What You Need To Know About The 30-Day Trial For SEMrush

SEMrush, the marketing tool that lets you research keywords efficiently, is a marketers’ go-to tool.

You get to identify backlinking opportunities, perform SEO audits of any blog, and even track the keywords that your competitors use. Monitor your progress periodically, and know where you are going wrong (or where things are looking up).

All over the world, many internet entrepreneurs use this tool, including medium and large enterprises.

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The Truth About The SEMrush Free Trial

Want to test out the SEMrush research tool to know more about it? Go for the trial version.

Previously, a 30-day trial version was released, but unfortunately, this one is no longer available. Don’t give up just yet though. At this moment, there is still a free version with all the tools and functions of SEMrush.

The only difference is that it lasts a week instead of a month, but you can exploit SEMrush to its fullest while it lasts.

Getting Your SEMrush Free Trial

If you want to activate the 7-day free version of SEMrush you have to follow these simple steps:

Click on the button that says “Get 7 Day Pro Trial” to access the page where you will find the SEMrush test event.

You have to create a username, so you have to enter your password and your email address. After that, accept the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and click on the “get seven-day trial” button; once done, your account will be ready.

At the end of this process, the system will move you to the billing page. Once you’re there, you’ll see that this link will have the offer of the test attached. Don’t worry about this billing page, but be aware that SEMrush will subtract a tiny amount from your payment method to test validity.

All you need to do now is click on “place order” and get your SEMrush free trial. You’re immediately free to use it to its fullest for seven days.

Features in the SEMrush Free Trial

With this platform, you can develop any website or create any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Any person who wants to classify online can use this digital marketing software that has a diversity of incredible uses.

So, what can you expect from SEMRush? Here is a look at a few of the things you will love.

Keyword research

With SEMrush, you will have the opportunity to discover any keyword and its efficiency so that it can be classified quickly. SEMrush will give you a long list of keywords; all you have to do is enter a keyword you want. The data obtained is unbeatable: in addition to each keyword, you get cost per click data and accurate search counts.

If you want to enter a competitor’s URL, this digital tool will provide you with an extensive list with all the keywords that they are using. It gives you an excellent opportunity to find keywords that you don’t know and that you can start exploiting.

Backlinks leverage

You will be able to check an extensive list of regressions and the necessary data that comes from each one, and you will be able to do this with any URL that you place. This means that, if you want, you can enter the URL of any of your competitors, and you will get a profound snapshot of your backlink profile.

With the backlist that you discovered, SEMrush allows you to see page authority, discovered backlinks, and many other things. All these results are possible with the ease of a simple click and a waiting time of 30 seconds.

Site audits

This function is one of the best: it allows us to make a diagnosis of the infrastructure and status of the website. If you have a problem with any page of your site, you can detect it quickly using this function.

It is important as it helps your website detect and correct errors as soon as possible.

If you have any technical problems and you cannot read or access the information on your site from to search engines, you’ll never see the traffic you want—no matter the quality of the content and the number of backlinks you have.

Adwords research

With this function, you can see AdWord campaigns that are running for the keyword you search; it’s called a PLA tool, and it stands for Product Listing Ads.

You can check whether the domain of a specific URL has ever done an AdWord campaign using the keyword you searched. This tool is really efficient when it comes to studying your competition because you can see if the campaigns they are doing have been successful or not; you can take these as a starting point and adjust them to what you need.

Keyword ranking

You can classify keywords and detail how they are ranked against others in the same list over time.

This tool is handy because it is perfect for taking into account posts and articles. Here, you will be able to see how your ranking will be affected since you will be able to detail the ups and downs of all the keywords you’ve been using.

If you want to see what works on your page, this is an excellent tool to find out. As a web owner with a business, you need to know when and how long it will take before you need to start using new keywords.

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