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Oberlo For Woocommerce: Should You Be Using The Oberlo Alternative For WooCommerce? (2021)

Find out what the Oberlo alternative is for Woocommerce!


Dropshipping is one of the most accessible business options for most people today. It requires little investment, and you don’t have to create your own product.

You just need to create a website listing different products directly from a manufacturer. Once someone buys on your store, you order the product with your customer’s address and your supplier takes care of shipping it.

It may sound a bit complicated, but you don’t really need to know a lot about the technical side of things since you have platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to help you set up your store.

Besides, apps like Oberlo help you even further by automating even more. That’s what takes us to our topic for today.

Can’t I use Oberlo with WooCommerce?

That’ll be a no. I know it’s hard to keep track of all the integrations, but Oberlo only works with Shopify, and tools for one platform won’t work for another.

If you didn’t know, Oberlo lets you build your site and run it without knowing anything about programming. With that ease, you’re probably wondering if there’s a similar tool if you already went for WooCommerce.

Well, you’re lucky; AliDropShip skips all the knowledge necessary to create your dropshipping business, and it’s the closest you can get to Oberlo for WooCommerce. Both are easy ways to build a business.

Is WooCommerce better than Shopify?

They’re both efficient platforms for selling products. The main advantage WooCommerce has over Shopify is that you have more control over your store, and that transfers from customization to actual ownership.

WooCommerce powers over a third of all internet stores today. Yes, many don’t see as much success as you’d think, but over 28,000 of the best-ranking websites around the world run on WooCommerce, and these aren’t limited to just stores.

The core difference between both platforms is how WooCommerce offers self-hosting. In other words, your files are kept on your server.

Shopify keeps its own servers, and they take care of your files; this is what we meant by ownership. This translates into less flexibility than WooCommerce. Yes, you can edit your site to your own liking, but you need premium themes for this.

Finally, WooCommerce is more flexible regarding pricing. Shopify offers less control when deciding which features you actually want to pay.

How good is AliDropship against Oberlo?

The 2 apps are great for reducing your time invested in your store.

Oberlo makes it easier to add products. You just need to click on the product you want on your store and it’ll show up in your catalog. Without Oberlo, adding several products takes a lot of time.

AliDropShip is quite similar, and you could consider it the same app – just for another platform. You can add several different items to your website within minutes, and the same applies to searching the products that interest you.

Order automation with AliDropShip

You can also make general order processing faster with AliDropShip. If you use it, you skip having to approve each purchase manually.

Sure, confirming orders manually might seem easy at first, but your impression will most likely change once you start seeing more orders coming in, which is your objective. As your website grows, you’ll find these tools more necessary.

While Oberlo and AliDropShip work fairly similar in this regard, AliDropShip has the edge here; the automation features from AliDropShip are cheaper.

Automating prices and inventory

These apps also save you from having to check whether or not a product is in-stock.

For instance, your items will continue to show as available even if your supplier runs out. It’s easy to frustrate your clients with this, so you don’t want out-of-stock products showing up until they’re available again.

You can check each product manually, maybe by contacting your suppliers or making a test purchase. However, Oberlo and AlidropShip let you know as soon as a product runs out. It also notifies you about any changes in your product’s price.

Sure, you still need to update your site’s prices yourself, but that’s far from being the annoying part. In this regard, AliDropShip is exactly like Oberlo – except for one advantage: having to change the price yourself only applies to Oberlo.

AliDropShip has a feature called “auto markup”. This feature lets you sell your products for an amount above the original price.

Let’s say your supplier has a product for $50 and you want to make $10 on every sale; you’d be selling it for $60. If your supplier changes the price to $60, then your website updates to a new price: $70 in this case.

You don’t even have to log into your account for these changes to occur. You can take days off, and the changes will still occur.

Which one is cheaper?

Oberlo offers a really good free trial. You can get 500 products maximum for a month; you can also ship 50 orders, and the automation and sales reports work in the same way. However, if you surpass 50 orders, you’ll need to pay for a plan right then.

After this trial runs out, you can go for the full Pro plan for $79, including all of the features from the platform, or pay $29 for the basic plan.

The basic plan gives you access to sell a maximum of 10,000 products and ship 500 max each month. Besides, you have access to the automation features, so it’ll be a while before you actually need to go for the $79 plan.

Add the $29 cheaper Shopify subscription to make your Oberlo budget graze the $60 mark.

On the other hand, AliDropShip doesn’t require you to pay a monthly subscription. Using it for life only has you pay $89 once. You can also access all of its functionality right from the get-go.

The functionality doesn’t limit itself to orders and pricing, but you can also update your images and descriptions automatically and track your orders.

Can anyone use it?

Basically, yes. If you have WooCommerce, you can install and activate AliDropShip. Just keep in mind that just as Oberlo doesn’t work for WooCommerce, AliDropShip doesn’t work for Shopify.

You can use AliDropShip to turn any WordPress websites into a dropshipping store, and you get a mailing list with the purchase.

That’s pretty much the only requirement.

AliDropShip is easy to use, and if you know your way around WordPress, then AliDropShip will be a walk in the park. You might have to learn if you don’t understand WordPress, but that’s more about learning the entire platform than just the plugin.

How to install it

It’s quite simple; after buying it, you’ll receive an email with the download link. Download the plugin and upload it from the “Plugin > Add new” section on your WordPress password.

If you have any discount codes, make sure to enter it during checkout after clicking on the right link.

After clicking on Upload Plugin, go to the folder where you downloaded your file from the email and hit “Install”. After the installation, just activate the plugin and enter the license key from your purchase to finish.


Not everyone knows this, but WooCommerce isn’t really worse than Shopify. It offers the same functionality, popularity, and it even lets you keep your own files on your server.

Sure, Shopify has become a synonym for eCommerce, but that’s because of how the platform itself is made around this business model, and dropshippers love it. However, WooCommerce is able to do the same, especially with the right plugins like AliDropShip.

In the end, it’s mostly all about what you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have websites on any of the platforms, then check out both before going for one. If you already have a WooCommerce site and feel unsure about dropshipping with it, then don’t worry; it works just as good as Shopify, and you might even save some money with it.

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