Sellfy Review [2021]: Features, Pricing, Worth Or Not?

Do you want to sell your digital products online without setting up a store or a website?  if you are not a techie and yet, want to sell your digital download products online,  then Sellfy is your best option. 

 Sellfy is a platform that allows you to build your online store for selling digital downloads.  for the same you do not need to make your own website or an online store,  rather you can use this platform to build a Shopping Cart that can easily be embedded in any website. 

This review will give you all the information you want to know about this digital platform and how to use this platform to generate sales. 

 I have read several reviews about this product and have used the platform myself to showcase my digital downloads,  and I never needed to build a website to sell my products.  Therefore I can say that this is the best platform that I have come upon that allows you to sell your digital products without being a pro.

About the product

 Name- Sellfy


Created by: Maris and Kristaps

 Sellfy has received high returns in terms of security,  payment options,  SEO and mobile responsiveness,  marketing solutions and tracking,  pricing, and storage space.

 There have been many affiliates who are using Sellfy to showcase third-party products, and are receiving commissions through the sales.  Some commissions associated with the products are as high as 75 to 80% of the product value.  and even if you do not have your own product you can think of becoming an associate on Sellfy so that you can sell products made by the vendor and earn commissions from sales generated from your review.

I can say that Sellfy is an E-Commerce platform that allows you to build your online store if you are thinking of selling your own digital downloads.  However, if you are not sure about building a website of your own,  that you can use this platform to embed your product with any website.

Sellfy is easy to use and does not need technical knowledge as is required for creating a website.  This in turn reduces your Investments if you are venturing into the online world of business for the first time.

Once you get the exposure of using the platform and want to upskill your business by building your website creating a niche for your digital download products,  then you can upgrade to the payment plans are available for Sellfy.

The digital downloads that you can sell can comprise PDF files, zip files, videos, MS Word, Excel files,  and you can even sell membership and subscription plans by creating monthly, half-yearly or annual plans for payments.

With so much flexibility of using this platform,  no doubt this is preferred by most of the digital download sellers. The best part is that you can create your own payment structure and sell the subscriptions and receive the payment in installments.

Is Sellfy like Shopify?

This is a frequently asked question,  and I can say that in some aspects Sellfy is similar to that of Shopify as both are platforms that allow setting up online Digital Stores. However, Sellfy is different in the way that it allows the sale of digital products only.

Sellfy also allows you to create a subscription plan embedded with other websites by providing a separate Shopping Cart and attaching a button that allows you to buy the product directly. You can also upload pictures of the product with a detailed description which can be shared across digital and social media platforms as well.

How does Sellfy work?

It allows you to build an online store for your digital products which you can sell whether you have your own website or not.  this is carried out by the availability of the following functionalities that comes with this platform

  • Allows you to build your store for front and options to customize it
  • List the products with their prices and detailed description
  • Your store can be optimized for search engines
  •  you can embed your store on a website  without any hassles
  •  allows various payment options like PayPal and stripe
  •  allows connecting over Google Analytics,  Facebook, Zapier, and other platforms and tools
  • Previous customers can be connected over emails  and reminders can be sent for forgotten carts

Now let me discuss some pros and cons of using Sellfy-

some of the major advantages of using this platform are-

  • Easy user interface and well-formed dashboard which allows you to customize the storefront as per your choice.
  •  it allows you to sell digital products and even membership subscriptions
  •  the product size can extend up to 5 GB
  •  you can list an unlimited number of products along with their pricing and detailed description
  •  you do not need a custom domain name to create your online store.  this in turn reduces your investment of buying a domain name beforehand.
  •  email marketing option is made available
  •  this platform can be linked with Google Analytics,  you can easily do data analysis and Statistics about the sales on this platform.
  •  you can add cross-sales and upside to the items as well as provide discounts to the customers who frequently buy your products
  •  various payment options available depending upon the feasibility of the customer
  •  encrypted secure payment links,  that takes care of the customer's details
  •  this platform can easily be integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook pixels Analytical tools that help in generating reports for sales and helps in tracking.
  •  payment options are available through various currencies which allows creating a customer base worldwide.
  •  most importantly this platform allows a 14 day trial period,  to get accustomed to the features and tools available across the platform.

 Some cons associated with this platform are- 

Driving traffic towards your website or online store may be a Herculean task as it does not allow creating sales funnel through different channels.

Who can use Sellfy?

Now that you have known so much about this platform,  you may have a question in your mind as to who can use this platform. 

Well to answer your question, Sellfy can be used by people who want to sell their digital products and subscriptions online,  whether by creating a website or just by simply adding the products to another website. 

The various digital products that you sell online through Sellfy,  might also be associated with subscriptions that can be on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  According to the frequency of the subscriptions payment options can also be embedded at the time of the product sales. 

