RedTrack Review: The Best easy to use – Premium Affiliate Campaign Tracker (2021)

Find out if RedTrack is Worth It or Not Below!

RedTrack Review

Ad campaigns are a crucial part in determining the success of a product or service. Every affiliate and agency should sign up for a paid tracking platform in order to optimize the performance of their ad campaigns. There are multiple tracking tools available in the market now, and RedTrack is one of them.

However, RedTrack is the best easy to use affiliate tracking platform as they give automatic tracking solutions and works ultra-fast to give real-time results of your ad campaigns. It helps to make a spontaneous decision on which media channels are working out for you and which not. Hence, it prevents you from wasting your money on channels that aren’t beneficial to you.

Designed with a robust set of features, RedTrack makes sure they give you excellent performance and analytics to optimize your profit. Their smart solutions amplify the monitoring of your every CPA campaign and also consists of a feature-rich dashboard.

Why is RedTrack better for Affiliate Marketers & Agencies ?

There are a couple of things that set RedTrack apart from the usual tracking tools. The first thing is that this track solution got nominated for Global excellence by Performance Marketing Rewards. And the people behind the creation of RedTrack has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing and has curated many affiliate programs and traffic analysis platforms. 


Here is the list of some of the features explained in brief and unique benefits that sets it apart from other affiliate trackers available in the market

Custom Dashboards- This feature helps to amplify tracking and reporting. They have various effective features like detailed performance log for clicks, conversions, etc. Also, it group data across many variables to export it for reporting causes.

Support various cost models- RedTrack supports various Affiliate models along with many verticals such as CPC, CPA, CPI, RevShare, and CPM.

Varying analytical data points- This platform tracks multiple attributes for each click. Some of the attributes include source, network, offer, campaign, lander, GEO, OS, browser type & version, device, connection type, IP address, and more.

Custom Domains- In RedTrack, you can use your own domain name for tracking purposes. This feature helps to manage traffic with custom rules. Moreover, it amplifies the reputation of the brand of your affiliate marketing agency when you share the tracking URL with the custom domain name to others.

Unique visitor cap- This feature limits the number of times an offer will be shown to a particular visitor. In addition, if a user has already seen the offer, then a different offer will get shown that is within the ad campaign.

Smart streams- This feature allows you to create multiple streams for various objects such as traffic distribution, A/B testing, and numerous complex rule system depending on the pre-set and custom parameters.

Auto Scaling- The feature frees you from worrying about upgrading to a different plan or increasing resources anytime soon. It makes sure that your redirects are always real-time and super fast.

Top Reasons why you need to select as your tracking solution

Reason 1 – Each month they release a minimum two major updates

Their consistency in adding new features and replacing old functionality with new ones is the reason why they are still among the best in this industry. Moreover, they also have a Telegram channel that allows users to share their needs and suggestions on how to make better their experience with RedTrack.

Reason 2 – Even though they frequently innovative, RedTrack is still simple

RedTrack constantly changes and upgrades itself, but still, in the midst of these, they have kept their interface simple and user-friendly. The primary focus of the platform is to make it ideal for both beginner and expert users. The tracker’s ease of use helps the newbies to control the tracking and analytics section.

Reason 3 – They help every member in solving their problems

Their support team does an incredible job of assisting every member of their tracking platform. It is another reason why RedTrack is different than others. Not every platform offer this free one-on-one communication to their customers in setting-up the postbacks, adding Networks and Sources by choice of the user. That is why it is the top choice among beginners.

Furthermore, they frequently update their knowledge base with extensive manuals and video tutorials. They have over 30 step-by-step integration guides on various Affiliate networks like eerFly, AdCombo, CrakRevenue, MaxBounty, LeadBit, BitterStrawberry. They add new networks to the request of their users as well.

Reason 4 – For beginners

This tracker is one of the easiest to use. And with the user-friendly features and natural learning curve, RedTrack can turn you into an expert in no time. This platform doesn’t need any geek knowledge for you to operate it. Just set it with your offers, networks, and traffic, and your account will start running instantly. The platform also consists of detailed video training and tutorials so that no novice can find it challenging to operate.

Reason 5 – For Experts

If you are in the affiliate marketing business for a long time but are looking for something to scale up your ad campaigns, then RedTrack is your perfect choice. They have advanced features like Artificial Intelligence that optimized smart links, custom domains, GEO balancing, API access, Filters, cloaking, and others. It only proves that RedTrack is also built for the experts in this industry.

Reason 6 – They innovate and advance features constantly

In comparison to some of the top affiliate marketing industry, RedTrack is still in its initial days. However, the speed they possess would put many top trackers behind.

Reason 7 – They include competitive plans and pricing

One of the reasons why people love to use RedTrack is their pricing plans. In total, they have five subscription plans where the first one is entirely free if you send till 50,000 events in a month. In comparison to other different SaaS trackers, RedTrack is more affordable than them.

Here is the list of their pricing plans

  • Free- for 50,000 events or less in a month
  • Starter- $29 – 300k events/ month
  • Professional – $79 – 3 mln events/ month
  • Business – $399 – 15 mln events/ month
  • Enterprise – $939 – 50 mln events/ month

RedTracking Integration with Affiliate networks, Traffic sources & Media Partners

The best way to check whether an affiliate tracker or performance marketing software is worth it or not is by checking its compatibility with the extensive  CPA Networks, plugins, analytics, and others.

A good tool would be smooth and simple to integrate with the pre-installed templates and plugins. RedTrack has integrated with some of the best  Affiliate networks, traffic Sources, technology partners & media partners to get an easy one-click integration of their offers, traffic, and more. With RedTrack, all you have to do is sign up, choose your preferable network, and with only one click import your offer.

Final thoughts

To summarize, RedTrack is built with a bunch of essential features and elegant technology for affiliate marketers. It gives one of the best tracking solutions at a reasonably low price if compared to others in the market. This tool, with its state of the art technology, new updated features has earned the position of number 1 in the performance marketing and tracking industry.

You can continue using RedTrack free forever if you send 50,000 or fewer events per month. However, you can also select the premium plans anytime you want. It is completely hassle-free. Moreover, you can contact their team to make a customized plan if you have a higher click volume. They make it according to your requirements.

And finally, the analytics tool of RedTrack is strong enough to control any ups and downs of your ad campaigns and then comes up with results to optimize your performance.