Oberlo Vs AliDropShip

Oberlo Vs AliDropShip

Oberlo Vs AliDropShip: Choose The Right One (2021)

Find out whether to pick Oberlo Or AliDropship!


What’s wonderful about dropshipping, and the internet in general, is that you have access to countless tools for your own advantage. Sure, you can learn how to program a website and create your own store from scratch, but it’s a lengthy process, and not everyone can handle coding.

That’s where eCommerce platforms jump into action and save many people’s days.

However, not all platforms are for everyone, and finding the right one is fundamental for success; not all solutions will offer the same tools, and not all have what you need for your business.

That’s why we’ll go through 2 of the most famous eCommerce solutions available today. We’ll compare Oberlo with AliDropShip, and you can expect to leave this article with a solid idea on which one you need.

About AliDropShip

AliDropShip is not really a full platform. It’s a plugin that adds strong automation features to a WordPress store. It’s the best solution for WordPress entrepreneurs, obviously. Luckily, WordPress is both seamless to use and free. Couple that with how installing AliDropShip is quick and simple, and you have a strong solution.

This plugin also gives you all the instructions you need to make the setup as easy as it can be. You just have to set up your site on WordPress and install your plugin. After that’s done, you only need to install the Chrome extension (just a few steps), and you’re ready to move attractive products from AliExpress right into your own dropshipping store.

You can also use this plugin to automate your order fulfillment process. Each time you get an order on your site, you just need one click to forward the order to your supplier from AliExpress.

Unlike most WordPress plugins, it’s priced at $89 on a single payment; the single payment will also give you lifetime access and free updates.

You can also get a WooCommerce complement instead of the standalone plugin. You can integrate AliDropShip into any single WooCommerce store and get advanced insight regarding sales and other elements.

Finally, the developer team also offers you customized services to make your online venture easier. You can have the team set up your store and take care of as much of the process as you want (and pay).

The service starts from just installing and setting up the AliDropShip plugin all the way to creating a personalized website ready for you to start handling orders and marketing.

About Oberlo

On the other hand, Oberlo is an app for Shopify, so it’ll be favored by entrepreneurs preferring a could solution for their stores. Oberlo is the best choice for people running (or planning to run) a Shopify store.

Oberlo itself is a plugin you can integrate into the Shopify platform, and it extends your access to several new tools you can exploit to improve your dropshipping store. After signing up to Oberlo, you can also use it to import your desired products into your store from your dashboard on Shopify.

You can add product markups for each import, and the site will use the payment gateway from Shopify as well as other features, so your customers can buy easily from your website.

This tool is quite unique as well. Yes, there are alternatives to this tool, but you’ll have a hard time finding the same level of depth and intuitiveness offered by Oberlo; even if you do, you’ll still want to access the same features.

Which one of the two is the best for your business?

Now, when comparing the two platforms, it’s easy to fall prey to the mindset of “let’s find the absolute best one”; this makes you forget the most important rule: what makes a tool “the best” is how it works with your goals.

There’s not a better tool, and your objective is to find one that adapts to your desires, budget, and knowledge.

People with little or no experience handling hosting, domains, and other related elements are likely to benefit more from using Oberlo and Shopify in general. You just have to sign up and start using your drag-and-drop editor to configure your site. Then, adding Oberlo is simple, and the same goes for finding and importing your product.

This first option is a seamless process that won’t demand any expertise on your behalf.

On the other hand, AliDropShip works with WordPress, so it’s already the best choice if you’re running your store on this platform. While the process is also easy, you do need to know about hosting and all that it entails. As an offset, WordPress offers more control over your website, and it offers more themes and plugins for free.

If you prefer the WordPress and AliDropShip approach and lack the necessary knowledge, you can still have the AliDropShip team set up everything for you, but you’ll have to invest a bit of extra cash for this service.

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