Rain Money Review: Scam or Legit? (2021)

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Rain Money Review

Online scams are getting more and more creative with names and also coming up with creative ways to look legitimate from the outside. Rain Money is one of them. Rain Money sounds both harmless and promising, which was what they were probably going to trick people into signing up. I know this because I’ve seen people posting their referral links, and it caught my attention to investigate. In this review, I will share my findings and opinions on Rain Money. So, if you’re here looking for an answer, keep reading!

Be warned that there are many discrepancies with Rain Money, and if you want to sign up anyways, you should exercise caution. I will also share some alternatives at the end of this review if you are still interested in making money online.

What is Rain Money?

Lets first begin by going through some typical information about Rain Money. According to their website, Rain Money has been around since 2013 and has around 450,000 members, of which 150,000 are actively earning on their platform. Apparently, Rain Tree has paid out a total of $35,000,000! If this is true, sign me up! Their members make $150 a day and $2,000 a month by doing anything barely. So far, there is nothing fishy about Rain Money, until I did some digging.

The Truth About Rain Money

If it is your first time encountering a data harvesting scam, then the description of Rain Money will entice you. But for someone who’s seen countless scam sites, they all just look the same, red flags EVERYWHERE! It is just funny how Rain Money also coincidentally claims to have the same statistics as KashTree and CloutPay, both of which I’ve also exposed previously. It is not uncommon for these sites to shut down and recycle all their information for another website with a new name. That’s just lazy behavior. The fact that they don’t even bother to change anything except the name is quite insulting. Now, let’s take a look at the year they were REALLY created. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of any of these sites since they’ve been around for some time, here’s the real truth. Both CloutPay and KashTree claim to have been around for a long time, but in fact, they were both only registered in 2019! The same goes for Rain Money that also only appeared in 2019!

Knowing this, it will be easier for you to question: How have they gathered so many members and paid out the number they claim? The numbers just don’t add up! There is even a leaderboard on the sales page to show members earning a lot of money. But this is another unrealistic claim because there is no way they can make this much in such a short time span. As you can see, the beginning of this review already doesn’t look too good for Rain Money.

How Does Rain Money Work

Rain Money claims that it is straightforward to become a member. All you need to do is sign up, share, and earn. If it is that easy, let me abandon the online business that I’ve been growing for FIVE YEARS. Yes, my business has been around for five years, and I’ve still not achieved the dream that Rain Money claims you can make. But of course, I know there is NO SUCH THING as easy money.

Creator Of Rain Money

You must be wondering who is the creator behind such a terrible scheme and how they sleep at night. The answer is that we will never know. All these scam sites never reveal the founder, of course, because they don’t want to risk facing backlash from the public. Therefore, they just post a bunch of fake and useless information to mislead people. Worse still, it is not only the non-existent owners, but even the support team is also false. I have seen numerous complaints that the support team doesn’t respond to anyone’s request.

How To Earn With RainMoney?

I had to try out Rain Money for myself since it is only fair for me to provide an honest review, even though I already know it is a fake site. Since it is free to sign up, I just did anyway, but I made sure to use my secondary email address and false details. You must always be careful when giving out sensitive information, especially if you know the site is illegitimate. We will discuss why, later. Here’s how you can (apparently) earn with RainMoney:

Sign Up Bonus

Just by signing up with RainMoney, members get a $25 sign up bonus! That is a lot of money. Even with this alone, I can already buy a decent amount of groceries. However, this is unheard of as even survey sites pay a maximum of $5 for signup bonuses.

Referral Scheme

RainMoney also has a referral scheme that pays $10 for each referral and $2 for each referral click. This is another outrageous amount as again, and survey sites only pay a maximum of $5. This is the one why I often see RainMoney affiliate links all over social media.

YouTube Submission

Another method to earn with RainMoney is by creating a YouTube video of at least one minute and post it on their YouTube page. Doing this will make you $50!

You might ask yourself, who would fall for these traps? I found out that Rain Money is targeting teens! Naïve teens who just want to earn some extra allowance. The worst part is they will think its nothing and just leave it when they don’t get paid. What they don’t know is that their sensitive data is being sold and opens the risk for identity theft. I know this because I’ve seen countless YouTube videos for RainMoney, which means people think they will get paid.

Task Wall

There is a task wall on the member’s area where members can earn even more by doing small tasks online. These tasks are from third party organizations, and you can get between $2 to $20 depending on the job. These tasks are typical for survey websites, but the most they payout is $1 for each survey. But the funny thing is that for each task, you have to re-enter more details, and even pay a $1 (refundable) fee to participate in the competition. What’s happening is that these third party organizations are using Rain Money to get your information too! In the end, Rain Money will get paid by them, and not you.

Payment Methods

RainMoney publishes several payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, and even mailed checks. If you think this is real, then you are mistaken. Firstly, the minimum withdrawal amount is $200! That’s a lot of money. But seeing as RainMoney pays out so much, it is possible to exceed $200.

Nevertheless, even if you reach $200, there are still some hoops you need to go through. For example, with CloutPay, they require 20 clicks, five referrals, and five completed tasks to qualify for a withdrawal. But this is just to make it more difficult for you to withdraw, and even when you withdraw, you will never get a response.

Why RainMoney Is A Scam

Here are some of the red flags in RainMoney that you can also use to identify scam sites in the future.

  1. Bold Promises

The payment scheme for RainMoney sounds too good to be true. There is no way an organization can afford to pay out this much money to members for not doing anything. Where are they getting this money from? According to them, the money you earn is from ad-spent revenue but I’ve never seen a single ad associated with them. But since it is a scam, they can just simply say any amount and make it attractive otherwise it won’t work for them.

  1. Terms of Service

The bulk of earning with RainMoney is through referrals. But according to the terms of service, RainMoney has the right to change, suspend, or cancel all your affiliates without prior notice to you! Imagine if you worked so hard to gather your friends and family only to have this happen to you!

  1. Fake Testimonials

Since we already know that RainMoney doesn’t pay out, then you will know that the testimonials are also fake. In fact, they use the exact same actors (hired from fiverr) and exact same script! All they did was change the names of the actors (at least they did something). Also, how can these people claim to have made so much money when the scam has only been around for awhile?

What To Do If You Have Already Joined RainMoney?

As we already know, RainMoney is a phishing scam. It exists only to steal your personal details to sell it to other organizations. They are making money from your data! So, if you’ve already signed up, don’t think you’re off the hook just because you didn’t pay anything. They have something more valuable, your identify. Yes, with all this information, you will be at risk of identity theft in the future! You are probably also already receiving a ton of spam emails in your mailbox! This is why I was careful in using a secondary account.

Nevertheless, you can still correct this by unsubscribing to these spam emails, and changing information on all your relevant accounts like password.


RainMoney is just a rehashed version of CloutPay and KashTree. You can see this by all the recycled information, including the numbers and fake testimonials. I hope this review will help you make the right decision and teach you to be more careful in the future.

Rain Money Alternative

Now, I have personally tried many businesses online and honestly, a lot of the businesses just suck for a complete beginner. This is because either they are blatant scams or they require a ton of experience and money.

Guys I have literally reviewed over 150+ courses on my blog which claim to make you millions of dollars overnight or just contain poor information for a large fee.

Believe it or not, there are actually good programs out there which have value-packed information, are super affordable and transparent.

If you want an honest long term sustainable online business which can make you earn a full-time income at home without any bosses you can check out Savage Affiliates Program. (This does require work on your part, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can read my review on it here!)

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