Seller Pro Academy Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

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Seller Pro Academy Review

Selling on Amazon is great if you know what you are doing. Thankfully, today, many people have mastered the trade of selling on Amazon or, more accurately, Amazon FBA. And fortunately, these are the coaches who create programs like the Seller Pro Academy to help beginners learn all they need to know about the business. 

However, with so many courses out there, how will you know which one will be worth your time and money? Take it from me; you should always do your research before signing up to anything even when it’s free. You never know, some of these courses might be created simply to get your money without giving you anything in return. Thus, in this review, we will go through everything you need to know about the course to help you decide. Should you sign up? Keep reading. 

What is the Seller Pro Academy?

Seller Pro Academy is an Amazon FBA course by Johnny Bradley that will teach you everything you need to know about doing an Amazon FBA business in the UK. On top of the main course, you will also be getting a bonus monetization mastery brand course that is extremely valuable.

However, the course is slightly on the pricier side as you can currently find the course for around $1,200 or equivalent to 997 pounds. After reviewing the course material, I feel that the course is worth its high price as students can learn a lot from the main course material and special bonuses.

Who is Johnny Bradley?

Johnny Bradley is widely known in the industry as an author, experienced entrepreneur, and content creator who hails from the UK. With his vast experience, he regularly offers his expertise to help newbies and beginners in the eCommerce field through programs like the Seller Pro Academy. 

Who is Seller Pro Academy for?

According to Johnny himself, the Seller Pro Academy currently already has around 1000 students and counting. Prospective students will have to watch a free webinar and sign up from there to come across the course. Beginners from the UK will benefit from the course as it offers an A to Z guide to Amazon selling according to UK rules and regulations. Usually, finding an Amazon FBA course specifically for doing business in the UK is difficult to come by. Nevertheless, I do have to point out that the course is pricey for beginner standards. So if you are a beginner and don’t have enough budget for this course, you can probably find a more affordable one. 

What’s included in Seller Pro Academy?

Like most courses, the Seller Pro Academy is split into modules that each discuss a specific topic. Let’s look at what each module is instore for you:

Module 1

This first module consists of 15 videos, and as usual, it features a general introduction to the course. You will learn about what Amazon FBA is, and also the definition of private labeling. Here is also where you will learn how much money you will need to invest, and where or when to use this money. Johnny also touches on the 10K club and explains how you can be part of the club.

Module 2

In this next module, Johnny goes through every element that you may need to set up your business. He even includes links where you can download essential and helpful resources like templates, checklists, etc. I personally quite like this module as he ensures that you have everything you need ready before actually starting your business. Doing this is way better than having to go back while creating your company. 

Module 3

So now that you have everything ready, it’s time to set up your company. As Johnny is from the UK, he focuses primarily on the UK market. Therefore, if you plan to do business from somewhere else, this course will not apply to you. But if you are from the UK, then you are in for a treat because finding courses that teach you about doing business in the UK is quite rare. 

Nevertheless, Johnny goes on to discuss important things about branding, like establishing your company name and other branding activities such as trademark. He also talks about using a limited company and setting one up in the UK. Information in this module is detailed, as Johnny even guides you through setting up a business bank account and insurance. 

Module 4 and 5

Another important step while setting up your business is ensuring that it adheres to local tax regulations. There is a customs video that has details custom duties in the European Union and the United Kingdom, and you will learn to set up from the UK. 

Module 6

Once you are here, it means that your store is just about right to go. For the next step, you need great products to sell in your store. After all, you won’t be kicking off without any products to market. And for this course, Johnny places a lot of importance on products, and rightfully so. Before you begin the actual product research process, you will learn about setting goals, where and how you can find the right opportunities, and which products or categories you should avoid. 

Then, you will be going into understanding Amazon tools. The first is a product research tool called Jungle Scout, where you can sign up online. The course will teach you how to conduct product research, and this method is slightly different from what other people are doing. Therefore, it is good to learn about various techniques. 

Besides Amazon, Johnny also discusses using Alibaba and the nine nine nine cart. Google trends are also discussed, including a website called camel. In the end, you will also learn about analyzing your product research results and how to use them to your advantage.

Module 7

You have your product ideas, but where do you get products to sell to your customers? In this module, you will learn about sourcing products both locally and also from China. After product research, you will learn about finding suppliers and negotiating with them to get the best possible deals so you can have significant margins for significant profits.

Samples are essential in ensuring quality products that your customers will be receiving. Johnny will then teach you about designing your logo and creating attractive packaging that will make customers want more. After all this, you will also learn about creating various payment options and ways to save on currency exchange rates.

Module 8

Next, you will learn about setting up various logistic options such as sea freight, air, and other logistics terminology. Here is also where you learn to pay for your Value Added Taxes and Custom Duties.

Module 9

It is time to set up and get to know the Amazon seller central. Johnny will take you on a walkthrough of setting up y our account and ensuring you use the correct bar codes. You will also learn to create useful product listings and even variations that you can apply to exist and new products. But what about if a product goes out of stock? Johnny also will teach you how to deal with out of stock issues. 

Module 10

Creating product listings is essential because it is what compels customers to buy from you. Johnny will teach you about creating a killer listing by learning from several good and bad examples so you can learn the do’s and don’ts and create the best one possible. Then, you will learn about using keyword research to write descriptions so that your products will have more visibility. Overall, this module surrounds increasing your product’s profile, which also means increased sales. 

Module 11

Next, Johnny discusses advertisement strategies, like doing keyword research correctly and also pay per click advertising. You will learn about using brand and category targeting and how to do it effectively. 

Module 12

Everything you have done is basically to build your foundation so that your online store is ready to launch. Johnny talks about starting with a bang, and that is by using sales tactics so get customers buying your products. Reviews are also valuable, and Johnny talks about how you can get and publish them in your store. 

Module 13

Sales funnels are an excellent way to boost sales, especially for your FBA products. Johnny talks about using ClickFunnels. In this module, you will also learn about using Facebook pixels and also automating your fulfillment. Email marketing is crucial, and Johnny discusses setting up using MailChimp. 

Other than this, this module will also teach you about running Facebook ads like how to set them up and building social proof with advertisements. Customer emails are essential for email marketing, and you will learn how to collect and use them effectively for your business. 


Every course comes with extras, and while some courses have useless bonuses, the extras on this course are truly useful. Firstly, you get another course called the Monetization Mastery Brand course that consists of 50 tutorials on branding. This ‘extra’ course itself comes with eight modules where you have extensive information. 

Members also get access to the private Facebook group and an FBA specialist support consultant that you can reach via email. Should you require even more help, Johnny claims that he is also sharing his personal consultant to help you with any problems. Then, if that’s not enough, Johnny also shares his personal email account, which means you can also directly turn to him for any help. 


If you can afford this course as a beginner, you would be in for a treat, and you would have sufficient information to help you begin your business from scratch. However, if the course is too much out of your budget, you should consider something more affordable as you should have some budget saved for other important things like running ads or buying certain tools to help boost your business.

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