Salehoo Review

Salehoo Review

Salehoo Review (2021)

Is Salehoo worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!


If you have ever done dropshipping before you know one of the main problems you come across is finding reliable suppliers.

There are a ton of suppliers claiming they are the best but, is Salehoo actually worth the money? Find out below!

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Salehoo has been around for quite some time. We’ll cover quite an extensive ground, exploring the features of Salehoo, what works, what doesn’t, and what are the other alternatives? It’s always good to have some options, as it might not work the same for everyone. This review will also answer the big question, is Salehoo the best source for dropshipping products? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

I’ve been in the eCommerce business for a while now. I went through everything, turning over every rock to see what will work for my dropshipping store. So I guess you can say I’m an experienced drop shipper. One of my biggest challenges starting was looking for reliable suppliers.

Finding the right suppliers can make or break your dropship business. The best thing about drop shipping is that you don’t need a warehouse to store your inventory. This is because the supplier does everything for you. All you need to do is market their products, and when you get a sale, the supplier is in charge of shipping it to your customer, and you get a commission. A reliable supplier will ensure the correct product is packaged correctly and ensure the shipping process goes smoothly, and you will have a happy customer. On the other hand, if you have a supplier who sells fake products or does not care about the shipping, this will harm your business.

I finally found the supplier of my dreams, aka the supplier I’ve been working with for a very long time via Salehoo. I’ve met and worked with several other suppliers that I’ve found through Salehoo too. They give my customers the right products, and with little cost for myself, so I can mark it up and gain more profit. They also fulfill my orders immediately and within a great time. (Keep in mind I dont do dropshipping anymore as I have gotten into other businesses)

And thus, we begin this Salehoo review to look at how good they are at helping you launch your dropship business.

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo launched in 2005, and many people think that Salehoo is a wholesaler, it’s not. It is a platform of wholesale list provider, so I can see why people often get confused. They started with a list of wholesalers and have grown to have 8,000 manufacturers, 2.5million products, dropshippers, wholesalers, and liquidators. Salehoo’s impressive inventory of 8,000 manufacturers comes from all over the world, including China, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe. This extensive outreach is probably the reason why Salehoo is so popular.

Salehoo has evolved from just providing a wholesale directory, to developing a bunch of valuable tools and training that customers will need to excel in the eCommerce or dropshipping business. On top of this, they also launched a hot trend research lab that helps dropshippers find hot trend products that are gaining traction on the market. They also have an impressive online community forum of 101,000 members and more! What this means is that you’ll never be stuck if you need any help, I’m sure one of the 101,000 members can help you.

How Does Salehoo Work?

Take on the world of eCommerce by having a bunch of useful tools and equipment under your belt with Salehoo. These tools include supplier lists, software, and even training. There are a few “departments” in Salehoo, which you can navigate according to what you’re looking for.

This includes:

  • Salehoo Stores
  • Salehoo Supplier List
  • Salehoo Training and Resources
  • Research Lab
  • Salehoo Forums

Salehoo Feature List

The Supplier List

Salehoo’s extensive and impressive manufacturer’s list of 8,000 suppliers is what brought me here in the first place. Having reached a dead-end finding one unreliable supplier after another, Salehoo came to my rescue. Moreover, Salehoo’s suppliers can be found in most major countries or at least countries with the biggest markets for customers.

The supplier list can be split up to:

  • Salehoo for Wholesale or eCommerce
  • Salehoo for DropShipping

Salehoo for DropShippers (Buying goods to be DropShipped)

Shopify Dropshipping Business Model

(source oberlo)

Dropship suppliers are for people interested in the dropshipping business. In a dropshipping business model, the supplier handles the fulfillment part of the transaction. A customer orders a product through you, the drop shipper, which notifies the supplier to package and ship the product to the customer. The supplier also handles the returns if there is any. All you have to do is choose a dropshipping platform to advertise the products. Sites like Shopify or Aliexpress are favorites.

Another reason why I like Salehoo’s supplier list is that it’s international. Having a global outreach means that my customers do not have to wait long shipping times for their products to arrive at their door. I’ve had one experience where my customers in the US had to wait almost a whole month for her product from China! Imagine if you were in that position, you wouldn’t even wait a week. We could probably blame Amazon for spoiling us with next day delivery. But since my supplier is now also in the US, my US customers can expect their items in no time.

Lastly, the Salehoo supplier’s list also offers products with reasonably low costs. Getting my products at such low prices means that I’m able to mark up and make as much profit as I can.

Salehoo Product Catalog

Salehoo for Wholesale (Amazon, eBay, bulk products)

This wholesale list is for someone who runs a traditional eCommerce store. The difference is you need a warehouse to store these bulk items before you can sell them. Salehoo’s list of wholesalers includes liquidation firms, which can be fun for finding unique products for sale.

This list is suitable for people running general eBay stores or Amazon FBA store. Wholesale products are much cheaper than dropship products, which means you can make even more profit. However, you will face more problems than dropshippers because you might end up with non-popular products that can’t be sold.

