Sell The Trend Review: Is it the Best Tool For Winning Product Research?

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If you’re wondering whether it’s still possible to find winning products with product research tools, then the answer is yes. The issue with these tools is how they tend to simply copy the results from other tools; some even offer counterfeit, bootlegs, and boast falsely about their features.

The good thing is that there’s one tool that I can separate from the rest: Sell The Trend.

The platform includes videos on how to use it, a free trial for testing the research quality, and it’s reaching the 2-million products mark.

Reviewing Sell The Trend

The interface has different sections: The Nexus, Tools, Help, and Facebook, Shopify, AliExpress, and Amazon as the four data sources for products.

Each platform also provides sub-categories like hot, trending, and new products; the same goes for stores. You can add products and stores to your favourites, so you can keep them ready for reviewing when you have the time or if you want to keep track of their operations.

Including Amazon is another good feature. Not many product research platforms offer products from this website, so it’s another advantage you’ll have over your competition. Facebook inclusion is also an interesting addition, letting you monitor the social media presence of your models.

The Nexus tool

The Nexus is definitely one of the best reasons why you should use Sell The Trend. It’d be an understatement to say this tool is impressive.

You get a seemingly unlimited products list with different filters, and you can search products by yourself. You get a product image, name, and price, but you also get how many stores are offering it, when was it seen for the first and last time, and a link to both the product and the closest alternative on Amazon, Facebook, or AliExpress.

It also has a Facebook targeting feature with tabs for interests, brands, magazines, websites, jobs, societies, and plenty more for you to target.

Platforms supported:

Sell The Trend lets you gain data and research on four different platforms. You can use AliExpress and Amazon for researching products, Facebook for studying the social media management, and Shopify for researching other stores directly.


It comes with an explorer interface. You can use it to see which products are currently trending and performing the best. Of course, you can sort the products and filter the results, and you also have the option to view them by category, the niche, and their trend score.

If you want, you can use pre-defined categories; you can see hot, trending, and new products on the platform. It really makes AliExpress research seamless.

Besides the general info on the listings, you also have access to additional information by clicking the product, and you can buy it from the platform.


This is similar to the AliExpress researcher. You can view the products listed on Amazon, but you also get a link to their AliExpress listing so that you can try and fish a better deal.

The statistics include product ranking, the up-down daily variable, an average number of sales, plus rankings and their categories. Like the AliExpress tool, you can search the trending and hot products, but it also comes with a feature to find lesser-known yet highly profitable items.

The most popular products come with a product research tab from The Nexus.


You can research the products and stores on Shopify. The database is juicy, seemingly with all stores on Shopify. They constantly look for new products on both old and new stores.

You can search products and study the niches and categories. As with the others, you can sort them through categories. The products come with links to their pages on AliExpress and Amazon, but you can also see their listing on the store they were originally found.

You can see the price, traffic, tech spend, and the last time the product was seen on its listing.

Besides products, you can also look up stores and search them by type; you can even see if they’re using tracking pixels. Store search gives you the traffic, orders per day, tech spending, ranking on Alexa, and even links to their social media presence and their products on AliExpress.


With Facebook, you get the Ads Explorer and a Trackable Ads function.

This section lets you the best Ads found by the platform. You can see both recent and older ads, and you get to filter them by their posting date, the type of post, and even the post count, shares, comments, and likes.

You can find both the best products ads and the sites that posted them.

Other features

You also get additional tools from Sell The Trend itself. You can use these for boosting your marketing strategies and give a broader reach to your store for increasing those conversions.

Building audiences

The Audience Builder lets you enter specific keywords; once you do that, the software generates a number of other keywords plus the audiences you can target with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

You can aim towards specific interests, magazines, brands, societies, jobs, and public figures or influencers. This tool is a lifesaver if you find yourself having a hard time with targeting your Facebook Ads.

Creating videos

This is a great addition that you’re getting with the package and lets you save money on other tools. Y get to import images with product URLs from other stores on Shopify, and you can also upload images from your gallery.

You can choose options for the image, music, add text, set framerates, and customise your video in any way you want.

Importing photos takes seconds, and the text options include top and bottom bars, a final screen and the name of your brand. The platform gives you royalty-free music for your videos as well.

You can create videos in minutes.

Calculator for engagement rating

The Engagement Rating tool is a basic function with excellent performance. You can rate your engagement, using your follower amount as well as your comments and likes as the foundation.

You also get to analyse your Twitter engagement judging by retweets, and the results go from 0 to 100.

It’s an intuitive, simple, and surprisingly effective tool for keeping track of your marketing performance.

The “Discovery Machine”

This is the last additional feature, and it has a somewhat interesting and amusing method for working. You can click on “Spin”, and it will land you (like a roulette) on random products that you probably wouldn’t even think about; it’s a great way to think outside the box and find winning products you wouldn’t otherwise.

You can then click on the result and find the item on AliExpress, Amazon, or even on a Facebook Ad!

You get four items for every spin, and you can spend the entire day spinning the tool if you want. It’s a fun feature that’s great for expanding your perspective, even if you don’t use it all that often.

The final verdict

Sell The Trend comes as a combination of all the other product research tools trying to net you “winning products”. The difference is that it offers much more, and costs much less: only a monthly $39!

You get to research, AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook, with a plethora of filters and sorting options on each platform.

The software is responsive, loading significant amounts of data and background processes in mere seconds. It updates the products in real time, and it’s always adding more information, even including Nexus research on more products as time goes on.

The Shopify research function offers you a deep study of your competitors, and direct links from their products to their wholesaler offers.

And it goes beyond research; you get four different tools for taking your ads and marketing to the next level, which is far beyond what other tools offer.

If the $39 tag still sounds too much, you get a full week to try it for free, and if you pay yearly, you get 2 months off!

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