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Are you starting a new YouTube channel or a business but worried about how to generate traffic? Marketing involves a lot of work and you have to rank well in the search to be seen. What if I tell you there’s an easy to way to welcome instant traffic to your website, affiliate link, or YouTube video? Here’s where MyTrafficJacker 2020 comes in!

Yes, it doesn’t seem that likely in 2020 as it did a decade back, but we still do have a few gems out there that can help us skyrocket views to our channels. I will be taking a look at one of the few good affiliate marketing software out there today – the MyTrafficJacker. It’s a useful tool for an affiliate marketer or a startup, and I will explain why.

For one, if you use the tool, you don’t have to worry about rankings, keywords, SEO, or hosting expensive marketing campaigns. You can get huge traffic for as little as $10, which is a yearly investment. It is a huge benefit for all online marketers from upcoming brands to social media influencers as it drives organic traffic to your website.

Who is MyTrafficJacker for?

MyTrafficJacker is a brilliant growth hacking idea by Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables that directs traffic from a broken link to your link, which can be your website, product page, e-book, YouTube channel, or Instagram account.

It is an ideal product for startups and YouTube channels who want to increase their viewer count and tap in more sales. You can use it for affiliate marketing, product marketing, or building a strong blogging network. The concept is a little difficult to understand, so let’s get directly to it. It’s all white hat though, and you build your audience organically.

When you open MyTrafficJacker, you go to Research, which is the second option in the left column. Mention a keyword related to your website or YouTube, which can be anything from weight loss and weight gain to summer fashion. The website will search broken links on Wikipedia or YouTube on your behalf related to the keyword.

In the results below, you will see the broken links connected to YouTube videos or Wikipedia page. At the below of each result, the website will tell if the link or website is available to purchase on different domain hosting websites. Click on the options available and select the cheapest one. The price starts at just $10 a year and can be renewed but it isn’t mandatory to renew the link.

The process is pretty much the same as for Wikipedia pages. You can also save the links and compare them later. After you purchase the link, you have to visit your My Tracker Jacker account to direct link it to your active link. It is the fastest and the simplest way to gain traffic as you don’t have to worry about your YouTube video or website ranking, the visitors are real, and you get all this without having to purchase a hosting account.

Who are Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables?

My Traffic Jacker Joshua Zamora

Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables are the creators of MyTrafficJacker. While Venables loves reviewing local business anything from restaurants to hardware shops, Zamora loves all things internet. Zamora is also the owner of Internet Marketing, a Facebook page with over 20,000 followers. Venables is the CEO of Oceano Media Inc, an online company that deals in social media campaigns.

What’s included in MyTrafficJacker?

MyTrafficJacker offers five different products, each of which targets a specific need of every online marketer. They start at $27 per product and go up to $141/year. Once you purchase any of the packages, you can start earning through affiliate marketing in less than 24 hours. Let’s take a look at the products:

1. Front End – MTJ Pro

If you can’t wait to start welcoming traffic to your website or YouTube video, Front End – MTJ Pro is the right product for you. It is priced at $37 (one-time fees). It helps you to quickly find a broken link on Wikipedia or YouTube and redirects you to GoDaddy or other hosting websites to purchase it.

2. OTO 1 – MTJ Case Studies

OTO 1 – MTJ Case Studies is the most basic product that gives you access to case studies of different companies that used MyTrafficJacker. You can use them to develop a plan to find, purchase, and monetize your campaign after finding the right broken domains or links. Priced at $27 – a one-time fee so you don’t have to worry about the pesky recurring payments – the product acts as a guide to help you make easy profits using the growth hack. It includes multiple ways that you can incorporate in your marketing model to boost sales.

3. OTO 2 – MTJ Elite

After purchasing the OTO 2 – MTJ Elite product, you unlock two powerful features of MyTrafficJacker. The package will cost you $141 for a year. The first one is the Ocean Search feature, which shows you the broken link or domain and all videos and Wikipedia pages where it is posted. Since it is all automatic, you get access to tens and hundreds of pages to boost your sales.

Domain Reminder feature is the second feature, which shows domains or links that are dead but not yet available for sale or expired. When you save these domains on your account, you will be notified as soon as they are available, so you can purchase it right away. Both these features together enable you to automate the process and concentrate on core business activities.

4. OTO 3 – MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy

In the OTO 3 – MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy package, you get to boost your website or YouTube link using social syndication and social sharing of the broken links that you bought. It will cost you $141 a year.

5. OTO 4 – MTJ SubJackers

The OTO 4 – MTJ SubJackers costs $67 and unlocks the VA/sub-access feature, which you can use to hijack other broken links and domains without it affecting your main account.
Pros and cons of using MyTrafficJacker
Using MyTrafficJacker will completely change your website or YouTube channel’s statistics. It is a great way to boost your organic visitor count without spending hours on developing marketing campaigns and changing keywords. Here are some of the pros and cons of using MyTrafficJacker.

