One Funnel Away Challenge Course Review (2021)

Find out if One Funnel Away Challenge Course is Worth It Or Not Below!

One Funnel Away Challenge Course Review

I’ve seen a lot of people speaking about a funnel-related challenge on social media, so I took the liberty to research (and discover) the One Funnel Away challenge.

ClickFunnels offers a lot of possibilities for growing your business as an affiliate marketer (or any online venture, actually), but learning and using the platform can be intimidating at first.

However, this “challenge” is actually a guide with a set goal in mind: teaching you the steps to learn your way around ClickFunnels and exploit its capabilities to the fullest.

Are you interested? Let’s go through this One Funnel Away challenge.

What Is it?

This challenge sells as the secret for harnessing all the power contained in ClickFunnels.

More accurately, the challenge is a guide detailing each step necessary to have a successful funnel in a single month (30 days). You also receive classes from 3 different coaches. We’ll go through each of them later, but for now, know that they’re Stephen Larsen, Julie Stoian, and ClickFunnels’ own Russell Brunson.

The FunnelHacker Community takes care of hosting this challenge, so you also have the opportunity to interact with the other entrepreneurs partaking in this challenge; you can reach out for help and even motivation while you go through the steps.

What do you get with The One Funnel Away Challenge?

You get a challenge book with 550 pages, a workbook, and a training MP3 player. Adding up the content and additional materials, you get a value of over $3,000. Therefore, you’re getting a bargain with this guide netting you only $100.

The workbook offers a challenge overview, including the tasks you must complete. The challenge book gives you the strategies from Two Comma Club’s top recipients, which offer inspiration. Lastly, the MP3 player lets you hear the challenge as you exercise or do your chores.

These lessons are excellent for much more than affiliate marketing. The teachings from each coach provide you with a lot of insight that can help your business, any business, reach the next level.

There’s a lot of content inside each item you get with the challenge. However, I’ll give you a brief overview of everything you’re getting so that you can have a general idea without spending an hour reading me.

Challenge Book

It’s a physical copy of the workbook. Do keep in mind that it’s an award winning work, so it’ll teach you the how to set up the best sales funnel you can get for your business, and it’s all in 30 days.

This is the most important element in the entire package, and if you follow it correctly, you’ll see results almost immediately.

30 days summit

This second item gives you access to a plethora of knowledge that can clear your mind towards the possibilities a good funnel gives you.

It gives you 30 interviews of people answering a single question: “what would you do if you suddenly lose everything?”

30 days book (Dot Com)

This is a breakdown of every interview provided in the previous section; the analysis is done by Russell Brunson.

The idea behind this steps plan is to let you understand how others used ClickFunnels to get into the Two Comma Club.

An MP3 player

The player contains all the recordings from the daily trainings from Russell. The recordings work as an audio book to help you understand better the requirements for you to become one of the big names using ClickFunnels.

You also get several digital products, including access to a private Facebook group for those taking the challenge.

What will you learn from it?

The challenge is divided into 5 weeks. The first one focuses on pre-training, forming the necessary mindset. After that, the other 4 weeks give you daily lessons sent via mail.

You mustn’t skip any lesson, for each one builds on the last one. You get assignments to help you practice all the things you’ve learnt.

Besides training, the other weeks offer the following:

  • The second week teaches you how to offer your products and hooking your potential customers with sequencing.
  • The third week strengthens your stories and overall hook for your clients: origin stories and how to test them.
  • The fourth week focuses on funnels. It goes through how funnels work, the elements, and how each step of a sales funnel functions.
  • The last week goes through “extra” knowledge. You get types of traffic, paid and earned hooks, and even how to overcome whenever a funnel fails.

The coaches in this guide

Russel Brunson

He’s the co-founder of the renowned ClickFunnels platform. He’s known as “The Strategist”, and he focuses on giving participants video recordings every day pertaining to the challenge.

He’ll teach you the mindset you’re going to need plus the strategies you need to employ for successful funnels. Of course, you’ll be getting personal tips for running everything smoothly. He also goes through offer crafting, and he explains the importance of this step to boost your funnel’s performance.

He gives you the foundations you’ll need to grasp the concepts and strategies.

Julie Stoian

Julie is known as “The Transformer”. The reason is that she’ll transform your dream into a reality thanks to her coaching. She’s also an entrepreneur and member of the Two Comma Club, and her coaching focuses specifically on how to do everything in the training.

Each video from her gives you the steps to put Russell’s lessons into practice; she’s the one who will help you make an effective funnel out of your plan.

Like Russell, she also works with ClickFunnels as the marketing vice president.

Stephen Larsen

Lastly, “The Executioner” will provide daily group calls (completely live) for coaching, giving you as much support as you’ll need for completing every day’s tasks.

