Shopify Booster Theme Review: Is it the Highest Converting Theme?

If you are planning to launch a Shopify store with only a few products, Booster may be an ideal theme for you.

It’s an easy to setup template that gives you 100% control over your store’s design. You can change the logo, layouts, customer product pages, etc. without needing to have any programming knowledge.

If you are here for an in-depth review, stay tuned as later in this review, I have discussed all of its features in detail.

What is Shopify Booster Theme?

Booster Theme Templates

The Shopify Booster Theme is a style pack and layout for your Shopify store. Shopify is a platform that offers a wide range of their own style themes for free which will help ensure your store looks great. Additionally, you can also choose from a multitude of paid themes from the Shopify store.

It provides a way to set up your sales funnels that facilitate conversions. This theme also includes additional sales for products you would like to buy. This method is very similar to what you often see on Amazon. For example, if you want to buy a torch, the site automatically proposes the corresponding batteries in the form of an upsell. This then redirects you to the Shopify checkout, which is one of the best ways to increase your sales.

This theme was originally known as “Shopify Booster”, which has now been renamed “Booster Theme”, which may have something to do with trademark violations. This is certainly a very popular theme for today’s drop-shipping stores.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Shopify Booster Theme by Mark L & Justin B is right for you or not!

Who is Mark L. & Justin B, The Founders of Shopify Booster Theme?

Mark L. & Justin B are the founders of booster theme. When they started, they were just like other Internet marketers trying to succeed in making money online. They dedicated their energy, time and lot of money on testing and developing this design for shopify.

Today booster is used by 6700+ shopify stores worldwide and to ensure the fastest performance, bug fixes, integration of new features and customer support Mark L. & Justin B today have more than 19 employees working under them.

What Makes The Booster Theme Different?

Over and above making sure your own store looks fantastic, The Booster Theme is a high-converting theme. To explain this further, let’s use an example where you have your paid or free theme featured on your Store where you send 100 visitors. How many sales should you be expecting to make from these 100 visitors?, states that average conversion rates across every industry are about 3%, and for a few of the stores that are high-converting, this percentage can increase to as much as 22%. This means for the average store that receives 100 visitors, you should be making about 3 sales. It should now become clearer that you should be ensuring that your website is converting the highest that it can.

Booster Theme AOV Boost

When using the example from above, what would it mean to you to boost your conversion rates to 6% or more? This would mean that your sales have doubled, which means you are now earning 100% more. This is where the Booster theme comes in. This product is optimized in a way to use human psychology along with prompting visitors to make purchases which will ultimately maximize your sales and conversion ratio.

Booster Theme Product Page

Shopify Booster Theme Features

1. Optimization For Mobile

Booster Theme Mobile Optimized

As mobile usage continually rises, the Booster Theme ensures that your store is completely mobile optimized. Positioned above the fold of devices the Add To Cart buttons and images are prominently displayed which assists with converting, especially for the impulse buys.

2. Direct To Checkout

This is a feature that allows for a way when you are setting up your store that it directs directly to the Checkout. Many marketers believe in this tactic and many agree that it helps to boost sales. This is an excellent tool if you only feature 1 or 2 products on your store. The fewer steps that need to be taken, the easier it becomes to buy.

3. Cross Sell

You are able to enable pop-ups that will appear when a person clicks on the Checkout button on a product or item. This pop-up will display any related products. This tool is useful, but some people find it slightly annoying.

4. Visitor Counter

This is one of the fake tactics which can work depending on the customer. This counter shows the fake numbers of the people who have viewed the product that they are currently looking at. This is a feature that you need to test and then evaluate what happens to your sales when it is turned on and when it is turned off.

5. Currency Converter

This is one of the best features and this has to do with by default, Shopify doesn’t convert currencies of the user which depends on their location. This means your customers can now see what the item costs in their own currency. This is a lot less confusing and can help to boost your sales.

6. Free Plus Shipping

This is a strategy that many drop shippers use. It is a plugin that makes it very easy to use a free + shipping product on your storefront. The process is simple to set-up and is fully customizable.

7. Product Reviews

You can integrate the Shopify Product Reviews app into your own store through the Booster Theme. However, this is an app from a third party which means if you do run into problems, support may be an issue.

8. Support

Support is conducted through the Zendesk which means if you run into issues installing this theme or any other problems, you will be cared for.

9. Email Discounts

If you are in the process of building up an email list, then this is a widely used tactic that could work for you. This tool will display a pop-up offering a set discount if the visitor puts in an email address. Other apps also offer this feature but it is available through the Booster Theme. This is an intuitive plugin as it offers customizations like selecting when you want the popup to show. This is usually effective as they leave the site or a couple of seconds after they have landed on your site.

10. Super Fast Theme

Booster Theme Speed

Highly optimized for speed since this is of a huge concern not only for SEO traffic but, also if the customer has a slow internet speed.

Booster Premium Features

The Booster Premium Theme features all the above-mentioned tools along with 20 additional layout features. These include:

  • Personalized banners: This feature lets you add in your own image are Script based banners to your store. You can change them anytime by visiting the control panel.
  • Featured collections: If you ever wanted to show any specific content on your homepage featured section, this option will let you do that. Simply choose the products which you want to add in the featured area and add them to a collection. Now click on the save button and revisit your site to see the changes.

There is no option to dynamically update this section with your latest or old content. You will need to manually take products to make them appear in this area.

