Parallax Shopify Theme Review

Parallax Theme Review

Parallax Shopify Theme Review (2021)

Find out if the Parallax Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


Choosing the right theme for your Shopify store is crucial as it reflects directly to your brand. Your Shopify store sets you apart from your competitors, so it is important to personalize it according to the theme of your brand. Not just that, you need to ensure that it has all the features to drive higher conversion rates and get sales going.

Besides looking good, it also has to be functional and easy to navigate so that your customers have a pleasant experience when purchasing your products. Satisfied customers might even leave a review, which will amp up your store image and increase the trust of future buyers. With so many themes out there, today we will take a look at the Shopify Parallax theme. We’ll break down the key features and benefits to see if it’s worth your money.

What is the Shopify Parallax Theme?

Out of the Sandbox are known for creating premium, and award-winning Shopify themes, and the Parallax theme is one of them. The theme’s home page is captivating at one glance as it has a full-width banner.

The Parallax theme is also different due to its unique scrolling style and entirely customizable features. The scrolling style encourages customer interaction and makes the website dynamic. It comes in three different styles that you can choose from, such as Los Angeles, Aspen, Vienna, and Madrid, all of which we will take a closer look at this review. You can select the styles based on your preference, but they all have similar features and components.

Los Angeles

This theme style comes with a color palette of black and white with sans and sans serif for font style options. You might think black and white is dull, but the Los Angeles style uses the colors in a way that makes it appear chic and minimalist. This style would be suitable for fashion niches. With a widescreen slideshow, you have a platform to showcase lifestyle photos or even posts from influencers who are working with your brand to increase engagement. 

The header is minimalistic, so it doesn’t clutter your customer’s view — display category tiles below the slideshow, which will lead customers to their desired collections page. 

Scrolling down the theme, you can display full-width banners to feature products, as seen in media logos and an image gallery. Then, move on to include some customer testimonials and promote your social media. Here, you can also add an email signup form. 

At the product page, you can display all the necessary information your customer needs before making their purchase. This information, such as product details, sizing, shipping information, can be organized in tabs, so it doesn’t look cluttered. You can also include a size guide, which is usually a bonus. 

Each time a customer adds something to their cart, a slide-outslide-out cart will appear where they can have a summary of what they’ve purchased so far. They can also edit the number of their items. Optimized for mobile devices, the design looks chic and seamless.


This theme style is highly customizable with its flexible framework. With a user-friendly interface, it has dynamic features and captivating imagery that will speak to your customers.

The header is fixed at the top even as you’re scrolling. The display slideshow on the homepage allows you to advertise your products and lifestyle imagery that transitions after a few seconds. Here, you can also include a button that directs customers to a specific collection. Under this, you can add images, icons, or text to advertise your store, and why customers should trust in your brand. Below this, you can consist of video content to captivate your audience’s attention and further build the trust with them. The more you keep customers engaged, the more “face-time” you have with them.

Going along the page, you can display a full-width banner with a quote and an email sign up field. You can also feature products here. The product page has a lot of white space to bring out product images and your add to cart button. Its rounded font styles are straightforward and clear to read. You can display more images and key selling points about your products as the customer scrolls down the product page. Each time they add something to their carts, another summary cart slides out where customers can also leave a note for the seller. Aspen is optimized for mobile devices, and it looks fantastic.


The Vienna theme style is all about using visuals to entice your customers. With a dark background and rounded font styles, it comes with a broad platform for slideshows, images, and videos. The full-width banner is hard to miss as you enter the home page. This is where you can add videos that enter a full-screen mode as you click play. Choosing the same dark background would be wise to create contrast for essential details such as your logo, texts, and primary navigation. 

Display two featured products below the banner, which would trigger product pop up pages when customers click on the plus icon in each thumbnail. From here, customers can instantly add products to their cart.

You can display another full-width banner under featured products. You will also have a section for customers to enter their email address for newsletters to help you build your email list. 

As you scroll further, here, you can advertise unique selling points, slideshows, and even customer testimonials. You can also include blog posts, another full-width banner, an image gallery, or featured products.

The footer section is straightforward, where you can include a contact us page, links to social media, or quick links to specific collections. There’s also another email sign up form.

The product layout has a pyramid structure where the crucial information is advertised above the fold. You can display more information or product pictures further down the page. With tabs, you can organize your information so that it doesn’t look cluttered. You will need to install a third-party app for this feature if you’re using a standard Shopify app, which usually looks awkward as it doesn’t go with the theme.

Testing out the Parallax theme on mobile will make you like it even more as navigation is seamless. The menu is revealed when you click on the hamburger icon by a simple slide. As

you scroll on mobile, the background images remain constant.


The Madrid style appears more out there and techy compared to the other styles, which makes it suitable for tech products. The color palette is simple, with tall fonts that give it a clean-cut look and feel.

On the home page, you can display a banner in full-screen to advertise product features and other finer details. Under it, get your unique selling points across to set your brand apart from others. Take your customers on a journey about your product from start to finish, like telling a story. 

Products listed on the homepage can also be viewed quickly by ‘quick view.’ Let’s not forget the section for customers to enter their email address so that you can build your marketing list. And of course, there is also a section to display blog posts, customer testimonials, or as featured in media logos.

The product page is simple, so that the product images and add to cart button stands out.

Testing out the theme on mobile will show you a chic design with effortless transitions.

Features of the Parallax theme

  • Add videos to capture attention and maximize engagement.
  • The header stays put as you scroll so that customers don’t have to scroll back up if they need to navigate.
  • The Parallax scrolling effect makes your store unique.
  • High-quality pictures will stand out and have a positive effect on your business and brand personality.
  • Customers can instantly add items to their carts without going to a separate page.
  • Customers can filter products by price, type, and best sellers.
  • Hovering over product images, customers can zoom in to enhance smaller details. 
  • Slide-outSlide-out cart is an excellent feature as it provides a summary and even allows customers to edit their carts.
  • Customer testimonials are a great way to enforce trust with customers.
  • Google maps allow customers to locate your store easily.
  • It also includes a spot to display your Instagram feed.

Benefits of the Parallax theme

  • With only a one-off payment, save money on add-ons as the theme gives you everything you need. 
  • Updates automatically occur when needed and are entirely free. You won’t have to worry about a thing after the initial signup. 
  • Support is excellent with a bunch of free video tutorials and guides. There is also the theme Help Center that’s always ready to help.

What are users saying about the theme?

With a 5 out of 5 stars and 41 reviews, need I say more? Here are the main plus points that other customers have pointed out:

  • The customization ability is excellent as you can add your personal touch that coincides with your branding.
  • All the styles included in this theme function flawlessly with seamless navigation. Not to mention, they look modern, professional, and just plain awesome.
  • The support team is excellent as they respond quickly to requests and are super friendly and patients with customers.


The look and feel of the Shopify Parallax theme deserves a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. With such an affordable price, its bang for your buck as it will make customers instantly fall in love with your brand. Let’s not forget how simple it is to set up and customize, allowing you to feature your brand as much as you like. In the end, you’ll have a store that looks like it’s been created by an experienced graphic designer. Also, mobile optimization is a huge plus! Everyone mostly shops on their phones these days, and the ability to have this chic design with its excellent navigation is a huge plus. Its also ahead of its time as not every theme is optimized for mobile devices. Out of the Sandbox has done it again with another incredible theme for Shopify users. If you have any inquiries, you can reach out to their ever-helpful support theme.

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