Pexda Review (2021)

Find out if Pexda is Worth It or Not Below!

Pexda Review

If you have a dropshipping business, or you are in the middle of starting one, you will soon realize the frustrations of finding winning products. Not only does it take time, but most of your efforts are also usually futile. Nevertheless, today we have tools that we can use to speed up this process and minimize the frustrations. One such tool that is known to be a useful product hunting tool is Pexda. In this review, we will find out all we need about Pexda, and uncover whether it is a reliable product hunting tool for your business.

What is Pexda?

Pexda is known in the eCommerce market as one of the best product hunting sites in the industry. Pexda is an industry favorite due to its extensive product database and other marketing tools that can help businesses to launch and grow. No matter what dropshipping platform you use, you can use Pexda.

What does Pexda do?

A traditional product hunting method would be going through pages of suppliers, analyzing a ton of marketing data, and compiling a bunch of product research from scratch. As a beginner, you will probably have to do this yourself. And with being a beginner, you will probably take a long time and meet more frustrations along the way. If you use Pexda, it will automatically do everything for you, providing you with this information on your online dashboard.

Pexda features

Extensive database of products

Pexda’s extensive product database is undoubtedly the main reason why so many new business owners use the platform. It is not just merely a list of products, but it includes hot sellers that can help boost your store and make big profits. You will get access to winning products that are always receiving updates. This means that you will get the latest new products for every season. And with this information, you can always be sure to stay ahead of your competition. Although extensive, the database is presented in a very organized manner, including high-quality images and comprehensive details. You will get information like how long the product has been listed, how many people placed orders, and even the potential of the product.

Intuitive search tool

Usually, searching through such a massive database can be overwhelming, especially with so many different types of niches. Fortunately, Pexda has a great search tool where you can filter by niches or other filters. Whether you want to search for products in hobbies, fashion, and beauty, hiking, outdoors, or the various categories, you can find the trending products. Besides the filter option, you can also sort products by trending products, newest products, or the current hottest products. Therefore, you do not even have to browse for the winning product, sort it accordingly. For even more specific browsing option, you can sort through Facebook Ad filters such as likes, shares, and comments. However, this select sorting is only available on individual paid subscriptions.

Product descriptions and videos

Product details and descriptions are crucial as customers will usually buy according to what they see and read. So, you need engaging product pictures and videos and captivating narratives. You can copy these descriptions to use for your product marketing. Each product also comes with free video adds that you can use to advertise on selling platforms. Videos are a great way to enhance audience engagement. Downloading video advertisements from Pexda will prevent your store from encountering any copyright problems as Pexda subscribers have permission to use all video adverts for products.

Competitor Facebook adverts

Facebook adverts are a good marketing strategy if you want to reach its massive user base. Millions of people scroll Facebook each day. Marketing your products on the platform is indeed very lucrative. Pexda allows you to have access to current Facebook ads that are getting positive reactions. You can use them to get some ideas on how you can create engaging ads for your products.

Product profit metrics

Product profit metrics is another added benefit of using Pexda, as it will show you all the details relating to product costs so you can plan your business accordingly.

Supplier information

Once you find your ideal products, Pexda also makes it easy for you to start selling the product by providing you with supplier details. This way, you can also ensure that these suppliers are legitimate.

Potential winning products

Potential winning products are products that Pexda predicts will have good sales in due time. Although this isn’t a sure win, it is an excellent way to get ideas on some potential products.

Chrome extension

The latest Google Chrome extension includes AliExpress targeting, auto search, and Pexda requests.

Pexda Pricing Options

Standard features:

  • Unlimited daily products
  • Facebook Ad reporting
  • Targetting suggestions
  • Product advertisement copy and videos
  • AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and other store reports
  • Auto Hunt tool
  • All round customer support

Standard – $1.95 for 14 days ($14.95 per month after 14 days)

You get the standard features with the Standard package, which starts at a small amount to give you a sort of trial for 14 days. Then, once you decide to subscribe full time, it will be $14.95 per month.

Premium – $24.95 per month

The Premium subscription includes all the standard features, and a few other extras, including instant access to new products. This early access will give business owners an edge as you get to know the products before anyone else.

Ultimate – $99.95 per month

For the Ultimate package, members will get exclusive access to exclusive products that no one will have access to. What this means is you have the opportunity of selling a good product with low competition.


Pexda is a platform that will answer all your product research needs. The platform has a lot to offer, and would be perfect for beginners to experienced dropshippers alike!