PushEngage Review: Push Notifications For WordPress Websites (2021)

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PushEngage Review

Websites run updates on their live content, requests readers to subscribe and share, and wait for people’s reaction to posts. Being applied to Blogs, these trend approaches push you to look for notification services that could help you pass information to your readers in an efficient way – with a click.

Push Notification is essentially a post notification, which is updated in your app when your content is or new content is published. For example, Twitter has a similar practice, which led people to other apps and websites they are most likely to be interested in, ultimately increasing their traffic. But in a world where most people are hooked onto push notification experiences on their smartphones, encouraging this practice on your website seems like a wiser idea.

Being a concerned online marketer or blogger and even established business, you’ll be looking for a push notification service that can help you increase your readers’ retention. In short, you want to know what they think, what they read and what they don’t. To gather this information, you are here to find a suitable way to update your readers using push notifications. If you also want to present your posts in a more aesthetic way and gain interactivity with your readers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be reviewing PushEngage, a WordPress plugin that can do just that.

What Is The PushEngage?

PushEngage is a push notification service provider which uses empowers you to use push notifications to notify your readers and followers for the updated live content.

PushEngage plugin is available on WordPress plugin repository. It is hardly impactful to get used to and thus, is an easy and effective way to deliver notifications to the followers without having to shell out extra bucks on a dedicated app.

This Push Channels WordPress plugin will work on your own servers that already have created a target audience, which is your readers. The channels work according to certain rules and processes set by the push service which send notifications.

The only thing you need is a WordPress site and a PushEngage account. You can read about this great service in a few minutes on this review page.

How to Get Started?

There are only a few more things to understand before getting started with using PushEngage.

1. Create an account

Register for a free PushEngage account from their website with your email id and provide them with every detail of your account. Specify a name for your site that will be a part of the address you all will use to send notifications. This will be done so that users looking for you can easily contact you.

After creating an account, you will be asked to verify your email still the same email address through an invite link that will be sent to you. After that you will have you choose a subscription plan which obviously can be a forever free plan which obviously comes with certain limitations – but quite generous ones.

As a free account holder you will get to manage 2500 subscribers, will be limited to sending 120 notifications a month, support for every major web browser, multilingual support for global reach, rest API, JavaScript API and many more features critical for proper functioning of push notification services.

Once you’re done with your subscription, you will have to navigate to your dashboard and under settings menu, click on the get API key to generate a new API key essential for your WordPress plug-in to function properly.

2. Install the plug-in

Navigate to your WordPress website’s dashboard, and under plug-in section click on add new button. From their search for PushEngage and install the official plug-in. Once this plug-in is installed, you will have two navigate to its settings page and then enter the API key which you just generated in the previous step to login to your account and thus connect your WordPress website to this post notification service.

3. Make your settings

Now that you have successfully connected your WordPress website with PushEngage, you will have to make a few more settings to make this plug-in work for you. The first option is to choose if your site is HTTPS or without SSL certificate. Then you need to define the type of notification design you want your readers to be presented with. This plug-in comes with five predefined style and you can choose any one of them. Then you will have to choose the optin title, button text and finally the close button text. Once you have made all the settings, every post you will write or update will now have a new custom fields under the publish collapsible tab on the right-hand side of the screen. This notification setting will enable you confirm whether you want this new post or updated content to be sent as notification to your subscribers.

Drip Automation

This particular feature has added a new dimension to this post notification service. Drip automation is like building an automated social management marketing system which duly sends out your content to your reader’s push notification with a schedule. This drip automation is executed like a timed RSS feed.

This schedule is applicable to the specific number of people subscribed to your channel. The subscribers will be the target audience of your post. Today, most of the successful online marketers are leveraging drip automation as a part of their marketing strategy to update and send content to their readers at their own time.

PushEngage Features

The following are a few features which come with this plug-in for better user experience:

Smart Tracking – Customize segmentation

When a new or a follow up post is shared with this plug-in, when there you have to choose who is going to get these updates. This plug-in provides you with its intelligent tracking features that enable you define your targeted audience.

Choose from the pool of options like location, language, time of the day, device type, gender, spend level, customer’s age, interests and more. Then create prospecting lists to know more about how your target audience works for you.

Advanced Analytics

Business that needs advanced analytics to know what their readers think about the post will find this plug-in very useful. With this plug-in, you will be able to see how many times your post was shared, clicked, how many time it reached the toplist, reach and engagement. Find all that information and more with the help of in-depth analytics of PushEngage.


Send your posts notification to your social media and email account from the WordPress dashboard. PushEngage improves your social marketing and email marketing by integrating your WordPress site with your other networks.

Push Dedicated App

You will also have an option to install a dedicated Push Notification app in your website, to make it function more accurately.


In the end, I’d say that PushEngage is certainly an efficient way to engage readers and increase your web traffic, especially if you’re using WordPress. It is a great way of reaching to your potential customers and showcasing your content. That is why I would highly advise you to consider PushEngage for your business.

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