Read This Before Using Your Shopify Unlimited Trial

Shopify, among the more popular eCommerce platforms out there today, is what most web shop owners swear by today. However, if you haven’t used it before, you may want to try it out first, which brings us to the question – do you have a Shopify trial available for free?

If you are searching for a Shopify Unlimited Trial, you have probably looked on quite a lot of websites by now. While you may have come across a few sites that offer you an unlimited Shopify plan trial for free, can you trust them?

This article is going to clear some doubts about the Shopify trial, and why you shouldn’t trust everything that you see online.

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The Shopify Unlimited Trial: Can You Get One?

We are going to finally stop all the weird the rumors and get you started with the best Shopify Free Trial available out there.

Before we continue with an in-depth talk into the free trial and what it has to offer, we are going to do the best thing you need and tell you the truth.

There is not really any valid Shopify Unlimited Trial.

Yes, unfortunately, there is no way to sign up for a trial that lasts a lifetime and where you will never have to pay for a plan, not even in Shopify or any other site.

So, if this is the what it is, why would this offer ever exist in the first place?

The truth is in fact that the official Shopify trial offer is 14 Days only. It is the best trial length period you are going to find when it comes to using Shopify.

Now, don’t get us wrong. While this may sound bad for everyone at first (even if you were in search of some trial that never ends), yet 14 days could be enough. As you may know, Shopify is straightforward to use and work with. Two weeks of unlimited use give you a lot of time to make anything you want.

How to get and use your trial?

Shopify is one of the easiest to use web application platforms out there. The signing up process is not complicated at all.

To start using your trial, enter the Official Shopify Website Trial Signup page.

There you need to add your email address:

Once you have done this, you need to choose a password to create your account. Then you will provide your store with a name.

That’s all you need to do! You are done. From here, you have 14 days to use the platform and all of its tools as much as you want.

Be sure to take note of any details you created when signing up as those are going to be what you need to log in to your store in the future.

When you sign in you’ll be directed to the back-end of the Shopify application. This is where you design and manage your store (this is going to work as an interface for you, and your customers will never see it or access it).

The first time you log in to your account you are going to need to update some of your Stores Settings by yourself manually. You can access those settings you need via the navigation bar on the left-hand side on the screen.

Please do not forget to include your Payment Information so that you can start taking orders and making some incomes.

Maybe the best part of Shopify is how easy it is to use and work with. The left-hand panel has all of the links you will need for everything you are going to do. You can use this panel to access all of the tools of Shopify to create and manage your store.

There will also be on-screen instructions and action steps available. You can follow them to ensure you set up your store correctly and have everything you need in place and working order.

When you have initially run through the General Settings, you will have a preliminary and primary store created for you on your behalf.

At this stage, you can go ahead and fully customize it just how you like.

What do you get with this offer?

In just some few clicks, you can install a theme (most of them are entirely free). It will help you to design a consistent, professional style and layout to every single page of your digital store.

Each of those themes is designed to give you a basic template, but you can go into any page and customize them further if you wish to. This is optional and just down to personal preference and likes.

Starting with your Home Page, you can then add and edit any necessary additional pages that you want on your store. First and foremost, be sure to add an About Us Page, FAQ Page, Shipping Page, Privacy Policy Page and Contact Page. Then you will be able to edit them as you wish using the easy-to-use drag and drop page builder available on your working interface.

That’s another excellent attribute of Shopify. You can do absolutely everything you want when it comes to creating a delightful web store, without using any programming codes.

So, even if you are a complete beginner in the web design world, you will be OK from the very beginning.

If you are of those who like to edit code and have coding experience, you will be able to find the relevant files. They’re in your Store Settings, and you can edit them with no problems. Also, the Shopify Support team is more than happy to help you with everything if something goes wrong or you need assistance.

Versatile store customization

The most incredible thing with Shopify is that as you edit your store through the Page Builder, it will automatically update the source HTML code as you go. So you can work in some edits to your store and its pages either way.

After you finished editing your store, the last thing you will need to do before is to add some of your products. By clicking the Product Tab on the left-hand panel, you can add all of your products one by one with no problems at all. You can also add any product photos, descriptions, stock counts, product varieties and more all from these pages!

Now you must be ready to release your store to the internet and to start driving your customers. When its time to release your store for the launch, Shopify will ask you to select some Plan for it. This is going to be the plan that will continue beyond the Free 14 days trial period. It will not start, and you will not be charged for it until the 14 days Free Trial period is finally over.

It’s entirely up to you. You do not need to select a plan, and you can close it and continue building your store. You can also choose a plan to start selling.

If you cancel at any time during the 14 days, you will not be charged for your plan; you are getting two weeks to sell free of charge.

Of course, you are going to have lots of advantages. The Shopify Trial is an all-access, smart trial. You can use everything just as you would if you were working with a full plan.

Shopify was developed to include everything you need all in one application; that is why it is the biggest online eCommerce platform.

Now, you must know that you will have access to every tool you need. You’re fully able to manage and develop a successful eCommerce store; regardless of your knowledge or experience levels online.

Also, as everything is provided, you will not need to sign up to or pay for other online solutions or platforms to take payments, send receipts etc.

Shopify will give you features like:

  • Creating a Unique, Professional, Easy To Use web store business.
  • Take Payments from Customers with lots of options.
  • Fulfil any Orders
  • Send each Receipt
  • Manage all of your Stock
  • Understanding the behavior of your Customers (Access Data and Analytics of Store Activity)
  • Set up some Discounts, Promotions and any Special Offers.

Extensive integration possibilities

And there is also an incredible library full of applications that you can use to improve the functionality of your store. These work like plugins if you know how to work with a WordPress background. They’re small programs that you can include on your store to do particular actions or get some results.

