Peng Joon Course Review: Worth it Or Not? (2021)

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Peng Joon Review

Online marketing is on the rage recently as many people jump on the bandwagon to ‘financial freedom.’ You can see this sudden growth with the boom of self-acclaimed online entrepreneurs selling their very own secret to success as eBooks or online courses. The reason for my skepticism here is because it’s not as easy as these online entrepreneurs claim it to be. Yes, you can achieve financial freedom and all that good stuff via online marketing, but what nobody seems to share is the amount of hard work it takes to kick off.

And as most of these so-called ‘teachers’ are self-acclaimed, you need an article like this to help you decide if the course you want is worth it or right for you. This review aims to do just that. We’ll provide an in-depth review of one of the recent up and coming online marketer, Peng Joon. Who is Peng Joon? Are his courses worth it? Are they the right ones for you? Today we aim to uncover that, so let’s get started!

Who is Peng Joon?

Peng Joon started his business in the gaming niche, where he started off selling gaming guides in the form of eBooks. eBooks are great because they’re so simple to put together and require little to no cost. After seeing success in his strategy, he then successfully replicated and scaled his business into other niches. He has since built several websites, launching a variety of online products and creating meaningful collaborations along the way.

Peng Joon’s story is your typical rags to riches story, and hence I guess why people find him relatable and are comfortable seeking his advice. After achieving his well-deserved success, he then moved on to public speaking and sharing his strategies and tips to beginner entrepreneurs. And from here is where he decided to launch several programs to further share his knowledge, as well as several marketing events. For example, Joon hosts an annual Internet Mastery Retreat, where he teaches his tested marketing strategies.

Joon’s social media is what you would expect from an online marketer, with an impressive 29,000 subscribers and 850,000 views on his YouTube channel. His channel is also where he continues to share ideas on wealth building, offering his tried and tested strategies. His Instagram following is also pretty impressive, with 241k followers. He also posts several marketing insights on top of his lifestyle pictures on his Instagram. So, according to his massive following on his several platforms, I guess you can take it as proof that he’s found success in his strategies.

Programs and services offered by Peng Joon

Altogether Peng Joon has provided 8 types of products available for sale, and you can find them on his website. These courses include a variety of downloadable online books and courses. It’s also no surprise that Peng Joon uses ClickFunnels to market his Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books. All professional online marketers know the benefits of ClickFunnels. He uses his book as a lead magnet, letting you get it for free (only pay for shipping) in exchange for your details. This is how most smart entrepreneurs build their email marketing lists. We’ll now take a look at what Peng Joon’s courses have to offer and also to help you figure out which one is the best option for you.

1. Million Dollar Ads

Million Dollar Ads is one of Joon’s physical books that you can receive via the mail. Here he shares his strategies in running successful online ad campaigns from his years of experience in this field. He shares his winning ideas as he takes you through the whole process. He shares that his strategies are replicable as long as you tweak it a little for different niches.

2. Videos Challenge

Video advertisements are the way forward in online marketing, and Peng Joon has received his success mostly through this method. Hence, this online course aims to teach non-tech savvy entrepreneurs like you and me to create professional videos for your business. It doesn’t just cover the editing part, and he also teaches you what to say and how to speak in front of the camera. This will come in handy, especially for those who are camera shy.

3. Content Multiplier Formula

This is another one of Peng Joon’s physical books, so you can expect to receive it via post. Content Multiplier Formula walks you through three steps in sharing useful content, which is Publish, Automate, and Monetize. Through his experiences, he has successfully used this method to achieve great lengths.

4. Platform Closing

In Platform Closing Peng Joon shares about the ways, you can present information no matter what platform you use. He stresses the importance of building a loyal audience who share the same passion with your brand. This is more important he stresses, than getting a one-time sale. Learn how to monetize your content and multiply it by sharing to get the sales coming in.

5. Event Codex

Event Codex is an online course that most will consider expensive as it’s priced at $1,997, but it’s worth it if you think about the returns. Here, Peng Joon talks about selling high ticket products, including planning, filling, and monetizing events from scratch. This course is mostly targeted to people who enjoy speaking in front of large audiences.