The biggest advantage of this section is that it appears on the top of the site and so is visible to every person who visits your site. If you add an attractive product then you will definitely see an increase in click rates as well as sales.

Featured product

If you want to drive the focus of their visitors to any specific product then this option will be of great help to you. Simply choose the product you want to feature and click on save button. Booster template will automatically add some CSS beautification and will also add a banner to show that the product has been featured.

  • Image gallery: Do you want to so multiple images of the product within the description area? Image Gallery lets you select multiple images and so them in multiple styles. The best part is that the gallery is hundred percent more responsive.
  • Instagram feed: You will like this feature if you want to showcase your pictures from your Instagram on to your store. Your visitors won’t be able to just see your pics but will also be able to join you on Instagram. So this feature fulfils two purposes, first is to improve your websites overall design and second is to help you improve your social presence.
  • Newsletter section: It’s probably the most important feature for marketing in booster template. This option lets you connect your template with email services like MailChimp, Aweber, etc. Now whenever anyone will visit your site, they will be able to subscribe your mailing list and in return, you can also offer them with a discount or free shipping, etc.
  • Image with text Overlays: This option lets you show texts over the images in the overlay style. You don’t have to code anything. As soon as possible choose this option, booster will automatically add appropriate styling and a similar structure to make sure text appears above images. It’s one another way to personalize your website.
  • Maps: With this option, you get the ability to embed maps into your pages.
  • Information section
  • A larger buy button that is customizable
  • FAQ section: Want to add frequently asked questions section below your product description? If so, this feature will be helpful to you. You can add multiple questions and can provide predefined answers to them.
  • Homepage Countdown timers: This feature is best suited for those shop owners who want to offer their customers with a limited time discount or access to any specific product.
  • Headlines
  • Text content columns
  • Custom HTML content: Want to beautify your product pages with your own custom HTML and CSS styles? Well if you use booster and that’s possible. Simply click on the custom HTML button and add in your code.
  • Blog posts area
  • Testimonials
  • Brand logo section
  • Embedded video section

The Shopify Booster Theme Prices

The Booster Theme is available in two options. The differences between the standard and premium version are that the Booster Premium comes with 20 additional front-end layout sections which allow you to create an extensive array of front-end layouts. The Standard Booster Theme only comes with a few front-end customizable layouts. This means that you are slightly limited when it comes to layout customization. However, the standard Booster Theme is still one of the best-looking themes that come with all of the same types of conversion-maximizing features.

Shopify Booster Theme Pricing

Booster Theme Pricing:

  • $249 per Year – Yearly Access
  • $399 – Lifetiime Access

The Drawbacks of The Booster Theme

If you have to update your theme into the future, you will need to install these updates over the old theme which means you may have to reconfigure the site again. Many users have stated how annoying this is. There may be many features that the Booster Theme offers, but many people are not aware that they can get a few of these features for free. If you do not have plans to use all of these features, then it is your choice to spend so much money on a single license.

Due to the fact that this theme is extremely popular, you should focus on customizing as far as possible, as you want to avoid looking similar or just like your competitors.

The Benefits Of The Shopify Booster Theme

The Booster Theme and the Booster Premium Theme may be brimming with features, yet how will this benefit you? Here is a list of the benefits of using the Booster Theme over standard versions:

  • The first and most important advantage is an increase in sales and conversions
  • You can save money, as you will no longer need any of the paid apps
  • You have complete control when it comes to the design and the layout
  • You won’t be needing a designer or developer in order to build your store which will save you money and time
  • The Mobile Optimized checkout has been designed in such a way to convert a lot more sales
  • You only have to purchase the license once, which means you won’t be paying for monthly recurring fees

All the features that were mentioned above are easy to add to a Standard Store when you add Shopify Apps which will assist you in extending the functionalities of your Standard Store.

Yet when you use the Booster Theme or the Booster Premium Theme you do away with having to pay for all these extras. What you would be saving on apps could possibly pay for your Theme within 2 to 3 months.

The Shopify Booster Theme Download

Downloading this Theme is pretty straightforward. As soon as you have paid for the Booster Theme, your next step involves downloading the product onto your own computer before you can upload to your Store.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

  1. Before you begin, check on your email to confirm your receipt for the Booster Theme.
  2. In this email, you will find a link (button) which will direct to the Download Page.
  3. Click on this link to access the Download Page.
  4. Click on the Download Link and make sure you save the Zip File on your PC such as your desktop or any other specified location.

How To Upload And Install The Booster Theme

  1. First Login to your Store admin, the menu of the left will show an icon called “Online Store”.
  2. Click on this button, on the right-hand side you will see an option that says “More Themes”, below that is an “Upload Theme” button that you will need to click on.
  3. When the Theme is finished uploading you will see that it is listed with the Standard Theme.
  4. Now click on the Premium Booster Theme and click on publish which will activate this Theme on your Store.

Your final step involves copying the license key you received in your receipt email and pasting this key into the Theme before you can start customizing it.

Booster Theme Video Review

Final Verdict: Will The Booster Theme Help You To Boost Your Sales?

Yes, it definitely will. You will need to try it out for yourself to find out. Some users have stated that the Theme has boosted their sales by 20% and some even more. Both the standard and premium themes are very easy to customize and use.

These Themes have combined a number of the high-converting apps into one useful package, which enables users to earn a lot more by spending less. This Theme comes highly recommended and is especially useful for those who only have a few products in their Store’s.

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