He’s a fun and highly energetic person, so his sessions were one of my favorites parts from this challenge. Of course, Stephen –like the others –is also a Two Comma Club member.

Reasons to sign up for this course

This is basically the question you’re looking to answer by reading this guide, and the answer is very simple: it’ll keep you focused and working towards your goal.

That’s actually the main obstacle people face when they want to run any type of business: both online and brick-and-mortar. However, you’re receiving a full month’s worth of training, and you also have your full challenge kit and a private Facebook group to help you smooth any ends and keep you up whenever you feel a bit down.

You only need to pay $100 if you want to join this challenge. Also, that price is actually a favor –and not just because it’s cheap.

You see, you need to feel like you can lose something if you want motivation towards success. If you had gotten the training without paying anything, then it’s more likely that you wouldn’t care much for following strictly (or following it at all).

That fee’s objective is pretty much just for motivation and covering any costs from the kit and shipping.

Earning your money back through affiliate marketing

Of course, what’s a best bonus for affiliate marketers than being able to affiliate market this course? It’s one of the selling points of this course, and you can use it to take back anything you spent on the course.

In fact, just a single sale can guarantee you get your investment back: we’re talking about 100% commissions here.


You only need to invest around 1 hour each day to complete the training, but make sure to not fall behind too much, since catching up can make you waste time.

Reasons it may not be for you

This challenge isn’t for people with busy schedules or those who can’t really afford to spend 1 daily hour (if you don’t fall behind) on it. Likewise, you won’t get much out of this course if you don’t really put into practice (or can’t do it) all the things you learn from this training.

If you do plan on dedicating 1 hour per day to this course, the remember you need to do so for 30 days straight. This is also a good way to find out if you can really venture on any type of business. Not being able to put 30 hours over a full month into becoming a better marketer and understanding how online business works, then you should re-evaluate your priorities.

Lastly, of course, don’t take this course if $100 is too much for you to pay right now. It’s best to try when that doesn’t translate into risk.

Growing your business using the knowledge in this guide

You can create virtually anything you want if you combine basic programming knowledge with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The thing is: developing an excellent program requires more than just tools.

You need a direction and an approach to learning as you progress. It’s the same concept many people apply for most things in lives. Therefore, it’s as relevant when it comes to using ClickFunnels to build your business.

ClickFunnels offers you powerful features that you can use for building sales funnels into your marketing strategy and overall sales process. It’s a very solid platform, and it makes everything regarding online marketing, selling and web design much easier.

If you want to make the most out of this tool, then you need to understand how it works and how you can use it.

There are many ways you can learn how to use ClickFunnels, and you can find many methods that fit your learning style. However, this challenge is one of the best courses I’ve seen for learning how to exploit ClickFunnels.

Why I bought the One Funnel Away challenge

I signed up for it because I get almost everything dictated by Russell Brunson. He has a lot of knowledge and secrets, and he always has a new trick under I’ve never thought about before.

Naturally, I just had to get this course as soon as I saw it was released and how much it costed. I’ve always wanted to see how much you could do with ClickFunnels, and using it can be intimidating when you’re new; even if you use it every now and then, it can be difficult to master it completely.

Using ClickFunnels can be the foundation for a great business, but its fundamentals can also be applied to many other platforms. Naturally, this course seemed like the best way to get a good grasp on those fundamentals.

I had a lot of courses in my mind at the time. The internet offers a lot of content, and quite a good portion of it can be excellent. However, online reviews are always a great way not to go blindly into something just to end up disappointed, so I skimmed through a lot just to make sure I don’t miss a better offer.

However, my first impression was right, and everything led me to the idea that the One Funnel Away challenge was the most value I could get for $100.

Additional information on the course

To summarize, you pay 100$ for the entire kit. That includes the membership area, the 30-day coaching, video missions, physical copies for both the workbook and the challenge view, the interview collection, and the interview breakdown. Of course, throw in the MP3 player with the training as well.

Basically, you’re paying $100 for something that could cost all the way to over $3,000. I’m not speaking about gurus selling this content for an inflated price; I’m talking that’s the real value of the content. $3,000 is a price tag I’d still consider paying.

You get your own challenge kit right at your doorstep as soon as you sign up for the program. It gives you the MP3 player, digital interviews, and the hardback 30-day and the challenge book.

If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do with all of that, don’t worry. Using the kit is easy, much more so than learning to use ClickFunnels without any help.

First, go and take a look at the hardcover book.4

That’s an amazing read; I’d recommend it to anyone who wishes to create their own successful venture. It’s the creation of both the author and the two experts known to make over $1,000,000 using ClickFunnels.

Each expert also answers the question of what would they do if they lost everything suddenly. That includes money, reputation, and all resources. This book contains all the steps they’d take if they had only their experience and 30 days to recover everything.