6. Internet Income Intensive

Peng Joon also conducts free seminars every once in a while, and this is one of them. He explains how to build a sustainable income through successful business models of affiliate marketing. He shares a five-step process where the result is automation. I’d say this course is more suitable for beginner online marketers.

7. FB Secrets

FB Secrets is another one of Peng Joon’s more expensive courses at $997. You will learn how to run successful Facebook Ads that can be applied to every niche where he claims you can achieve 9-1 investment returns. He teaches you how to create these Facebook ads from scratch and how you can effectively monetize them.

8. Proven Presentations

Peng Joon keeps giving with another one of his free seminars. However, it does seem this works as a sort of a lead magnet as he attempts to upsell his full courses as you progress. You do learn some practical presentation skills, so its worth to take a look.

9. Internet Mastery Retreat

This retreat is an annual one, and you need to be on Peng Joon’s marketing list in order to receive exclusive invites.

Are His Products Worth The Money?

As you can see, Peng Joon offers a variety of courses, from free seminars to paid programs. His paid programs are quite hefty; however, if it’s for you, then I think its worth it. His range of courses also applies to different groups of people. Some of it is for beginners, and some for advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless, most of Peng Joon’s courses are suitable for those already with basic knowledge of online businesses. I say this because he doesn’t offer many introductory courses, so you might need some basic knowledge, to begin with. His classes are more geared towards refining marketing knowledge and trying out other strategies that you might not have heard of before. I, for one, believe that to succeed, you need to keep learning and trying out different approaches. eCommerce is a broad topic, and many people find success differently, so its good to familiarize yourself with everything.

Moreover, Peng Joon also mostly teaches about public speaking and personal presentation as he often advocates speaking in front of a huge crowd. Yes, this might help one to succeed, but it’s not for everyone. Not everyone likes to put their face out there as he does, and these people still often find success.

In my opinion, you should start with Peng Joon’s free materials that are mostly available on YouTube. If you like what he’s saying, then you can slowly start with his books that only costs less than $20. $20 is quite a little sum to sacrifice for knowledge as I believe learning is priceless. And if you have the budget for his more expensive programs, you can also give them a try. However, I wouldn’t pay that much as you can probably get a lot of free information online that’s already included in his courses. You can then save this money to reinvest into your business like running ads etc.

Alternative to Peng Joon

As I mentioned earlier, Peng Joon’s courses aren’t exactly for beginners, as you will need some basic knowledge. I guess he’s relating to people who want to achieve what he’s achieved himself. That is people who already have established online businesses or have a basic following on the internet.

If you’re a beginner and you want something more your level, you should check out affiliate marketing or dropshipping. These two opportunities do not require a lot of experience or upfront costs to start, so it’s perfect for beginners. If your business kicks off, you can even sell it eventually and move on to other more significant things like what Peng Joon is preaching. What I’m trying to say is that you will have assets with these opportunities.

If you don’t know anything about these two opportunities, let me elaborate briefly. Affiliate marketing is where you market other people’s products and get a commission cut when someone purchases it via your recommendation. Dropshipping also works pretty similar except that you will be in contact with the supplier and customer directly. Dropshipping is more of a hands-on task, and while it’s not that hard to set up, it does require some hard work at the start to help your business kick-off. The good news is that both these opportunities offer the same end result, and that is financial freedom.

I suggest hopping on a course to get more extensive details on both these opportunities. Courses are great as you get the A to Z of any of these business models. However, as there are many courses out there, I’ll give you some recommendations on my personal favorites. These courses have helped me when I was starting out, and without them I won’t be where I am today.

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing requires the least amount of startup and arguably less work and risk than a dropshipping business. Savage Affiliates is the course I’ve used to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. it comes with a bunch of online marketing strategies to help you acquire significant commissions.

Dropshipping – You’ve probably heard of an eCommerce store before. Dropshipping is a great option as you don’t need any inventory since the products you market come straight from supplier to customers. eCom Elites is a great course for beginners as you learn everything from store creation, product research, etc.

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