Profit365 Review: Scam or Legit? (2021)

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Profit365 Review

You’re probably here because you’ve heard about the Profit365 money-making system by Jamie Lewis. You either want to know if it’s a legitimate system or a scam like the many other rumours that’s been going around. You’ve come to the right place. In this review, I will give you my honest opinion of Profit 365 and whether or not you should invest in this ‘money-making’ system. I will also provide a solution or alternative eCommerce business if you’re interested at the end.

What is Profit365

Profit365 is one of the many ‘money-making’ system by creator Jamie Lewis. The reason I use air quotes is because the system doesn’t really help you make money, as we will understand further along this review. From the outside, I can see many similarities with other sites like Easy Cash Club. They all seem to be using the same structure and script to market their product. Is Profit365 just another scam? Or is this one finally a legitimate system like Jamie Lewis promises? Lets find out.

How Does Profit365 Work?

From the video on their sales page, I can tell you that this is a tactic to lure people in with shiny and unreachable promises. Their sales video is just a bunch of people boasting their achievements without really explaining how they got there. And with the low price point, people rarely think twice before signing up only to realize they’ve been bamboozled.

How Profit365 Traps You

Profit365 seems to model an affiliate marketing business where Jamie Lewis says he will ‘flood your affiliate link with traffic from across the internet’. If you’re an experienced internet marketer like myself, you will know that there is no such thing. Affiliate marketing can be a rewarding business but you need to get everything right and spend time to nurture the business. You will gain traffic gradually by putting out good content on any online platform and this definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen as easily as Jamie Lewis puts it. Also, being behind so many scam sites, I doubt he is the person to trust when it comes to ‘money-making’ system. If he really did find something that can make money overnight, then why is he still trying to scam people with fake sites after fake site?

Instead, Jamie can make a significant amount of profits from this and it will also help him build his email marketing list. This list can then be used to regularly blast his newer scams to entrap more people. So, even if you can get a refund from Profit365, you might not escape the email spams.

Is Profit365 a Scam?

There is no real ‘system’ with Profit365. Their marketing is just a bunch of lies. The only upside about Profit365 is that its sold on ClickBank so you can get your money back within 60 days. Other than that, subscribing will get you nothing and definitely what they keep promising. It’s just simply impossible to gain traffic overnight unless you have a platform where you post regular content to keep the traffic coming. Traffic also has to be high-quality, meaning viewers who have high rates of converting into paying customers. If the traffic are low-quality, then its just a waste of time as it won’t be converted into a sale.

Last Words

I definitely won’t be recommending this Profit365 by Jamie Lewis. Firstly, I just don’t trust the guy since I’ve exposed countless of his products on this site. Secondly, there is just no way you can gain traffic so easily. I also find this sort of an insult on affiliate marketers like myself who’s worked hard to grow my traffic and business. Thirdly, Profit365 just has all the red flags of a classic Jamie Lewis scam site. Its like he just renames his other platforms! I hope less people fall for this because this is what still keeps him afloat! If fewer people fall for it then he won’t be able to benefit from this scam any longer. The only person who benefits is Jamie Lewis himself! There are a few signs you can identify such as the one-page sales website, the generic testimonials, the vagueness, and even do some digging on the creator. Chances are, he created other scam sites which should be enough to hinder you from signing up without doing any research. Even if you’ve fell for the scam, its not too late if you’re within 60 days as you can get a refund from ClickBank.

Profit365 Alternative

Now, I have personally tried many businesses online and honestly, a lot of the businesses just suck for a complete beginner. This is because either they are blatant scams or they require a ton of experience and money.

Guys I have literally reviewed over 150+ courses on my blog which claim to make you millions of dollars overnight or just contain poor information for a large fee.

Believe it or not, there are actually good programs out there which have value-packed information, are super affordable and transparent.

If you want an honest long term sustainable online business which can make you earn a full-time income at home without any bosses you can check out Savage Affiliates Program. (This does require work on your part, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can read my review on it here!)

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