginners to set up and the huge tutorial database is very helpful.
  • The theme updates are free, and the “Out of the Sandbox” theme is continually tweaking and improving their product.


The Mobilia theme comes with a one time fee of 180$. You can purchase the theme directly from the Shopify store.


Overall, we rate this theme a 4.2 out of 5 stars. While it does come with a significant price tag, the many benefits and features are very worth it.

You can have a look at their demo stores to experience the theme in action. That way, you are guaranteed to know what you’re getting and can make an informed purchase.

If you’re ready to spend some money to set up your Shopify, this theme is for you. The investment seems very worth it.

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