Russell Brunson Net Worth And More Secrets About ClickFunnels’ CEO

Russell Brunson Net Worth

The creator of such a successful platform like ClickFunnels should have a stunning network, right? Even more so when you add how said platform is the result of all his past experience.

Well, he’s been around for a really long time, but only the last two made him one of the most influential people in online marketing. The reason is that aforementioned ClickFunnels thingy. Along with the many courses, it has raised several questions regarding his net worth and his overall persona.

To properly assess the main question (his net worth), we’ll go through his work and background.

Without anything else to add, let’s dive into it.

Who is he?

Russell Brunson is an online entrepreneur; he’s famous for creating many products related to digital marketing, and his main feat is the creation of ClickFunnels, a platform for creating pages with sales funnels.

He’s also one of the founders of Etison around 5 years ago, and he has learned and grown a lot since that feat. Also before ClickFunnels, he worked on other products from the same branch. His inception, however, was with MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, which he exploited to significant success and knowledge.

From that, he’s an expert when it comes to sales. Back in college, he learned about internet marketing, and he started to promote many different products. These products ranged from DVDs all the way to books, supplements, and coaching.

With such experience, you should have an idea of how much his net worth should be, and that’s the next topic.

What’s his net worth?

Now, it’s almost impossible to know how much exactly is Russell’s worth, but “a very high amount” is the safest bet. We do know that he’s done greatly, and his most recent ventures (ClickFunnels and the mastermind program plus some books) have been nothing but successes.

You already know he’s also been very successful in the past with MLM companies, and most of his other ventures have followed the same trend.

However, we do know the approximate net worth: $40 million is the safest assumption. It gets even more surprising once you realize it’s what he’s made so far, and that ClickFunnels is still growing exponentially, and his net worth increases with it.

Also, we only know what’s public. We have zero knowledge on his side projects or any ideas he might be developing. Needless to say, with his records, any other project or even courses he releases soon will also do great, and that would only add up to his net worth.

What products has he made?

Russell Brunson has delved in many different ventures. From the many thing he’s done, three stand out from the rest thanks to how much he’s succeeded with them. They’re explained below.


This is by far his best-known work. This software lets anyone create sales funnels for their website regardless of actual programming knowledge. Prices for ClickFunnels can go as low as $97 monthly for the basic plan.

Additionally, it’s not just a niche product for some businesses; it’s a digital marketing platform that lets users create sales funnels to increase conversions for eCommerce, affiliate marketing, webinars, and many other business models.

Over 10,000 people use this platform around the globe, and the platform has been quick to grow its yearly income to somewhere in-between $20 to $40 million. It’s obviously the core of Russell’s total worth, and some reviewers estimate he makes $10,000,000 (give or take) every year.

Right now, there are over 80,000 active members in ClickFunnels. You just need to multiply that times the price for the cheapest package ($97) to see how much money it generates. Regardless of the operational costs that Russell needs to cover, he must still make millions each month.

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Russell is also the author of many books. The first one is “108 Proven Split Test Winners”. It teaches people the necessary tweaks they need for improving their website and earn more money.

This book did great, and it’s still selling today.

“Funnel Hackers Cookbook” is the second book, and it’s a funnel building guide. Funnels are one of the most recent online marketing techniques; they condition visitors towards converting to your website, and all businesses can benefit from using them.

Since the book is useful for virtually everyone, it’s a favorite among online marketers.

There are many other books like “DotCom Secrets” that have found their ways to a more modest success. All books are self-published, so he’s making quite the revenue. He’s even sold countless copies for free (plus shipping). With sold copies circling the 100,000 mark, the estimate is $800,000 made from books.

Mastermind program

His program goes by the name of “Inner Circle Life”, and it’s noticeably profitable. While the program is very exclusive, and only 100 people are part of it, each member pays close to $25,000 every year, adding significant to his net worth.

The program provides personal coaching from Russell, and it offers high-profit margins potential for Russell. Even if he only kept half of the amount, he’d still make a bit over $1 million yearly. The program has been running for three years now, so it has added at least 3 million to his net worth.


It’s easy to see how Russell could reach –and even surpass –the $40-million mark with his extensive portfolio. All of his products are useful for virtually all business models, so the audience is really wide.