Following this book is a great idea even if it’s not your first time working with ClickFunnels. You’ll learn a significant amount of experience, and you’ll also familiarize more with the platform with each day that passes as long as you stick to the schedule.

If you want to implement your ideas and attempt to make the strategy even better, then go ahead. The objective is that you learn how to use ClickFunnels and how the real experts would do the same if they had to start from zero.

After you’re done, take a look at the challenge workbook. You get new tasks each day of the challenge. Completing these tasks will teach you more about the ClickFunnels platform, how to build your funnels, and how to go live.

The best approach is to use the workbook and the training videos in tandem each day.

The book is organized professionally, and you have a lot of space if you want to add notes. You also get links to extra resources for expanding the knowledge you’re given here. It even links to an online workbook that can be useful once you start the challenge. If you don’t receive the workbook before the challenge begins, this is very useful.

Lastly, you have the MP3 player. No, you won’t be using it for listening to music or anything. This player contains over 40 hours’ worth of live interviews, coaching, and much more. It’s great to keep your training going while doing chores, working out, or doing any errand. It also saves you space on your other devices since the files can be quite large.

In general, the One Funnel Away course is one of the best ways you can learn how to use ClickFunnels to speed up your online venture and be on the best path towards millions in profit.

You’re even told exactly how to get that with the included guidebook. It’s a great investment if you want to use ClickFunnels as the key to the future you want, and it’s just $100.


Money back guarantee

This course offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all members. In fact, its refund policy may make you feel a lot better in case you’re someone who judges a business by this issue.

Russell promises all members that they won’t even think about asking for their refund. He states the knowledge and experience you’ll gain as the reason behind such a high satisfaction rate.

However, if the course didn’t live up to your expectations, felt out-of-date, or simply didn’t have enough content to justify the price you paid, then you can ask for your refund. You only need to do so within 30 days since you paid for it, and you won’t have to answer any questions.


Though just by a little, the course’s price does vary depending on how you want to get access to it: physically or digitally.

The $100 tag is for the digital version of the course. If you prefer to go with the physical version, then it’ll cost you $119.95. However, that additional $19.95 simply covers the shipping price.

Do note that the refund is still $100 if you got the physical version.

Content inside the physical version

You get the hard copy of the 30-day book, a workbook (spiral-bound), and an MP3 player that contains all of the course modules for you to listen. It includes both daily training and some live sessions from Stephen’s coaching.

Is having your own products essential?

The course isn’t meant solely for eCommerce ventures.

The challenge focuses on funnel creation, driving traffic, optimizing your site for conversions, using memberships, how to use sequences for your offers, and similar topics.

It’s all knowledge that you can apply to any type of business you want to run, not just dropshipping or online stores. Anyone offering a service online can use the content in this course to boost their business.

Affiliate programs inside the course

As I already mentioned, yes, it does offer an affiliate program.

In fact, it’s one of the best deals you can get: 100% commission on all the sales you get. If that’s not enough, any purchases from your referred into ClickFunnels products or the platform itself will get you 40% of its price.

Registering is free as long as you purchased at least one copy of the challenge. Luckily, selling one course gives you your entire investment back.

You can even use the knowledge in this course to market it!

Is a ClickFunnels subscription necessary?

The course teaches you general knowledge about using and optimizing your funnels plus some tricks for getting more traffic.

You can use many different platforms for creating funnels, and most (if not all) of the knowledge here will work just fine.

Therefore, no, you don’t need to use ClickFunnels.

If you don’t, you’re only missing out on some funnel templates exclusive for the platform and a bit of content that focuses on it.

However, ClickFunnels is a great platform, and the templates and videos on it are quite valuable, so you should at least try the 2-week free trial version.

Skills required

You only need to know how to use your computer and surf the internet.

That’s just for finding and getting the course.

One Funnel Away challenge community

Taking the challenge automatically makes you a FunnelHackers Community member. You can ask any questions you want regarding the course and even internet marketing in general.

In addition, you can also learn from other users’ experience; there are many successful entrepreneurs inside this community, so it’s great value you’re getting for free (and for a lifetime).

If you’re feeling confident, you can even clear up the doubts of new course members.


The One Funnel Away challenge is one of the best training courses I’ve found for ClickFunnels and online marketing in general. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that this is my favorite course on the topic, specially compared with others in both content, price, and the relation between both.

You’re learning how to use the platform from one of its founders. Completing the challenge is easy; you only need a few things to make a living just by using ClickFunnels.

You need to master the knowledge inside this course. After that, you must develop all the skills you’ll need for every lesson and grow your confidence. The last requirement is using that knowledge and those skills to grow whatever business you have.

The best part is that all of those skills and experience are things you’re going to learn from the course.

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