PROS AND CONS for MyTrafficJacker


  • Direct-link affiliate marketing
  • Direct-link product marketing
  • Build profits automatically
  • Give life to the domain
  • Build a strong blog network
  • Make money by renting your blog network
  • Improve ranking of your products on Amazon
  • Resell the domain


  • Not finding correct domain
For an affiliate marketing tool, the MyTrafficJacker does make the right noise, and for a one time $27 fee, it’s worth every penny. Here is what we loved about it.
1. Direct-link affiliate marketing
One of the biggest advantages of using MyTrafficJacker is direct-link affiliate marketing. All you have to do is purchase a link and redirect it to an affiliate link and start selling products. You can even rotate the link and change the affiliate link every week. In a few weeks, you will figure out which product brings you the best sales and permanently connect the two links.
2. Direct-link product marketing
If you have your own business, you can redirect the visitors to your products and tap in sales. Make sure to find a broken link related to your niche. It can also be your competitor’s domain that they forgot to renew. There’s nothing wrong in buying it because you will then get double the traffic.
3. Passive profits through Adsense
If you want to make some passive income with very little investment, MyTrafficJacker should be on your list. It works on a set-and-forget mechanism that you can use to start simple Adsense revenue sites. While Adsense will not give you significant earnings a month, it can act as a useful passive revenue mechanism.
4. Build profits automatically
Most of these broken links are posted under YouTube videos and Wikipedia pages that receive thousands of visitors every week. Not all visitors will click on the link but those who will bring in hundreds of dollars worth profit every week. If you have a website, you can build an email list of all visitors, sell it to other businesses, or use them for your company’s benefit.
5. Give life to the domain
The domain with a broken link might be an old domain with a lot of authority and important content. Websites like this hold a lot of value, so instead of redirecting the visitors from this link to yours, you can give it life. You can post banner ads and other kinds of ads on the website and earn money while offering valuable information.
6. Build a strong blog network
If you are an upcoming blogger, MyTrafficJacker can help you build a strong blog network of people who are interested in the content that you want to offer. Build an email list and send a mail every time you upload a blog.
7. Make money by renting your blog network
If you don’t want to actively blog, you can have others rent your network and charge a huge sum for it. Many SEO marketers seek this arrangement, so make sure to put yourself out there.
s8. Improve ranking of your products on Amazon
Instead of redirecting the link to your website or YouTube channel, redirect them to your Amazon product listing. The visitors will check out your product and many of them will purchase it, helping you improve your ranking.
9. Resell the domain
You can sell the domain back to its original owner at a higher cost and make a quick profit out of the deal.


The only con of using MyTrafficJacker is not finding the correct domain. If you have a very niche business, for example, selling personalized greeting cards, you will face difficulty in finding a broken link. In turn, it would mean that you will be losing out on the link juice.

Personal experience with MyTrafficJacker

Our personal experience with MyTrafficJacker has been nothing but incredible. I personally used it and saw quite good results. If you want to supplement with your main income with some passive income, it is a great way to start doing that. In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about the whole concept, but I was more and more impressed as the numbers grew.

It is too soon to tell how the website or the concept will work out in the future, but I am hoping for the best. It is a small investment that will reap you benefits in the long run. Till now, I did not have to worry about any lies, scams or misleading statements from the company. MyTrafficJacker software does work pretty much as described.


My Traffic Jacker Review Bonus


Name of Product MyTrafficJacker
Author(s) Joshua Zamora
Easy of Use ★★★★
Features ★★★★★
Support ★★★★
Quality ★★★★
Bonus YES

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

MyTrafficJacker Scam?

Nope, this is the farthest you can get from a scam. This software is truly amazing and quite useful. Honestly, most products by Joshua Zamora are generally very high-quality products!

Is there a MyTrafficJacker Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Joshua Zamora’s Traffic Jacker software. The price you will get this product will always be 37$!

There are other sites claiming they either have MyTrafficJacker Coupon or MyTrafficJacker Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, MyTrafficJacker Nulled or MyTrafficJacker Free is not a thing.

Final Verdict on MyTrafficJacker

I like MyTrafficJacker because it takes off the burden of SEO marketing and other time-consuming marketing techniques. Now that you know the many advantages it comes with, I am sure you are convinced about using MyTrafficJacker. Over time, you will build a strong network of people who are interested in the same things, which you can sell to businesses belonging to the same niche and earn extra bucks.

With this method alone, you can boost the daily visitor count. It is an automatic method, which allows you to concentrate on other things like product development, better customer service, and workplace productivity.

The best thing about MyTrafficJacker is that you don’t need to have a business to become a member. It is just as valuable to a college student wanting to earn more pocket money to a business owner wanting to increase sales and product reach. There’s a product for every type of person, who has a plan and a potential to earn money.

If you have any doubts or want to know more about the website, you can contact its business owners, Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables

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