Sellfy is a very easy platform and can be used by non-techie people who are willing to build their website,  orders by simply embedding their products in a website without the need for the requirement to invest money and time for building a store with all the advanced functionalities of a full-fledged online store. 

this platform can also be used by bloggers to create their blogs about websites or other products.  Hence this platform is also preferred by the associate marketeers who do not sell their own products but showcase products made by third-party vendors. In the process, as sales get generated the affiliate marketers earn commissions that are generated out of the sales volume.

Sellfy pricing plans

Sellfy offers a14 day trial period, that can be availed of just by creating an account. However, payment plans are also available if one has a requirement for advanced features. 

The payment plans are in the form of Sellfy starter plan which costs $25 per month. you can also avail a 35% discount if you make a full payment for a year in advance. 

The other plan available is the Sellfy business plan. This plan costs $55 a month and offers a 35 percent upfront discount for full payment of one year in advance. 

The third plan is the Sellfy premium plan that costs 129 dollars a month.  here also you can get a 30% discount which is equivalent to about $89 a month if you make a full payment for a year in advance. 

It is noteworthy that this platform does not charge any transaction fees on sales of the products.  the only other fees that are charged as for the use of the payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe. 

 The difference in the various plans is related to the annual sales volume that comes with each plan,  as well as availing email credits,  upselling features technical support on priority, and migration features. 

Based on the requirement of your business you can select the plan as per the features each plan entails. 

Do you need support while using Sellfy? 

As a regular user of this platform, I can very well say that it is highly unlikely that you will need any support while using this platform as it is extremely user-friendly.  the developers of the platform have put in a lot of effort to make it super efficient that can be used by any layman without the need of getting technical support every step of the way. 

 There are also many helpful resources available to guide you on the use of the platform.  these resources also explain the features that come with the platform so that you can make the most use of the functionalities. 

It is also equally easy to navigate to the platform and upload your product pictures and detailed descriptions. The user interface is also easily readable and comes along with the buy now option along with the product description. Once you click on the product,  it navigates you to the page which gives you insight about the product and various buying options. 

The platform has a blog that contains a lot of helpful articles on how to get the maximum benefit out of this platform and also at the same time will help you to increase your sales of the products.

 Sellfy features that are most helpful 

This platform provides the seller a very easy to navigate through the storefront which shows the different products in a neat display pattern. 

Each product comes with clear pictures and descriptions along with a call-to-action button that invites the Shoppers to buy the products. 

In addition to this, the storefront has built-in shopping carts that are available for the shoppers, and they can save the items that they want to buy before going on the checkout page and paying for the products. 

By clicking on the product someone can also view the details about the product as it navigates to the product page which also has buttons to share it on different social media platforms.

Seller’s dashboard and data analytics

Since this platform allows a very neat and clean dashboard to the seller,  they can also monitor the performance of their products on the store by using the various analytical tools that can be integrated with this platform.  

The sellers can have detailed reports on the sales that they have made over some time,  the revenue generated out of the sales that they have made, and also can find out the lapses that can be rectified to generate more sales. 

 Furthermore, Sellfy provides the ability to analyze Each product performance and inform is the cell about the sources of customer traffic to the store.  This in turn helps the sellers to engage more on the platforms that drive major sales traffic to your Store.  this way you can also optimize your store for getting a better traffic volume. 

Another useful feature is that the seller can see the previous orders made on the products as per the date.  It also shows the price and the email description of the buyer,  which can be used to follow up on certain products as well as for sending promotional emails.

Can the storefront be customized in Sellfy?

If you are a seller and are thinking to use Sellfy, then you might have the necessity to customize your storefront depending upon the product that you are willing to sell.  it has been seen that certain brands are associated with certain patterns and colors,  where is there are some other products which goes with taglines and so on. 

You can avail all these features if you are thinking of using Sellfy as this platform allows you to customize the storefront by offering various themes that can be used to set up your products by simple drag and drop method. 

With Sellfy you can upload an unlimited number of products to your Store with the maximum size of every single product extending up to 5GB.  this is a very useful feature as you can add a  number of files to describe your products, add pictures and videos about the product as well as add customer reviews. 

SEO is another very important element for any web page or website that sells products online.  this feature enables the websites to rank higher on the search engines that traffic and resulting in higher sales volume. 

You can also edit the information related to any product in the store to make the product more relevant and highlight the product to the customers.  keeping up with the recent trends is essential as this will make your product stand out among its competitors. 

 while writing the name in the description of the products you have to make sure to include the right keywords that the shop was used to search the products.  this will enable to rank the product higher on the search engines.  you should try to use keywords with a high volume of search and low competition. 

 various tools are available to generate search low competition high-volume keywords that ran faster and higher on the search engines.  another important feature of ranking higher up on the search engines is the mobile compatibility of your store. 