There are lots of free apps and other more premium apps that you can include by paying a fee. These are apps that will help take your store to a whole new level and are not necessarily needed. Things like Scarcity Timers, Countdown Bars are just some examples of extra apps.

And as Shopify is the most popular and one of the most profitable eCom platforms in the market; a lot of other software companies and platforms want to work with them. So this means that there are some available integrations to all of the biggest web store platforms you can think of whether this is Stripe, MailChimp, Aweber etc. It is a whole new world to know!

Let’s talk about some of the other unique features of Shopify, so you know what you will be benefiting from when you sign up.

The easiest way to build a unique store

The best thing about working with Shopify is how easy it is to build a unique and stand out store. You can design any store, and customize it the way you want in less than a couple of hours. There are not many other eCommerce platforms that enable you to do this in a more straightforward approach.

The store building tools are user-friendly and intuitive, with a clean interface that is not too clunky or difficult to navigate.

That means that you can get your web store started quickly, and in a way that your customers are going to be fascinated with.

The customizations are endless, whether this is in how your web store looks at first sight or how it works from your own customers perspective. It all means that you can change the customer journey and experience any time you want. You may lead a potential customer to your store, reaching to higher engagement and sales.

A significant library of themes with different functions

Now another major cool thing is the extensive library of Free Themes that Shopify has. There are lots of different themes that come with one-click install. When you start your web store (or if you are looking for a quick preview of how your store looks at any time), you can roll out a new style and layout instantly. It only takes a couple of minutes to do each of those actions.

Also, you can install any premium theme that comes optimized for future conversions. Themes typically come with conversion boosting applications written into their code; you will be able to find extra functionalities the moment you install them.

Features include Scarcity Timers, Countdowns, Discount Popups etc. Paying for a theme will keep you from having to sign up to individual applications, each with its subscription fee. It saves you a lot of money while designing your store.

A seamless way to list products

You can also list your products and showcasing them to your customers, which is an effortless and flawless experience by far.

If you want to add any of your products and collections to your web store, there is an entire clean interface available for you.

All you are going to need is to click on the Products Tab on the left-hand side of your Shopify Account Interface, and you will notice:

The above screen in the central Shopify Product Interface. From this point, you can design, manage, or even edit every product of your list (or a selection of some of them if you wish to).

When you finally add a new product to your list, you can add (and later change any of them) a lot of things. These things could be the Product Name, Description, Stock Counts, Color Variants, URL, Meta Tags & Description (for SEO Purposes) and any information you want.

And here’s another notable cool thing of choosing Shopify as your web store building platform:

If you want to start Dropshipping, you will be able to install a free app called Oberlo. It will help you take care of the product creation process in your store.

It also allows you to import products from different online sites and suppliers in just a couple of clicks. It pulls them from across all the critical information like Product Images, Stock Counts, Product Titles and Descriptions. From this point, you need to change and update some of your information (and increase your product prices to obtain better incomes).

And if you are asking yourself if this is at all legal or you think it sounds a bit of a hoax; it is legal and safe. Oberlo is the official Shopify Dropshipping partner application, so Shopify itself heavily supports it.

Oberlo app makes creating and listing your products very fun, effortless and time-effective. It gathers all the information you need, which you can then entirely change if you wish to.

Also, there is a “Product Discovery” optional tool built into Oberlo that helps you get the highest selling and best in-demand products in any field or category. It feeds you all of the most top-selling products on other Shopify Web Stores. That way, if you do not know which kind of product you could sell, this will give you some fantastic guidance.

This is why Shopify is the most powerful web store application out there. It’s all of these ingenious apps and processes; they make building and managing a store so much easier for everyone.

Understand your customers

It will help you to get a better understanding of your customers’ behavior With Data & Dashboards.

Shopify also has an integrated data collection and analysis software that will give you invaluable info as you start getting visitors to your store.

All of that is gathered by default. There is nothing you need to do or set up to start analyzing your store, visitors and customers by using this tool.

With all of this data, you can identify who your customers are. You can learn about the things they want as when and why they want it.

This software is the best for you by helping you to uncover your target audience.

The Analytics and Dashboard Interface also presents all Shopify Store Owners with lots of clear and concise summaries of what is happening on your web store and what to do next. Every event and action is like being recorded and then presented back to you and that you can access at any time via the Dashboard tab in no time.

It is one of the best ways to see who your customers really are. You get to know what products are catching most of their interest and how they find you in the first place. Afterwards, you see what they do when they are looking into your web store: where they look, what pages get the most visits, etc.

All of this data is pulled into an easily understandable Analytics software. And you can also drill down further to get a more specific understanding of anything you need.

This information is also collected and analyzed through all Shopify Stores; so even if you are using your Free Trial or on a Paid Plan, you will have a benefit from these insights.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve tried to build and manage a store on various eCom platforms, and we can tell that Shopify is the most comfortable, intuitive and feature-heavy of all of them.

A free trial may not be as available as you were expecting. You may even leave this article, thinking that you can go out and look on the internet for a better offer.

However, after a lot of hours of research online, even if you are reaching out to the official Shopify Support Team, the truth is as follows: it doesn’t exist.

The best thing about this Shopify trial is that you will get instant access to all of the functions of the platform. So this is not going to be a limited version of Shopify—you get to use every single tool on the Shopify Platform for free for the entire 14 days trial period.

And, you will not be compromised into agreements or need to sign up to a plan for any long term—quite the opposite. You can stop your trial at any time you want. If during the 14 days trial you decide that this is not the best application for you, you can cancel your account and never be charged again for using it.

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