Nevertheless, Salehoo is excellent for getting reputable wholesale suppliers and quality products. I mean, imagine if you’re a wholesaler and you ordered 100 light bulbs. If your supplier is careless or doesn’t care at all, you might receive 100 faulty light bulbs. Trust me, and you won’t want to be in this position. Firstly, you have to figure out a way to get rid of faulty light bulbs. And secondly, if you’ve already paid money, chances are the irresponsible supplier has already left with it, and you will never hear from them.

No Fakes, Full Guarantee

The most important thing about the Salehoo supplier list is that the suppliers are validated and legitimate. You even get the direct contact details of the liquidators and suppliers. This means that the products you’re getting are also authentic. Selling fake or imitation products can have a negative effect on your store. You will get all kinds of complaints from your customers, and your store rating will be significantly affected. You might even get trouble from legitimate stores who are unhappy that your store is selling fake products online. This could be detrimental to the image of your brand as they might voice out on social media. You won’t want this to happen as you might not be able to bounce back from the backlash. As you know, the power of social media is so impressive. One bad comment, and you might not see any customer ever again.

Salehoo itself also upholds the promise of selling only legitimate products, which gives you even more peace of mind. If you face any problems at any time, the Salehoo customer service team is there to troubleshoot for you. As their list of suppliers is validated, this means that you can also reach out to them directly in case any of this happens.

Contact and Negotiate Pricing

Now that you know what products you want to sell, it’s time to find the supplier of your dreams. Salehoo even gives you a list of several suppliers for each product. You have the opportunity to reach out to everyone one of them and negotiate the best deal. And if you don’t know what to say, Salehoo’s even got you covered with templates that you can use. Salehoo feels like a safe space where you can talk to these suppliers.

The Research Lab

Another great feature of Salehoo is the Research Lab. This ‘lab’ is where you can find the most trending products on the market. This feature can usually be found via paid tools such as the eCom Hunt or Dropship spy that can be costly. But with Salehoo, you get this feature with many other beneficial elements in one platform.

With the Research Lab, you won’t have to spend tedious hours scouting the internet through Amazon, Facebook, or eBay to find trending products. The Salehoo team does this for you by analyzing product trends and displaying the lists in an easy to read format. You can then make your product decisions based on this helpful list.

Salehoo Support & Forum

Customer support is often overlooked in these types of software. To me, it’s an essential part. I mean, it’s the only place people can go to if they experience any roadblocks using the tool. There’s nowhere else to go for help.

Salehoo has an ever-helpful 24h support team that’s ready to help you troubleshoot anything that you might need.

Other than their diligent support team, Salehoo has an online forum with a community of over 101,000 users! And unlike usual panels that are completely dead and uneventful, the Salehoo forum is on fire with people offering a helping hand everywhere.

Salehoo Stores

Salehoo stores are giving big eCommerce brands a run for their money. They come in a variety of 15 different flavors that requires no technical skills or coding to set up. Most entrepreneurs only have the business skill and none of the technical skills. So you can bet this is a desirable feature.

That’s not all you get. Salehoo stores are easy to set up and also come with its own professional logo, being Search Engine optimized, and even an AdWords voucher to help you take off. You can even import eBay listings if you’re currently an eBay turbo lister.

However, keep in mind that this is still a new feature at Salehoo, so the stores still lack some features and tools that other more established platforms have to offer.

Salehoo Training

Salehoo training is something we might not need, but it is great to have, so I see it more of a bonus feature. They have an arsenal of training materials, guides, and eBooks that are continually being updated. Trust me, and if you’re beginning your eCommerce journey, you’ll need as much help you can get! Sometimes, you might even have to spend some costs to get these materials. So, having this free arsenal with Salehoo is a massive bonus in my books.

They have a beneficial webinar that you should check out.

Salehoo Training

So is Salehoo Good?

I might be biased in my opinion of Salehoo as my experience was seriously excellent overall. I mean, there’s nowhere else that you will find 2.5 million high-quality products from 8,000 suppliers. Let’s not forget the other new features that Salehoo is always working on updating for its users. Now let’s list down the pros and cons.


  • Ever-growing directory of over 1.6million high-quality products that are easy to read
  • Verified products so you can ensure they are legitimate
  • Over 8,000 suppliers from a
  • Vetted and tested list of suppliers
  • Salehoo Research Lab saves time and cost for finding the best trending products
  • Salehoo is always growing their tools and features that they can give to its users
  • Price is reasonable compared to the other tools on the market
  • Easily find suppliers from major countries
  • A diligent 24-hour support team and sizeable online forum community.


  • Research Lab mainly uses data from eBay, with a little data from Amazon which means it’s not comprehensive enough
  • You might be able to find even cheaper products from specific suppliers

Is Salehoo Worth It?

The million-dollar question and my answer is Yes. Salehoo is excellent for beginners who are going into the complex world of dropshipping. I say complicated because there are a million things you need to think about if you want to do dropshipping, and Salehoo helps with some of these aspects.