Since most of the time it has been found that the stores are accessed and maximum purchase been made by accessing the products from mobile devices,  your store should be compatible with the latest browsers and should work well on mobile devices.

Email marketing with Sellfy

It is a widely known fact that email marketing is one of the most essential features for generating online sales.  This is also the most efficient way of marketing as it provides the ability to reach possible customers directly.  Your messages reach your customers’ inboxes, and they get a description of the products. This also draws attention to the product which otherwise they would not have considered buying. 

If you have purchased the starter plan,  then you can access the customer email details which allows you  to send email correspondence to your customers directly.  If you have a subscription to the business and the premium plan then that allows you to send emails to the customers directly from the dashboard, as it saves the data of customers who have previously purchased products from your store.  

You can also send them correspondence on the addition of new products,  highlighting a specific product and also letting the customers know about the various discount schemes that you are willing to offer from time to time.

Product upsells and discounts

Sellfy allows you to offer cross-sells and up-cells to customers who have already purchased the products before though business and premium plans. 

It is easier to convince the customers who have already purchased before as they are more likely to purchase the products again. Discounts can be provided on products for a limited period or on products that need to be highlighted on the platform. 

Payment methods on Sellfy 

Sellfy mostly offers two payment methods as PayPal and Stripe. With these two payment methods, the seller instantly receives the money upon purchase of the product by the customer. 

Stripe allows accepting payment directly through credit cards. Sellfy allows sending invoices to the customers.  It also allows receiving payments in more than 20 currencies including the major currencies of the world.  Most importantly the payment platforms and encrypted and utmost care is taken to make sure that the payments are safe and secure. 

The customer information is secured and protected with SSL certifications. Sellfy is also fully compliant with the rules and regulations of online selling and makes sure that the buyer's data is only handled by safe payment gateways. 

Since Sellfy allows the selling of digital products, every product link is unique and these links are sent directly to the email address of the buyer. These links are available for download attempts up to five times to ensure that there is no breach in the security measures.  this prevents sharing of the link among people who have not paid to buy the product.

How to sell digital downloads on websites using Sellfy

Although Sellfy does not need a website to sell digital products some people might prefer to have a website with their domain names. However, they might not be ready to handle the technical issues pertaining to the maintenance of the websites and handing the payment processes, security, and product storage.  

To help with these issues, Sellfy allows you to embed the store or even single products on your website after they are actually created on Sellfy. This is done with the help of a code generation that can be added to the page of the website where you want to show your product. 

As for the options that are available to embed the products, you can opt for the buy now button, The product cards, and the whole store. This allows taking the help of the features of the website without the need to handle the shop interface, payment processes,  encryption software,  payment gateways, and transaction fees that are associated with the same. 

As already mentioned, Sellfy can be integrated with stores like Google Analytics and Facebook pixels and also allows integration of other applications and tools in order to track the traffic that is coming from the individual sources. 


It can be said that Sellfy is a legitimate platform that allows wanting to sell digital downloads on membership subscriptions to the various tools and features that are available on the platform.  Apart from these several payment options in various currencies and features like adding the products to the cart before checkout and payment are also available on the platform. 

Sellfy allows you to build to store on the domain and on any domain that you might have pre-owned.  you can easily embed your store products or buy button options on the websites with the help of this platform.  besides selling digital products and membership programs Sellfy is also easier to handle and has an easy user interface. 

Compared to other platforms of similar kinds, this is one of the best platforms to build an online store for Digital downloads whether you have a website or not. 

 The platform is also very user-friendly and this easy for the store order as well as the customers.  This platform enables you to design your products and showcase them effectively on mobile devices.  The stores thereby created are compatible with the latest browsers and can be search engine optimized to yield better sales. 

The subscription plans are cheap and easy on the pockets of entrepreneurs,  who have recently ventured into the online market and want to make a footing in the online sales fraternity. Various discount schemes are available from time to time on the purchase of the paid subscriptions. 

Various resources are available that come with the platform and helps the sellers to set up their products in an eye-catching manner. The 14-day free trial period enables you to get a handle on the platform and test the various features available on the platform. 

Overall, Sellfy is a very efficient and easy to use platforms and can be used for sellers only for digital products including videos and e-books. It can also be used by bloggers to write about certain products and are often used by affiliate marketers. 

With a horde of advanced features and tools, Sellfy allows sellers to build a store with an unending list of products. This is a feature that is not available on all such platforms. Because of all the benefits that this platform has to offer, Sellfy is a seller’s delight. Different app integrations are possible with this platform that opens up unending possibilities in online trade.

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