Nopsbit Review

Nopsbit Review

Nopsbit Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

Find out if Nopsbit is worth it or not Below!


What makes a good Shopify theme? Is it the look? Is it high conversions? Nopsbit is a new Shopify theme on the market that claims to be the next best theme. By purchasing Nopsbit, you get a highly optimized theme that also includes all the tools and plugins you might need. But is it really that good? That’s what we’ll find out in this review today!

Nopsbit Price

But first, let’s get the price out of the way. Nopsbit is currently going for $149 if you want a single license, $249 for two licenses, and $439 for five licenses. This is fairly reasonable if you compare it with other pricier themes on the market.

First Impressions

Just by looking at the theme, it seems familiar like basically all the large dropship sites you can find online these days like if you remember. This is a good thing because while it caters for many products, it doesn’t look cluttered or messy. In fact, it seems very well organized and polished. This is obviously due to Nopsbit being designed more for stores with more extensive inventories.

Nopsbit Review

Like many Shopify themes these days, Nopsbit is uncomplicated to install. You do not require any technical or coding knowledge whatsoever. You can customize each and every element on your website via the web-based GUI system. You won’t have any additional monthly fees from buying apps either, as it comes with 14 premium extras that you can enable or disable as you wish.

You also get custom plugins, which we will discuss, but what everyone’s talking about is their currency switcher. With this plugin alone, you can save up to $9 a month on other Shopify apps. Nopsbit also has upsells and cross-sells included, so you don’t need to install third-party plugins that can slow your site down.

Layout – Homepage

Let’s start analyzing the Nopsbit homepage beginning at the top. There is a search box at the top on the screen and the customer account information on the right. The currency switcher is also placed here. Then scrolling down, you have the logo and main menu items that will drop down, offering even more products. Then on your right is the cart button and contact details. All these features are customizable as you wish, so you can switch them around to find your ideal layout.

Then, you have the image slider that spans the full page. While it looks nice, it isn’t practical as it slows down the page. Under this, you have your product information like a quality check, free shipping, money-back policies, etc. that are also fully customizable.

Moving on, you can also select from other collections. The images, here again, are large, so if you want to fit these spaces, your image must be in great resolution. You can also display (or not) product variants that go under these images.

You will also find a unique special deal option that, if you enable it, you will get all the product information on the screen. Scrolling along, there is a flexible banner that you can use to display any special offers. But if it were me, I’d also remove the banner as it causes the page to load slower. If you have a blog, the section below this is where you can promote your blog content. If you have an Instagram page, you can also advertise it here.

Page Footers

The page footer has four columns, and it looks just nice. There are four additional more options above these main four-footers, which you can include more information like shipping details or special features. However, if you have nothing to display, it’s best to disable it so your store will not look cluttered. Under this, you can display social media icons, your store newsletter, and other quick links. Most people will enjoy the flexibility of this section because you can really customize it freely as you wish.

Product Pages

Now to the product pages, it comes with your classic large image on the left with smaller photo series on the bottom, which customers can click through. Then on the right, you have all your product information, including the sale status, stock, and product reviews. If you have any ongoing offers, you can even inform your customers if it has ended.

Your shipping prices can also be displayed according to your customer’s IP address. This is a pretty cool feature. For example, if your customer is from Australia, then it will automatically state your customer’s shipping price to Australia.

You get ‘call to action’ buttons such as ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ that will take your customers straight to their checkout page. Customers can also wish list items that they want to save for future purchases.

Below this, you can put any information you want or disable it to remove clutter. After that, you have the main content with tabs that includes a description of the product, customer reviews, size chart, and shipping details. Whether you want to use them is completely up to you, and in my opinion, they look very polished.

While customers scroll down the product page, a sticky menu bar follows them that display the product name, quantity, and other variants. The price and add to cart button is also displayed here.

Cart Page

Cross-sells pop up each time your customer adds anything to their cart. Cross-sells are basically product recommendations that will go well with the product you intend to purchase. Other than that, the cart page is really straight forward with fully customizable features.

Other Additional Features

Premium apps are what make Nopsbit so popular because you don’t have to spend extra on a monthly subscription for additional plugins. With a single license, you get cross-sells, countdown timer, wishlist, product upsells, and much more.

You also get the exit intent pop up included, which a lot of stores love to use. This pop appears anytime your customer wants to navigate away from your page. The pop up can offer deals that will compel the customer to continue with their purchase.

Sales notification is also handy as it makes your products look desirable. It creates the illusion that many people are seeking your product, and if they want to get it, they must complete their transaction now.

Then, you have the sticky cart that will still be there even if a visitor clicks away after abandoning their cart.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile functionality is a crucial element if you want your business to stay ahead of the competition. Nopsbit looks excellent on mobile, and it makes it easy for customers if they’re going to purchase via mobile. You will find that most customers these days prefer shopping on mobile phones rather than desktops. The only thing I’d change is the add to cart button to appear more frequently throughout.

Is Nopsbit A Good Shopify Theme?

If you have a Shopify store with a large inventory or are planning to expand to an extensive list, at least, then Nopsbit is excellent for you. It is a theme specially designed to suit larger stores like the electronics or fashion stores that you see. I think Nopsbit is one of the best Shopify themes I’ve seen on the market. It is straightforward, and with full customizability, you can build a store that reflects your brand personality.

Another reason why I like Nopsbit is that is doesn’t look cluttered. If you disable all the unnecessary columns and features, you can even make it look very minimalistic.

Then, you also have mobile optimization. Nowadays, you need to have mobile functionality as an option for your customers. Sometimes they simply enjoy browsing on their phones, which is usually when spontaneous shopping occurs.

Overall, Nopsbit is a great all-rounded Shopify theme.

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