So if you are any of these types of people, Salehoo will be great for your journey:

  • You are a beginner, and you don’t have a clue about product research
  • You are a beginner who’s stuck searching for the right suppliers
  • You are a beginner embarking on the world of eCommerce, but you are worried of being scammed by fraudulent suppliers
  • You are looking for suitable quality suppliers and products for your dropship or wholesale business
  • You are looking for legitimate products from trustworthy suppliers

The most important aspect being finding the right high quality products to dropship. Since the dropshipping business model was launched, it has gained immense popularity. This has caused the market to be saturated with fake and shoddy quality products. Hence, you need a trustworthy platform like Salehoo to filter out all the fraudulent from the real suppliers. With Salehoo’s Research Lab, you also don’t have to waste time scouring the internet for the hottest trending products. Having done this manually before, I do not want to go back there!

Nevertheless, Salehoo might not be for you if:

  • You already have a successful business with a list of reliable suppliers
  • You don’t like doing market research
  • You don’t like running an eCommerce store
  • You want to sell only niche products

Salehoo wouldn’t be for you if let’s say you already have a wholesale business. However, Salehoo’s low price could still be an option for you to consider another stream of business, which is the dropshipping business. You never know, it could be just what your business needs.

How Much does Salehoo Cost?

You can get your hands on this robust software for only $67 a YEAR! And like most great software, Salehoo also comes with a 7-day free trial for just $1. Compared to all the other software in the market, this is dirt cheap, so I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Most software in the market cost $67 a month!

$67 a year for such an extensive list of reliable suppliers, high quality products, product trends, and training materials? I think that’s such a bargain.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like it within two months, just get a refund!

They’ve also recently launched lifetime access for just $127.

Salehoo Alternatives

With the dropshipping industry having such a broad market, there’s always room for competitors. Hence, Salehoo does have a few challengers. Another popular platform is called WorldWide Brands and also Doba. I can see WorldWide Brands doing quite well as they’ve just recently launched but are already quite popular.

Salehoo VS WorldWideBrands

Although both these platforms have the same goal in mind, they do cater to different crowds. I think Salehoo is more built for beginners than Doba and for various reasons.

Cost: Doba costs $299, and Salehoo is only $67 a year. If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t have $299 just lying around. Even if you do, you will need this money for a lot of other tools and software that are more important.

Tools: WorldWideBrands and Salehoo both have an equally impressive list of suppliers. But, Salehoo wins in terms of extras as they also have their research lab, which gives you the latest trending products. These two platforms also offer training.

Ready-Built Stores: Let’s not forget Salehoo also gives you the option to purchase a store.

Salehoo VS Doba

Salehoo and Doba have a few differences, which I shall list below.

Pricing: Right off the bat, the pricing for Doba is different as it’s by per transaction, and its base cost is $29. It’s considered lower than Salehoo, but as I mentioned, you will get charged per transaction, so it’s hard to keep track of how much it costs. I usually prefer to make a one-off payment for a bunch of things, so I don’t have to worry about all the hidden costs.

Tools: In terms of tools, both Salehoo and Doba are pretty similar to offering ‘seller ratings,’ ‘hot products,’ and even the ability to see trends. Doba also doesn’t let you export to other platforms. But if you’re already using AliDropShip or Oberlo, then you won’t have to worry about exporting as you can just import from the store in AliExpress.

Product database: Doba has around 2 million products, whereas Salehoo has about 2.5million products, which means they are pretty competitive in this aspect.

Read here if you need a full comparison between each platform.

What Do Other People Think of Salehoo

When reviewing something, I always like to look at what other people are saying. Because everyone’s experience is different, and I might be missing something, and the overall score usually reflects the people’s verdict.

So, according to TrustPilot, Salehoo is pretty well-loved by the community, with over 200 reviews with the average class being ‘excellent.’ I do concur, and apparently, so do 200 other people.

Final Thoughts & Anything Else

Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with Salehoo and if you don’t want to just take it from me, 200 other users also say the same thing. Salehoo came to my rescue when I was stuck with finding good suppliers to kickstart my business. Therefore, for that reason, Salehoo is high up in my books.

So, if you’re a beginner starting out this scary world of eCommerce, I can guarantee that Salehoo can help you manouver all the difficult parts. I say this especially because of the low price point. Trust me, I know how tight your budget can be if you’re a beginner dropshipper. Therefore, I advise you to take the opportunity on affordable platforms like Salehoo that works. Getting Salehoo is like being handed a silver platter of success.

Nevertheless, people always ask ‘how do I get the best of Salehoo’ and for that I shall share a few words of wisdom in the next section.

How to Make Money With Salehoo

Everything requires at least a little bit of effort for you to succeed. The eCommerce industry, specifically the dropshipping business, has seen such an enormous boom lately. The market has been so saturated that you might find yourself being stuck in unwanted situations.

As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work, you should be alright. Everything is about research and testing. You must research and test what works, and stick with it. You must also be aggressive when it comes to business. Always be on the look out for the best deals and ways that will benefit your business. Don’t be afraid to ask and negotiate with suppliers to get the best option.

Make Money With Salehoo

Another things about the dropshipping business is that you always have to be vigilant. I mean yes, Salehoo does validate all their suppliers, but some of them can still be sneaky and offer you false prices etc.

If you do all this, then Saleloo will provide you the rest of the things you need to do well. As you can see, it takes two hands to clap.

Salehoo Free Trial


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