Plug&Paid Review: Sell Anything Without A Website Instantly (2021)

Find out if Plug&Paid is Worth It or Not Below!

Plug&Paid Review

Plug&paid allows all types of businesses to convert any website, blog, forum, and social media page into an online store – immediately. It works as an online shopping cart solution. It has proved to be a useful tool by converting visitors into paying customers. It provides a quick way of purchasing the products using customizable buttons, links, or widgets without requiring leaving the website, blog, or forum.

If the website owners use Plug&paid, they need to make a lot of moderations to their website’s design. These features of Plug&paid makes it a perfect ecommerce solution for those sellers who want to earn quickly.

The best part is that it doesn’t need any technical expertise to sell your product. You only have to copy and paste the HTML snippet, which is system-generated and or short URL to your website’s code. If your visitor clicks the link, he will reach the seller’s shopping cart, ending with the purchase process. All this results in hassle-free conversions and quick revenue.


If you are looking at a quick way to sell onlinone, this is a good bet. While it’s not as complex as WooCommerce, it does hold promise. Here is why.

Your website becomes an instant store

It gives you an easy way of turning your website to an online store that requiring any technical expertise of your website’s structure. You don’t waste much time strategizing the promotion of your store. You only copy and paste the snippet into your site, and it will appear like a link, button, or widget to your visitors.

You have to be a bit careful about the location of the widget. Display it somewhere where you can get more engagement. With this, your customers will not have to open it in another window. Basically, Plug&paid simplifies the entire purchase process offering a professional experience to your visitors.

Integrates easily with prominent payment gateways

Plug&paid easily integrates with apps like PayPal, Alipay, and Biytpay, giving your customers several payment options. All of these options are highly secure, adds more credibility, and attract more paying customers generating more revenue.

Now, the platform is available in more than 20 languages, so you can sell in more places. Integrate carrier shipping rates from popular choices like UPS or DHL in a few clicks.

What did we love the most?

You can embed a shopping cart just about anywhere. Strategically placing it on the site can help you boost revenues.

It contains all ecommerce essentials like digital content delivery and computerized EU complaints to turn your website into a complete, reliable online store.


Plug&paid can act as an excellent tool for getting quick conversion rates. Having all the necessary elements you would need in an online store, it allows you to make revenue even without owning a store.